Zeetha, Daughter of Chump
Gender Female
Age 28
Race Demi-Human, though mostly human
Ship The Winding Way
Position Boatswain
Birthplace Royal City of Skifander
Nationality Skifandian
Faction None

Daughter of Chump, a famous warrior. Yes, she knows what it means in your language.


Zeetha is a person who comes off as good humored, with a basically even keel, and a solid core of common sense. She seems outgoing, sure of herself but not overconfident. Zeetha comes off as very relaxed, which might lead one to believe she is not as hard working and disciplined as she actually is. In fact, Zeetha is a very intense person capable of extreme focus and dedication.

Zeetha lived her early life training as a warrior under iron discipline, and that discipline always remains at the core of her personality. When she was younger, Zeetha was much more aggressive and temperamental, channeling her feelings of rage and aggression into her fighting. Age started to mellow her somewhat, but her personality turned a big corner when she was kidnapped by pirates and wiped out the whole pirate fleet in a blind rage before realizing that she had killed everyone who might help her find her way home. Since that time, she has become much, much more cautious and judicious about how she uses her martial abilities. She has learned to hold back, to take insults if necessary, and to use the minimum amount of force needed in each situation. She has also become much more relaxed, and developed other parts of her personality, like her creative and humorous side. In fact, she's kind of become something of a ham.

She has also become warmer and more caring, more able to focus on individuals, rather than just the big picture, which is how she was taught think. She is friendly and protective, and very loyal to her friends. She takes herself less seriously now, and has become a person who really likes life, and digs in to every day like it's a great big giant buffet.


Zeetha grew up on a small, floating and mobile island called Skifander, ruled by the Warrior-Queen Zantabraxus, which purposefully kept itself away from the rest of Reial. Zeetha is a daughter of the Royal House of Skifander, and has been trained in the arts of combat since she was a small child. Expectations were very high for her because of her mother's skill, so Zeetha has always been trained especially hard, and held to a higher standard than others. Because of this, Zeetha has always had very high expectations for herself, and has always tried to live up to those expectations. She devoted herself entirely to her training and to being a worthy successor to her mother.

When she was a young adult, an airship of explorers found its way to Skifander. The Royal House, which knew vaguely of the rest of Reial and had purposefully decided to stay separate, became curious to see what the rest of Reial was currently up to, and whether or not it would be worthwhile for them to establish any degree of contact with them. They decided to send one of their own to investigate. Zeetha, being well trained and one of their best warriors, but too young to be involved in ruling, was sent back with the explorers. It was thought that this would give her some good experience. However, since Skifander had been out of contact with Reial for so long, it turned out they also hadn't been sharing common Reialian diseases. Zeetha soon became gravely ill.

Before the illness could finish running its course, their airship was attacked by pirates. The pirates boarded the vessel, and killed all of the expedition except for Zeetha. They found her green hair interesting, and thought they could sell her. So, they took her captive, medicated her and let her recover on their ship. This turned out to be a big mistake, because as soon as she was able, a half-delirious, rage filled Zeetha killed the entire crew. Drunk on her success and the joy of destruction, she moved to take out the rest of the ships in the unsuspecting pirate fleet. This also turned out to be a big mistake, because she inadvertently killed anyone who knew the way back to Skifandian airspace. Instead of a few days, Zeetha had been in and out of consciousness for weeks, and it turned out the pirates did not keep navigational records, or at least, none that she could understand. This was a major turning point for Zeetha personality wise, as she realized that her hot temper and rash action had lead to horrible consequences.

So, a much humbled Zeetha set out to try and find the way back to Skifander on her own. She sold the pirate ship as soon as she reached port, and used that money to travel from port to port asking navigators and cartographers if they had heard of the floating island. To her dismay, nobody had. Eventually, that money begin to run out and Zeetha found herself joining a traveling circus, doing martial arts tricks, knife throwing and the like. She wanted to stay on the move, swapping stories, seeing if she could pick up any clues about her home. She was beginning to wonder if her past was simply the delusions of intense fever hallucinations, when a strange girl joined the circus. The girl, Agatha, turned out to be a spark- and the niece of a man who told her stories of Skifander. The girl turned out to be brave and resourceful, but also in a lot of danger from Baron Wulfenbach, who seemed determined to get his hands on her. Zeetha knew more had to be afoot- and she knew that she had to protect the girl long enough to get her to her uncle and learn the truth of Skifander's whereabouts from him. Zeetha made the decision to take the girl as her Kolee-dok-Zumil- whether she liked it or not. In the Skifandian tradition, this is the one person Zeetha may teach the secret martial arts techniques of the royal house to, besides her own daughters. Thus, besides having Zeetha to guard her Agatha would be better able to defend herself physically, not just with her sparky creations.

Indeed there was much more going on then initially appeared. Agatha turned out to be not Agatha Clay as she had thought, but Agatha Heterodyne, daughter of Bill Heterodyne, half of the famous Heterodyne brothers known for being powerful sparks as well as a force for good. That was why the Baron Wulfenbach wanted her- he wished to contain and control her spark to his own ends. Later, when Agatha became possessed by the mind of Lucrezia Mongfish , Agatha's mother, and also an evil psychopath, he grew convinced she was dangerous and tried to kill her. Fortunately, Agatha dropped a wagon on the Baron and eventually made it back to her ancestral home of Castle Heterodyne, where she repaired the broken Castle and was able to defend herself. Zeetha felt Agatha was safe in the repaired Castle, so she went looking for more clues about Skifander.



Along with Maxim, Dimo is one of Zeetha's best friends. She met the Jagers while traveling with Master Payne's circus, and grew close to them as reminded her of her people back home. They also shared a bond in that they were both determined to protect Agatha Clay. Zeetha relates to the 'seasoned warrior' side of Dimo's nature, and appreciates his pragmatism, steadiness and basically even temper.


While Zeetha doesn't have the same buddy-buddy relationship with Jenka as she does with the male Jagers, Zeetha considers Jenka to be a good companion and ally. This is mostly because of Jenka's more reserved nature, as well as her frequent absences gathering information and passing messages. Zeetha considers Jenka to be a little more level headed than the boys, and assumes she can keep them from being too impulsive.

Mamma Gkika

Zeetha doesn't know Mamma as well as the boys because they haven't traveled together for so long, but Zeetha likes and respects Mamma quite a lot. Like Jenka, she considers Mamma to be smarter, more level headed and responsible than the average Jager. Zeetha likes Mamma's style and attitude and considers her to be a good source of information and advice.


Along with Dimo, Maxim is one of Zeetha's best friends. She met the Jagers while traveling with Master Payne's circus, and grew close to them as reminded her of her people back home. They also shared a bond in that they were both determined to protect Agatha Clay. Zeetha enjoys Maxim's boisterous and adventurous nature, as well as his playfulness and appreciation of a good battle.


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  • Zeetha carries two Skifandian style blades, an Aodafooka and a Naodatorka. Aaodafooka roughly translates to 'long pointy stabby thing you hold in your right hand'. Naodatorka means 'pointy stabby forked thing you hold in your left hand'.
    • The Aodafooka is a punching blade, more similar to a katar or pata blade than it is to a sword. The Naodatorka is something like a shorter, double bladed katar. Both have guards that cover the forearm.
  • Zeetha once defeated a 10 foot tall Lapinmoth in the Badlands using nothing more than her wits and a shovel.
  • Zeetha is the 23rd person in known history to have invoked the name of the Warrior Throne of Skifander before launching an attack with a gardening instrument. She is however, the first person under 70 to have done so.
  • Zeetha always wears underwear. Except maybe to bed.
  • While Zeetha can appreciate many forms of art upon the stage, her true love is vaudeville.
  • Zeetha once used a block of cheese as a weapon in the middle of one of Mamma Gkika's jager bar fights.
  • Zeetha has been officially declared An Abomination Unto Nuggan.
  • Under a pen name, Zeetha has written several plays, all of which have been banned in Ivona.
  • Zeetha once stopped the Unstoppable Airman Higgs.
  • Zeetha has used her dirty dancing to help save the day.
  • Zeetha is skilled in the use of the largely ceremonial Skifandian Dueling Hammers.

Rumor MillEdit

Whatever you've heard, it's probably true. And if it's not, she just might claim it anyway.