Yuuko Ichihara
And what is your wish, hmm~?
Gender Female
Age Wouldn't you like to know?
Race Demi-human/Witch
Ship The Fiertia
Position Strategist
Birthplace Garrettstown
Nationality Vohemaro
Faction Vohemar

Yuuko Ichihara is an enchantress found upon The Fiertia, currently serving a position as Strategist on board. Several months ago, she was a Doctor on board the The Silvana, but had to leave for personal reasons. She is cruel, cunning, beautiful, and can grant almost any wish you ask of her. That is... if you pay the price for it. Yuuko owns a notorious wish shop in Bellcius.


One's first impression of Yuuko would probably be that she seems rather civil, polite, and somewhat entrancing, especially when looking into her eyes. That isn't to say that she puts on a facade; she simply act differently around different people.

It is an understatement to say that Yuuko simply knows things -- she is very wise and knowledgeable on the topics of human nature and behaviour, as well as the presence of fate and inevitability in a person's life. She believes that we are all here for a reason, and that every encounter we face is written in the chords of fate. In addition to knowing many things, she has a vast network of connections to people. If someone needs to find something or needs access to a certain item, Yuuko will more than likely know.

An important chunk of her personality and beliefs center around the idea of "balance". A wish and its price must be equal. A job cannot be over- or underpaid for the same amount of work. Effort must be rewarded. Bargains and deals upset the balance. Yuuko also does not believe in murder, and would thus never think to commit it, as the burden of killing another is too heavy to keep on one's shoulders. It will haunt a person for the rest of their life, and consequently lead people to coming after them, causing them to constantly be looking over their shoulder. The prospect is just too distasteful for her.

Another thing she enjoys to touch upon in conversation is "perception". If you believe something is so, then it is so, according to you. Your own definition of happiness. Your own definitions of good versus evil. Everybody is different, and therefore there will be conflicting opinions and views, but as long as you stay true to yourself and believe in your perceptions, you will go far.

Often, she can become rather serious, especially in situations that genuinely disgust or disappoint her. She is lazy, fun-loving, a dedicated alcoholic, and enjoys smoking her pipe on a daily basis. Yuuko also has her most-hated annoying streak. Being a bossy, commanding woman, she expects things to be done for her, perhaps in the place of a slave. She will ignore people's refusals, poke fun at awkward or embarrassing moments, whine like a five-year-old, and complain quite a bit.

On the flip side, she can be very malicious, manipulative, sarcastic, insulting, and cunning when she needs to be. Yuuko does not believe in the labels of 'bad' or 'good', and insists that those definitions created by people, not nature itself. Therefore, she believes herself to be neither good or evil, and never questions another's morality. She can come across as uncaring and heartless, and shows little concern if something happens to her customer after the price has been paid.

Her intentions are generally good, however, even when she has ulterior motives and secret plans, and she does know how to smile and have a good time. (Even if it causes the misery of another. And especially if she has a bottle or five of alcohol.)


Yuuko's childhood was not particularly a happy one, but also not an entirely sorrowful one. Not knowing her mother, who died in childbirth and passed on her medium powers to her daughter, she spent the first few years of her life in Garrettstown with her father, an happy-go-lucky barterer who only cared about providing for his family. As this was back when the town was much smaller as it is today, conditions were also much worse, so Yuuko found herself and her father in a constant rut. Sometimes they would go without food for days, but then a good trade would fall through and they'd be eating dinners only royalty could have the opportunity to eat.

But no matter how poor they would become, her father, who was an honest man, never encouraged her to steal. It was downright unfair and cruel, he said, and it was never right to take more than your share -- in essence, a balance must be maintained.

The relationship she had with her father was a strong, trust-filled one, and often he would sit Yuuko on his lap and tell her fascinating stories, both fiction and fairytale. When her psychic power began to show its face, he calmed her down and assured her it was nothing to be ashamed of. They were her special powers, but she was never to use them for or against anyone. And being so young, Yuuko could not say no, nor could she learn to tame them.

It was the fight in the market that changed her life forever. A couple of angry customers stormed the booth her father worked at, and a fight ensued, taking his life when he cracked his head against a rock. The news of her father's death numbed Yuuko into a state of despair where she felt she could never get so close to anyone again. She lived in her little shack of a house for as long as she could, and, when she'd been kicked out, lived on the streets, accepting offerings from passersby who felt pity for her.

Every day, Yuuko would visit her father's grave, leaving weeds, and on rare occasions, flowers by its side. A middle-aged woman one day approached her in the graveyard, and after some light conversation, led Yuuko back to her home for some warm milk and a bed to sleep in. Over time, this woman became her substitute for a parent, and they worked together at the woman's stand in the market.

Both Yuuko and the woman eventually left Garrettstown and moved elsewhere, to a place where her new guardian could teach her to harness her powers, and put them to some use. After learning the woman was also a medium, she was taught the ways of magic, and learned important values like happiness and balance. Their magic prolonged and stretched out their lives, leaving them somewhat immortal, although not immune to death.

Yuuko eventually opened up her own "wish shop", and set to extending her network of acquaintances, spreading the word about the shop you could not see or enter unless you had a specific wish and wanted it granted. Decades passed, and all was seemingly well until Kimihiro Watanuki arrived. In exchange for his wish, she enlisted him as a caretaker -- although he would probably protest to that choice of word -- of the house in order to pay off the debt required to grant his wish for protection from spirits.

When that accident in the Badlands occurred, resulting in the injuring of Shizuka Doumeki's right eye, Yuuko granted Watanuki's wish of restoring his eyesight in exchange for his own right eye, and subsequently Doumeki's wish to give half of the vision in his new right eye to Watanuki. She became a mentor and confidante to both boys, until they each made the decision to leave the shop, and thus Yuuko's clutches.

But she would not have it so. It was only recently that she made up her mind to pack up and explore beyond the shop, and also keep a more watchful eye on the boys. After all, wherever she went, people could still have their wishes granted. Coming to be very intrigued about the mysterious Silvana, Yuuko hopped ship and applied for a position as a Healer, unsure of what was to come but excited nonetheless.


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