Gender Male
Age 29
Race Human/lycanthrope
Ship The Winding Way
Position Cook
Birthplace A forest in Erealia
Nationality Erealian
Faction None

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This flamboyant charmer is the ultimate manipulator. Wolf can convince almost anyone of anything at any time and is very good at getting what he wants. His silver tongue can sometimes get him into trouble and those who know him tend not to trust him. They've seen the outrageous stunts he's capable of pulling and know to stay away lest they get sucked in too. He's supurbly intelligent and cunning and is very good at thinking on his toes. Most of the time, however, his intentions are truly innocent. He's usually just looking for some company or a hot meal or five. Food is his true passion. He loves preparing it almost as much as he loves eating it. Give him food (especially any kind of meat, the redder the better) and he'll be your friend for life. The term "bottomless pit" has never fit so well on any other person. His appetite is positively voracious and oftentimes he'll just keep eating until he's stopped by someone or something.

Once he's made true friends Wolf remains loyal. He'll become quite determined and unyielding when people are depending on him. On the totally other hand, one must sometimes be careful of Wolf. All the fairy tales that involve talking wolves were inspired by stories of his ancestors. Those that were told those fairy tales when they were young will remember that those wolves were liars, thieves, murderers, and even man-eaters. Even though Wolf isn't really any of these things (well... okay, so he's stolen a few sheep from a field, big deal) those who were terrorized haven't forgotten. As the full moon approaches Wolf becomes affected by something very similar to lycanthropy. Though he doesn't change shape his senses become sharper and his hunger is unquenchable. His judgement also goes kaputz and he becomes uncontrollably violent and moody. When the moon is full... well, lets just say that you don't want to see what he's like at that time. To put it frankly, he becomes a monster. But really, he shouldn't be held responsible for his actions when he's in that state.

Wolf's normally very friendly and just happy to be. He's a true (and sometimes overdramatized) romantic and just likes people in general. He's not afraid to express emotion and can sometimes make others uncomfortable with his flamboyance. However, he's also very emotionally fragile and is hurt easily by the bluntness and ignorance of others.


Wolf doesn't have a real name. Or at least none a human could pronounce. His mother was a true werewolf and descended from a long line of "wolves" that terrorized the people of Erealia which is where he was born and raised. His father had been a traveling merchant who had gotten lost on his way through the woods. Initially intending on luring him to his death, Wolf's mother ended up liking him and, well... that's how Wolf's litter was born. Once his father found out what his mother was he didn't stick around long so Wolf spent his childhood without any paternal guidance. However, he did have the comfort of growing up with four other siblings, a brother and three sisters. He was used to being around others and came to enjoy the company, even if it did make him a little greedy for attention.

Even though she was very loving, Wolf's mother was strange and had a strong wanderlust. She was mysterious and often quiet. She only howled during the full moon and often left her cubs in the den for days at a time. Once Wolf and his siblings were old enough to fend for themselves she disappeared completely and they never saw her again. They wandered together as a pack for several years but gradually dispersed one by one. Even after leaving his family Wolf craved the companionship of others but because of his kind's reputation he was forever doomed to roam alone. He loved meeting new people and making new friends but people generally weren't as eager as he was.

Not all that long ago he happened upon a boy in a field watching over a flock of sheep. At first Wolf intended to lure the boy away just long enough so that he could snatch himself a soft, woolly, bleeting meal. However, he ended up befriending the boy and came back several times to visit. That is until the boy was found torn to pieces one day along with several of his sheep. Wolf, of course, was blamed for the crime even though he hadn't been anywhere near when it happened. He fled to the docks before he could be captured and managed to stow away on a merchant airship heading for Shashta, knowing he could never return to Erealia unless he wanted to be burned on a stake.


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Rumor MillEdit

An enthusiastic cook on the Winding Way, Wolf is rather new to the crew, only having joined in the past couple months. It's now pretty much general knowledge amongst his crew members that he suffers from a type of lycanthropy and becomes unreasonable, erratic, and sometimes even violent on and around full moons. He tends to lock himself away for several days at a time when he feels these symptoms coming on. Most other crew members are also now probably aware of his relationship with Sophie as much as they try to keep it on the down-low.

Wolf is a fugitive of Erealia where prejudice against wolves is high, especially in the smaller villages. He was wrongfully accused of murder and had to flee the country to escape being burned at the stake. The fact that he is only half human is also not too widely known outside of his home village. He looks human enough but his werewolf half is what causes his lycanthropic symptoms.