The people of Ivona weren't content to stay on their side of the continent. The first expeditions through the area now known as the Badlands either came to horrible ends or were never heard from again, until finally, a few small groups succeeded in crossing the desert and mountains to return with stories of the rich land that lay beyond it. Aided by the military, roads were built through the Badlands, and Ivona claimed the other side as a colony. Many people made the trip, for various reasons such as seeking a new life or seeking a fortune in new lands.

The major problem with this new land was a distinct problem with large animals and monsters that didn't want to give it up. Ivona kept sending colonists there, eager to obtain more of the new foods and drugs discovered there, but they failed to send enough military aid to satisfy the people. Between this and heavy taxes, the colonists decided that enough was enough, and staged a revolt that lasted for thirteen years. They were able to successfully liberate the land from Ivona, and named their new nation Vohemar.

Now over three hundred years since they've gained independence, Vohemar has become a land you must step lightly in. The country has far less laws on average than Ivona does, but also a good deal of nonsensical ones that vary from city to city. Despite this oddity, Vohemar is popular for its wide expanse of unsettled land, which is free for the taking - as long as you can defend it. To this day, the monster problem persists, though it's not quite as serious as it was in earlier years. Vohemar has a great deal of natural resources and a large agricultural output, some crops remaining very popular exports. They lack the most in the field of technology, typically stealing or scavenging what they can from Ivona.

Vohemar's government is a confederation, made up of a council of mayors that control the five largest cities. While each city controls its own laws, trade, and taxes, the council as a whole manages things that concern the entire nation. Each mayor in general holds a lot of power, to the extent of deciding new laws themselves, and not having to follow their own laws should they so choose.

The military is just as lax as its laws are, with most military airships and even ground troops allowed to do as they like - even to the extent of preying on their own citizens - as long as they do as the council commands them. However, the Vohemar military contains a lot of men that are used to fighting, even if it's guerrilla-style tactics.

Vohemar is likewise wary of mutterings heard from Ivona, and is keeping a close eye on what their neighbor does.

IC Trivia

  • Vohemar's 'official' colors are red and black.