The Winding Way

The Winding Way is a neutral ship renowned far and wide as a traveling theater. It is captained by the reclusive detective L Lawliet (publicly known as Ryuzaki Coil), and his First Mate is the ironically infamous Badlands outlaw Vash the Stampede. Before L's promotion to captain, the ship was almost entirely funded by pick-pocketing the audiences of the Way's shows. L has since forbidden this practice and is creating other ways to fund the ship.

Official Description

"Welcome to an evening you'll never forget on board a ship you'll never forget, The Winding Way."

The reputation of the Winding Way truly precedes itself. The ship itself is a work of art with an intricate woodwork, metalwork and engineering. It is apparently flown by propellers and between the spires, the ornate stage and the arched glass and metal tower in the center of the ship, it would be easy to consider the ship dainty.

When pushed into a fight, however, the ship proves to be anything but. The propellers disguise heavy artillery, and she can hold her own in a fire fight. She has no allegiance to Ivona or Vohemar, and chooses to instead use the profits from the crew's various enterprises to help out distressed towns in the Badlands or the forgotten towns of Ivona and Vohemar, herself.

Although the Winding Way used to take a more Robin Hood approach to business: robbing from the rich to give to the poor. The new Captain, Ryuzaki Coil, has a decidedly different view of Justice.

The ship still makes her way by putting on plays, but the addition of the Restaurant and Bar 'Gunsmoke' has changed their focus to hospitality - not thievery, and the crew has always had a taste for adventure. If the price is right, the Winding Way will take you anywhere in Reial to sate your curiosity for what is out there.

Whether you come for the food, the entertainment, or the exploration, you can be sure the Winding Way will give you an adventure of a lifetime.


The crew currently sits at 32 members, 1 of whom is a passenger.


Ryuzaki Coil, a.k.a. L Lawliet

First Mate

Vash the Stampede


Mitsuru Kirijo



Michael Garibaldi

Maes Hughes

Zeetha, Daughter of Chump


Yoshiya "Joshua" Kiryuu

Doctor Harleen Quinzel, a.k.a Harley Quinn


Roxas Orior

Sora Visitae

Radio Ops

Arisato Minato

Ilyasviel von Einzbern

Ichigo Kurosaki


Paine Austin

Hayner Barton

Records Keepers

None currently.


Jean Dispar

Kimihiro Watanuki


Braska Abreu

Ness Lakehaven

Hanatarou Yamada


Rikku Dalabane

Ellis Savannah


Milk Palmier

Riku Tenebrae


None currently.


None currently.


Suzumiya Haruhi

Sophie Hatter

Don Quixote de la Mancha/Alonso Quijano

Cabin Boys

Keisuke Takagi


Powder Monkeys

Monkey D. Luffy