As the newest arrival to the Sky Tides universe, The Fiertia is still building herself a reputation. The ship is led by captain Yuri Lowell and his first mate Unicorn Saint Jabu.

Official Description

“Oh, sure, they’ll get the job done. You’ll probably even stay alive, so long as you don’t piss their cap’n off.”

Captained by Ivona-born vigilante Yuri Lowell, the Fiertia (home of the Brave Vesperia mercenary guild) roams the skies in search of pay. She’s got a reputation for a surprising amount of honesty and dedication, so far as jobs go, but her captain isn’t known for his forgiving nature. More than once, Brave Vesperia has turned on clients who tried to deceive them or hide some particularly ugly skeletons in their closets. And it’s not a particularly smart idea to chase the ship down, or so rumors warn. Her coloring blends in with the rolling clouds of Reial's skies, and her oddly large hull hides dozens of smaller fighter crafts.

Like most ships, the Fiertia is steam-powered, though Yuri has installed a secondary power system for when they can afford electrical batteries. Strangely enough, however, neither of these engines appear to have been on the ship originally, and - to further baffle onlookers - she has no sails. The only hints as to what first powered the Fiertia are an enormous leather harness in storage and several helm-sized iron loops on the railings.

While the guild itself has a fairly straightforward purpose - to serve their clients as honorably as they can, and make a nice chunk of change along the way - very little is known about Yuri, aside from his vigilante habits. Rumors name him a madman, a hero, a ruthless pillager, a terrorist, or some combination of it all. Most have some truth to them, but to his crew Yuri is blunt, laid-back, honest, and rather indecipherable. The rumors do hit at least one nail on the head; no one - not even his closest officers - knows what his motives are, or where his share of payment goes.

So then, what can Brave Vesperia do for you?


The crew currently sits at 31 members, 2 of whom are passengers.


Yuri Lowell

First Mate

Unicorn Saint Jabu


Pip Bernadette

Erza Scarlet


Naoto Shirogane

Grell Sutcliff


Yuuko Ichihara

Yoruichi Shihouin

Ludwig Weillschmidt


None currently.

Radio Ops

Naminé Blanc

Hanamura Yosuke


Walter C. Dornez


Kenpachi Zaraki

Records Keepers

Justin Warrick


Fox Mcloud

Seta Souji

Abe Takaya


Zexion Eerhen

Sebastian Michaelis

Angel Starr


Professor Hojo

Estellise Sidos Heurassein

Orihime Inoue


None currently.


None currently.


None currently.


None currently.


Senji Kiyomasa (Crow)

Ulquiorra Schiffer

Utena Tenjou

Cabin Boys

Yachiru Kusajishi

Rock "Mega" Light

Powder Monkeys

None currently.



Tohru Adachi