The Kropmork Assassins’ Guild has an illustrious reputation for skill, style, and, above all else, fabulous wealth. Interestingly, despite being one of the first guilds in Kropmork to be legitimized and placing a heavy emphasis on tradition, it’s broadened from its original purpose to become a sort of high-class boarding school. Many rich families from Kropmork, Ivona, and Vohemar send their children there for the excellent education without any intention of having their precious darlings becoming assassins. Furthermore, occasionally children who have the special… skills the guild needs will be picked up off the street and raised by the guild, provided they’re not too scruffy and know the meaning of hygiene.

For those who choose to become-or are raised as-Assassins, most of the going is generally pretty easy… apart from the practice missions, of course. Trainee Assassins are usually given difficult, dangerous missions, and it’s not unheard of for a graduating class to be a lot smaller than it was when its members were freshmen.

Traditionally, Assassins were only trained in the art of stealth and usage of classy, close-range weaponry. However, due to the fact that some families of magically talented humans and various demihumans have entered the elite, there are now special classes for the usage of magic and other natural in assassinations. However, due to the fact that both students and teachers usually come from rich, traditionalist families from all over Reial, demihumans tend to face a great deal of hazing and unfair treatment from some teachers. However, as more demihumans graduate and, occasionally, return as devastatingly efficient teachers, the problem seems as though it is gradually being solved.

After graduation, one who has received complete Assassin training has two choices: 1) Stay and work for the guild, or 2) leave and use the skills in some other line of work, provided annual membership dues are paid. Most graduates choose the first option, as they were aiming for the job in the first place, but some of the more ambitious graduates who had the money to spare leave and go into politics or the military.

Members of the Guild adhere to a rather strict set of rules and ethics; if they didn’t, they’d simply be thugs who killed people for a living. When an Assassin accepts a job, he or she is required to keep the identity of the person who requested the hit a secret, wear black while on the mission, refrain from harming anyone but the target, and give the target a fighting chance-though it’s generally assumed that those who have exceptionally high bounties on their heads are able to hire people to give them fighting chances. The Guild takes hits from anyone who will pay, and is even considered legitimate on the main continent.