Souji Okita
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Souji Okita
Gender Male
Age 21
Race Human
Ship 4423
Position Mechanic
Birthplace Bellcius, Ivona
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Vohemero Pirate

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Souji's personality is one of extremes. The face he shows the world is a happy one, probably best described as somewhat childish, tending to act much younger than his twenty one years. He enjoys playing with children, has a sweet tooth, and likes to play practical jokes. He can come across as quite flirtatious, although in Souji's case, it's all talk and no action. He's quite polite, and possesses manners in keeping with his family's status, though it might be hard to believe when he's coated from head to toe with grime from his mechanical tinkering.

Despite his childlike, innocent ways, Souji possesses keen observation skills and genius-level intellect and instincts, which he turned towards the understanding of various mechanical devices at a young age. He can be very single minded in his pursuit of these interests, ignoring more practical concerns that may arise, making him seem quite scatterbrained at times.

As a child, Souji was much more emotionally withdrawn than he appears to be as an adult, preferring to keep to himself. His current demeanor was adopted after he broke away from his family, perhaps as a survival tactic, and it's difficult to say how much of the face he shows to the world is the real Souji, and how much is an act that allows him to interact successfully with the world at large. There is, in fact, a much darker side to the young man, one which emerges rarely, and usually only when he finds himself in threatening situations. This side is cold and brutal, and can be utterly remorseless, and does not hesitate in the application of violence. Even once he reverts to his usual cheerful self, he tends not to show remorse for his actions. He is capable of sympathy, but there is a certain amount of disconnect in his emotional responses to the world around him.


Born to a well-to-do family in Bellcius, it seemed Souji was destined for a life in the military. The boy, however, had other ideas, far more interested in how the machines which ran his world worked than he was in more refined educational pursuits. By nine, he was taking apart anything he could get his hands on. His unusual intelligence and emotional distance caused something of a rift between him and the rest of his family. Unsure of what to do with the boy, they opted to leave him alone. Unfortunately, this left him feeling more isolated and misunderstood than ever before.

By twelve, the unhappiness at home caused him to do what most adolescents only threaten to--run away from home. His skills and interests led him out of Bellcius and into Abantaire where he found plenty to keep himself occupied.

His curiosity led him all over the city, and eventually--quite accidentally--into a seedier part of town, where he found himself wholly unprepared to deal with men trying to buy his 'services.' Naive as he was, his normal attempts at talking his way out of situations failed, and things might have gone badly if not for the timely intervention of one Toshizou Hijikata, who pretended to be the boy's pimp until the others lost interest. Hijikata then tried to get rid of him, but Souji had taken a liking to the man, and proceeded to follow him around for the next eight years.

The two were constantly on the move, and three years after their chance meeting, they finally left Ivona for good, booking passage on an airship across the badlands to Vohemar. There, the nomadic style of life continued, with Souji relying on his mechanical talents to earn a living wherever they happened to be at the time. The constant moving never bothered the young man--so long as he had Hijikata, and could work on his machines, he was content. When Hijikata broached the possibility of finding work on an airship, Souji was ecstatic, considering them to be the height of technological accomplishment. A chance to work on one, as opposed to simply observe it, was like a dream come true to him.


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POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: Souji belongs to a pretty prominent family in Bellcius. When he went missing nine years ago, it was pretty big news, but it only lasted a few months... no leads ever turned up, so it faded from the public eye. He hasn't exactly changed his name (much... he would have been Soujirou then) so theoretically, someone who was there at the time and has met him now could make the connection.