Shinjiro Aragaki
Shinji pic
"Adios, asshole."
Gender Male
Age 19
Race Human (Persona User)
Ship Silvana
Position Cook// Professional Hobo
Birthplace Vohemar (Town Unknown)
Nationality Vohemaro
Faction Unaligned

The Silvana's reluctant cook who occasinally likes to act like he's an officer, threaten shota, and be yanked around by white-haired bastards that may or may not be Aki.


On the surface Shinjiro comes off as a delinquent. Though he doesn't speak much, what he does say tends to be peppered with curses and various vulgar language. The fact that he looks like a street kid doesn't help this image one bit, and he has no problem with that. He comes off as angry and anti-social, and that isn't really false. Shinjiro is more likely to grumble then join in any real conversation, and doesn't put up with bullshit. He generally doesn't work well with others, and has little interest in group activities or even being friendly. Any attempts at loosening him up are apt to get a glare or a snort.

He is a bitter young man, riddled with guilt and a lot of self-hate. His view of the world is tinted by his guilt, and so he can't bring himself to trust or get close to others. After all, they'll just die too.

But he also has a slightly softer side. He was a weakness for cute animals and small children, and will be much more friendly with them. He also enjoys cooking, and delights in trying out new and interesting recipes. He hides these facts venomously from just about anyone.


Shinjiro was orphaned at a very young age and remembers very little of his parents. But luckily he was taken in by a rather well-kept orphanage in Vohemar. It was there that he met Akihiko Sanada, and the two boys would become close friends. For a long time his life was pretty normal, but that all changed during his 15th year.

During that year he and Akihiko both discovered the power of 'Persona', and were taught about this strange power by one Mitsuru Kijiro, the daughter of a rich family with connections in various fields and endeavors. The three teens worked together, using their powers to battle a type of psionic monster known as Shadows, which only seemed to take any real damage from Personas. The creatures attacked people during the dead of night, devouring their minds and sense of self. The victims became drooling dullards, practically zombies. Few people knew these creatures even existed, and it seemed the three teenagers were the only one's capable of stopping their subtle rampage. He didn't have any real idea of Kijiro's real goals, only knowing that it was something that needed to be done.

But it didn't last. One night, while the three were battling another of the beasts, Shinjiro lost control of his Persona. Castor went wild, and by the time Akihiko and Mitsuru found him a woman was already dead. Shinjiro fled, seeming to drop off the face of Reial.

But in fact he traveled across Vohemar, searching for a way to control Castor. Eventually he settled down in Kropmork. It was there that he met some of the more... morally gray members of the Mages Guild, and got the answer he needed: An experimental drug that would interrupt the flow of magical and psionic energies that fed his Persona. The side effects were horrible, causing dependency, sickness and eventually death. But Shinjiro was willing to take the risk if it meant he wouldn't be a danger to others anymore.

...once again it didn't last. Over the next two years his body began to reject the drugs, and Castor began to regain power. Shinjiro eventually decided he had to get away from people, it was the only way to prevent another tragedy. He heard about a ship known as "The Safest Place on Reial" and knew it might be his only chance until a new version of the drug could be created... or until he finally just dropped dead.


In Process

Akihiko Sanada

Once upon a time Aki was the closest thing to a family Shinjiro had. And now, in a way, that’s still true. The two boy’s were joined at the hip as children, and depended on each other to get through the hardships of being orphans. Even though they had no real homes, this was probably the happiest time in Shinjiro’s life. As they got older a bit more of a rivalry feel creeped in, but Shinjiro still considered Akihiko the only person he could trust with his back.

Ever since Shinjiro left SEES, a tinge of bitterness has grown in his relationship with the other Persona user. Aki didn’t understand why he left, and in Shinjiro’s mind, never would.

Tear Grants

Shinjiro has never the type to make friends easily, but somehow against all odds, Tear managed it. The woman slowly worked her way into Shinjiro’s life through a mixture of honest concern and an understanding of when to back off and when to press forward. The two have a quiet understanding that, with Aki hundreds of miles away, has become a bit of a crutch for Shinjiro. She’s been the first to calm Shinjiro down in the midst of a Castor freak-out, and that shows how much he’s beginning to trust her.


Same here


  • Shinjiro hates you. Yes, you. In person. No exceptions

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