Sara Werec

(aka Sara Cruz)

"Only you can accomplish what you've decided. Once you realize that, you can do anything."
Gender Female
Age 18

(birthday: November 1st, though she'll say it's April 26th)

Race Human
Ship Silvana
Position Pilot
Birthplace Bellcius
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivonian

Sara Werec, known to everyone as Sara Cruz, is a pilot (formerly powder monkey) on the Silvana and a former pilot in the Ivonian navy.


Sara appeared for much of her early screentime to be stoic and antisocial, a drywall's drywall who won't give you the time of day whether you're nice or mean to her. She still does that a lot, though at least now she socializes. She walks a fine line between obedience and rebellion, only ignoring orders when she knows they're going to get everyone killed and only explaining herself when confronted by someone above her. She seems to have no sense of humour, ignores people talking about her whether it be hallway gossip about the colour of her panties or serious accusations to her face, and will turn down anyone's offer to be her friend. This made and still makes her very difficult to work with, especially in small groups, but she seemed to think it worked, and it did.

Of course, she only acts emotionless and brushes people off so that they won't get close to her. The real Sara is a kind, friendly, gentle soul recuperating from the shell-shock of the incident that killed her friends and forced her into hiding. She can play-fight for her share of the glory of a battle or the last watercress sandwich, complain about the gossip she heard about herself, and bond like family with her friends. She slips into this true self more and more often now, but the only one she can truly let go around is her doll, Emily. (Yes, she talks to her doll. It's technically alive, but she talked to it even before she knew that.) Sara worries that, if she gets close to anyone else, they'll be taken away from her again. Still, she's not quite as impenetrable as she'd like to think, and persistence, plus reminders of her old life, will thaw her around you. An easier way to break her out of her emotionless facade for a moment, sad to say, is to steal Emily away; she'll become a desperate crying mess, like when Gin stole her musical pendant, and tear past anyone and everyone to find them.

Sara has a complicated relationship with her older brother. She has idolized him from the time she was little, and the whole reason she joined the military was to see him again. When she did see him again, of course, he'd gone crazy and started killing people. She knows that he spared her, but she doesn't know why, or if he'll do it again the next time they meet. At the point of her introduction, Sara can't bring herself to actually harm him, even though this is part of why she's been training; she just wants to find out what's wrong with him. If she sees him again and he cements just how far off the deep end he's gone, though, he's history. Same goes for any other traitors, but she doesn't love them as much, so too bad for them.

Unlike her brother, who was a blindly obedient "perfect soldier", Sara has, as previously mentioned, been known to disobey orders if she knows they're suicidal. She will likewise warn others of the danger, which is probably the only time she bothers to socialize at all. She can't bear to lose another ship, even if she's trying her best not to get attached to this one. This is also how she's managed to keep her sanity. When Sara found out what her beloved brother had done, her ability to question authority in the first place meant that, though severely broken, she could start to rebuild.


Sara Werec was the youngest child of James and Annie Werec, members of an aristocratic family living in a large home in Bellcius. When they died suddenly from an epidemic, the five-year-old girl became the ward of her grown older brother, Ralph, who was studying at the military academy. Because of this, the siblings grew incredibly close, and Sara idolized her brother and thought he could do no wrong. After Ralph worked hard, graduated and became an ace pilot, well-known for his skill and his plane, which he called Gloire, he announced to Sara that he was leaving on an airship for military duty. Sara was overwhelmed with fear that she'd never see him again, but he reassured her, "Only you can decide what you'll do. If you remember that, nothing is impossible." Their parting was a tearful one, as they exchanged gifts - a crayon drawing for a musical pendant - and Sara vowed that she would join the army to see her brother again.

She didn't see him for years and years after this. One day, her class had just graduated, and Sara and a handful of classmates had been assigned to a small outpost code-named Grabera. Their mission was to protect a mysterious container, the contents of which nobody in the group (or even anybody at Grabera) seemed to know. Someone knew, though, or else they wouldn't have bothered bringing in a bigger ship one day. Sara had barely launched her plane and managed to get a few hits in when out came a familiar plane. Whoever that pilot was outclassed Sara and shot her to the ground, leaving her only bruised but her plane totaled. Nobody else was so lucky, and Sara watched in horror as her friends were killed in front of her. The merciless pilot landed after blowing a hole in the ceiling where the container was. Sara chased after and pointed a gun at the man, who simply opened it and lifted out a sleeping green-haired loli with strange facial markings. At Sara's demands that this traitor freeze and relinquish the child, he simply turned and looked at her. He had a scar across his face with a white eye, long white hair rather than short blond, and an angry expression, but she knew that face.


Without a word, Ralph and the loli returned to the ship, leaving Sara alone with the wreckage of the outpost. When military authorities arrived at the scene, she made herself scarce, still able to grasp enough that she would be considered suspicious for being the only survivor. Officially, Sara Werec had died, killed by her own brother in his mad assault for a classified object of military interest.

After this, Sara had one objective: to reconcile her kind, gentle, loyal brother with this person who was anything but. She chopped off her hair, discarded her uniform, changed her name and began to search for anyone who might know the truth. And who better, she thought as she boarded a ship that was low on crew members, to sign on with than people searching for a mystery?


Active Players

  • Joshua Kiryuu: Haets him as much as everyone else does.
  • Ichimaru Gin: He's been nice to her, and revealed Emily's true nature to her, so for now, she's doing what he says... even if he does creep her out a bit.
  • John Watson: One of the only remaining members of the "help-drag-Sara-out-of-her-room-to-socialize" team who isn't using her for evil. As a bonus, he didn't make fun of her awful drawings. She's okay with him.
  • Kurosaki Isshin: He weirds her out a bit, but she finds him to be a nice person even when he's completely bizarre.
  • Hikari Glie: Taught her how not to kill herself using a potato peeler. Sara likes Hikari well enough and, because they met after Sara started to thaw, hasn't tried to push her away.
  • Hinamori Momo: Fellow unwitting minion! If Sara has to talk with someone, she usually talks to Momo. Though they first met under very strange circumstances (well, Momo finding Sara passed out on the deck wasn't that strange), they seem to have a normal working relationship.
  • Nena Trinity: If you are even vaguely familiar with both canons, you will be as amused as we are that these two aren't attempting to kill each other. In fact, Nena is as close to a friend as Sara's got (and probably is a friend, since Sara's warming up). Even discovering that Nena was partially responsible for numerous attacks like the one that ruined Sara's life didn't ruin this entirely. Sara still wants to find her brother and ask him why he did what he did, not kill him; that will only come after she finds out he's gone insane and wants to kill all humans (and that day may never come, since lol who'd app him). The same applies to Nena, and Nena is sorry for what she did and, as far as Sara knows, doesn't know why she did it.

Dropped Characters:

  • Mello: Another haet. He took her secret concern as self-centeredness and they started bickering the moment they met.
  • Matsumoto Rangiku: Found her annoying but endearing. She was one of the first to start pulling Sara out of her shell.
  • Bangladesh DuPree: Haet. She didn't appreciate being called "blondie" or being treated like a hindrance.
  • Aizen Sousuke: His public speeches always seem to hit the right notes with her, he's very relatable and he's the only link she has to information about her doll's origin and her brother's defection. In other words, like half of the game at this rate, she's completely trapped.
  • Hibari Kyouya: He figured out that she was secretly a pilot (to be fair, she was a little obvious about it) and occasionally bothers her about it, probably just to laugh at her expense. She isn't fond of that or his habit of smoking in the hangar (that smell will never wash out of Emily's nice dress!). On the other hand, she has nothing serious against him and liked practicing in the air with him for the plane race.


Her tag.


  • Sara's canon is the mecha series Soukou no STRAIN; she has no canonmates.
  • Her plane is a bright shade of Edgeworth's Suit Magenta. This is not her fault. It is called Ram-Dass. This is also not her fault.
  • Her canon is licensed and the DVDs are impossible to find, but the show is available here on legal streaming.

Rumor MillEdit

Ivonians might know the name "Sara Werec" as a publicized victim of Ralph's Grabera massacre (nothing like killing your own sister among other soldiers to make the common people hate you). Before this, she might be a common name with Belarus students and graduates around her age, but probably wouldn't have been noticed by anyone else.

Sara Cruz, however, is a nobody who joined the ship in late November-early December and keeps to herself.