Rin Tohsaka
Tsunderes are srs bsns
Gender Female
Age 22
Race Human (Mage)
Ship Silvana
Position Doctor
Birthplace Bellcius
Nationality Ivonian
Faction unaligned

The heir of a prestigious mage family, Rin is currently a doctor on the Kill-em-All Silvana.


Rin is a very smart woman, who likes to think strategically about things. She is also very blunt and will tell people things exactly as it is. She will rarely sugar coat anything, if ever. She takes things very seriously and acts very calm in drastic situations. She’s also very good at explaining things. Usually Rin tries to give off the image of the “perfect honor student” or “perfect young lady”. However when one gets to know her and is around her often they start to see the real Rin.

The real Rin is quite different. She is the epitome of the word tsundere; normally hostile and combative but is in actually modest and loving. She is agitated easily and has a scary temper. Most frightening when Rin is angry is not when she’s shouting but when she’s SMILING. She can be very harsh, as well as cruel, getting kicks out of teasing people. She has been described as a devil on more than one occasion. From time to time Rin gets really flustered, but when flustered she seems to be even more combative.

The other side of Rin is shy and modest. Some embarrassing or sexual situations tend to bring this side out. She is uncomfortable in those kinds of situations. This side can also be playful and loving.


Rin is the Tohsaka heir, a prestigious family of magi situated in Bellcius. She was born to Tokiomi Tohsaka and his wife Aoi, and originally had a sister one year younger than her; Sakura. However the Tohsaka family, like other magus families that practice passing magic crests from generation to generation to increase magic, felt that more than one child would cause (possibly dangerous) competition for the magic crest (since the crest can only be given to one child) and thus decided to give Sakura up. Sakura was handed over to the Matou family, another magus family but one whose heirs were no longer capable of performing magic. Unbeknownst to the Tohsakas they had just handed Sakura over to a life of abuse, neglect and even rape at the hands of her step brother. Rin was 6 at the time.

After Sakura was adopted by the Matous, the magic crest was carved directly onto Rin’s arm and her training as a magus began. When she was 7 her father told her he was going to leave on a journey for some sort of theoretical magic item, however in their last moments together, Rin had the feeling that she would never see him again. Sure enough, a few months later, her father’s friend and travel companion Kirei Kotomine returned to inform her and her mother that Tokiomi had perished.

Her mother lost her sanity following her father's death. Apparently she had been dealing with guilt she felt over giving up Sakura and the shock of Tokiomi's death combined with this stressful guilt was too much for her. She believed her husband was still alive and that Sakura was still with them. It took a few months before Aoi was finally institutionalized. After words, Kotomine became Rin's guardian and teacher but Rin had a hard time getting along with him in later years. Still she continued to train as a magus. At age 15 she was accepted into the Clock Tower, a magic school in Melior considered to be one of the best. Rin studied there for 5 more years.

When she turned 20 she returned home and started trying to decipher a second will left in magic code by her father. Eventually Rin learned through it that her father was searching for something called the Holy Grail. She also learnt from it how to summon a heroic spirit familiar called a Servant, and found a powerful pendant. Her curiosity was piqued by her father’s notes and she decided to start travelling to find out more and hone her magic some more. (As well as perhaps see Sakura again but that was a very slim hope she firmly believed…)

One of the ships Rin ended up on was the Montague where, for a while, she aided one of the doctors onboard. However the Montague was one of the ships hit during the Lunansa Bombings, and it crashed in the Badlands. Rin gathered with the other survivors (one of whom was Luke fon Fabre) in the kitchen, where she created a barrier to protect them from monsters until help arrived. It was 2 months later that the Silvana arrived. All the survivors were promptly arrested on suspicion of being the bomber. After being released Rin decided to stay on the Silvana.


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Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Rin is the heir of a well known mage family, the Tohsakas. Her father died while on a trip some time ago. Rin herself spent 5 years as a top student in one of Melior's best magic schools, The Clock Tower.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Digging into the Tohsaka records would reveal that Rin was not an only child, that another child named Sakura was also born. More record show that Sakura ended up being adopted by the Matous, a former mage family (previously known as Makiri) that no longer produce heirs with magic ability. FURTHER digging will bring up numerous reports from child services on Sakura but no attempt to take her from the Matous were made.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: The Tohsaka family are VERY well known in Bellcius, where they were situated. Mostly because Rin's father, Tokiomi, was well...known to be very arrogant. Some buildings in Bellcius have been funded by the Tohsakas.