Reno Harkin
Gender Male
Age 22
Race Human, albeit a slightly altered human
Ship The 4423
Position Pilot
Birthplace Kropmork-Nahk
Nationality Kropmorkian
Faction Technically, Vohemaro.

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Reno could be could be considered the “responsible” Harkin twin, though that’s not saying much. And, honestly, he really isn’t much better than his slightly older (though he’d never admit it) brother. Same smartass, devil-may-care attitude, same relaxed behavior, mixed in with his own sense of “professionalism”-one of his favorite mottos is “A pro isn’t someone sacrifices himself for his job. That’s just a fool”.

It may not seem like it, but Reno is steadfast in his loyalty, and actually has a good relationship with his brother. No one messes with the Harkin boys, no one.

The redhead has a few “less than savory” personality traits, namely his love of good hard liquor, and of women. He’s not above taking down a woman if he needs to, but he might go a little gentler on them than, say, a man.

He’s also a bit lazy, has a strange fascination with fire, and is jealous of his brother’s prowess with magic.


Reno was born only a few minutes after his brother Axel, though he vehemently denies it. Neither brother knows who their mother is, except it is probably from her that they got their red hair, and that she was a Kropmork whore. They do know their father, and they know he’s a jackass who didn’t care about his twin sons.

Though Reno is the younger twin, he has always had to keep an eye on Axel, since his brother doesn’t handle people very well, and their dad sure as hell wasn’t going to help. For most of Reno’s life, the only person he had to rely on was his brother, and vice versa. They managed to get everything they needed by conning and stealing from their father.

When Axel dropped out of school for his apprenticeship, Reno wasn’t too far behind, finding school boring without his brother (not that it wasn’t anyway). While Axel worked at the forge, Reno lazed about and eventually joined one of the largest gangs in Reial, Shin-Ra. It was with these people that Reno was introduced to his main vice- drugs enhanced with mana crystals that enhanced his speed, resilience to physical damage, and increased agility.

It wasn’t until Axel moved out of the hovel the boys shared with their father that Reno learned Axel had left his apprenticeship and had joined another gang, a rival to Shin-Ra. Axel leaving felt like a betrayal of sorts, which led to Reno slipping further into his drug and drinking habits.

It was several weeks later that Reno learned Axel was trying to bring down his gang from the inside. If it was done right, a lot of money could be made. So, Reno did what any younger brother would do- he took his brother’s idea and copied it. In order to trick the gangs into believing the brothers hated each other, Reno and Axel concocted a scheme (which involved animal blood, drugs to slow Reno’s pulse down, and a dumpster) to make it look as if Axel had shot his brother

Both gangs fell within a year.

Deciding to get the hell out of Kropmork, the brothers hopped over to Nahk and fled the city, now having the money to do so. They took everything they could from their old home and left.

Reno’s drug habit, though, seemed to get worse. It was almost impossible to catch him at a time when he wasn’t hyped up on the stuff. It was Axel who finally helped him break the habit, and so far Reno hasn’t touched the drugs since. Alcohol, though, is another story.

During the few years he was in the air, Reno learned how to pilot a small plane, becoming an ace pilot fairly quickly. Though it’s been a few years since he flew, the redhead still remembers his lessons, and eventually signed on (with Axel) to the 4423.

After joining up, however, Reno went back to drugs to deal with stress. He was found out, and is again recovering. Shortly after quitting the drug, Reno discovered his brother had ditched him. Reno swore to look for his 'dumbass twin', but decided he could be a lot more productive if he stayed on the 4423. This also meant he wouldn't have to leave, Anko, who he's gotten quite fond of.


Axel Harkin--Reno's older twin brother. Axel left Reno, so he has no idea where he is or if he's alive

Anko Mitarashi--Reno's 'girlfriend'. He denies being any closer to her than partners or friends, but this is a lie.

Kambei Shimada--For some odd reason, likely stemming from their first meeting where Kambei made fun of Reno, Reno can't stand this guy.


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  • Reno's favorite food is strawberry shortcake
  • His favorite booze is ale
  • Only Anko knows his last name--he dropped it to hide better from Shin-Ra.

Rumor MillEdit

Axel once said Reno was gay, but that rumor was quashed years ago