Pip Bernadette
Now zen, let's go and die, dogs. Let's die while yelling 'fuck, fuck!' as we take gunshots and wrize in agony.
Gender Male
Age 28 [Birthday November 17th]
Race Human
Ship Fiertia
Position Quartermaster
Birthplace Garrettstown, Badlands
Nationality Badlander
Faction The Wild Geese / Brave Vesperia ; Neutral

Pip Bernadette currently works in the Fiertia as one of the Quartermasters, while at the same time also working under the lolicaptain with his mercenary status. Usually laid-back and easy-going, Pip's a person who holds no grudges - not even to the worse of people, unless of course they happened to have backstabbed him. Then it's another story altogether.


As one of the most experienced mercenaries in his line of duty and despite his age, Pip is known throughout circles as ‘The Coyote’, due to his cheery, down-to-earth attitude and his rule with serving ‘only to the highest bidder’ – that is, only working for the one who pays him the most. Leader of his own rag-tag team of mercenaries known as ‘The Wild Geese’, his crew is perhaps one of the more well-known ones, due to their record of never having failed a mission ever since its formation as well as their undying loyalty – once they get a pay from someone, they’ll unquestionably serve that person until their contract ends. As their leader, Pip surprisingly gets a lot of respect from his crew despite the many times this loyalty he has lands them all in hot soup; he’s the one that gets them both in and out of trouble, in the end.

First seen by many as narrow-minded, shallow and perverted with nothing but a desire for women (especially their breasts, as the man himself cheerfully adds) and a sole pursuit for gaining that bit of cash, knowing him better will only reveal his softer side, a man with many morals, romance and coupled with a feeling of disinterested bravery. Though he may be cheery usually but then he’s at work he’s as serious as he can be, with a mind that sees in many aspects and plans that usually more often than not surprise others, mainly because they’re highly unconventional. He doesn’t hesitate in stooping to low methods to accomplish the goals of his work and is willing to resort to even the most underhanded of tricks and means to finish his job – after all, he’s already the lowest of the low, so what could be worse?

Despite all his methods and everything, Pip is in the end still human; he dies just as the same as the person next to him can die, be it from lung cancer or getting shot to death. His own version of loyalty – that is, serving the person who paid them unquestionably until the contract ends – has also often gotten him and most of his crew into hot soup, not to mention that this trait in him can be easily exploited. He’s a firm believer in protecting the ladies as well, though he’s gotten quite the shock over some of the females that prove themselves even more competent than his men over the years but nevertheless its another trait in him that’s exploitable. Even though his vision with his right eye is good there is still that blind spot on his left that can be easily made use of as well, although Pip has been trying to cover up that disadvantage. Then there’s also his accent, heavily accented by his family’s lineage and although he can speak the national language fluently, sometimes he’s still a tad hard to understand.


Born in Garrettstown, Pip was an orphan from the moment he was born, his mother having died while giving birth to him; his father died a few months before his birth in the Badlands while on a job, said job actually done to raise money for Pip himself. With nobody in his family left alive to take care of him, he was taken in and raised by his father’s father, where Pip would live a shabby but still somehow manageable life. He didn’t get the best of anything – he only got the barest available clothes, most of them in sizes too big for him as the clothes were taken from his now-deceased father. He managed to attend school later on, although life there was never kind to him; the name ‘Bernadette’ was synonymous with the mercenaries even back then, and Pip was taunted relentlessly due to his family until one day he just couldn’t take it anymore and ran crying to his grandfather.

Rather than comforting him like and other grandfather would do however, the elder only looked sternly at him and lay the harsh truth upon him – yes, their family was a family of mercenaries, the lowest sort of family one could ever find. He told Pip of how his father died while trying to raise money for his birth, and how even he himself was a mercenary once; following that, he revealed to the boy – who was just then barely in his teens – that when he was of age he would be the next to follow this line.

Then when he was around thirteen or fourteen, Pip, now a bit more hardened in body and mind, was dared by some of the local kids to wander into the Badlands. Never backing down from a challenge, Pip took it up, and so while he wandered about accidentally stumbled into the nest of a vicious and large raptor-like creature. There was a tussle and a fight with Pip finding himself overpowered, but eventually he managed to turn out victorious by killing the creature with a branch through its chest, though not without a loss himself – in the process of the battle, one of its talons had gouged deep into his left eye and no amount of healing would save it. Since then, he invested in an eye patch that he wears to this day.

Life passed properly after that, and after he became of age his grandfather passed away soon after, leaving Pip alone now in this world. Following his guardian’s last words, the now eighteen-year-old started on his work as a mercenary, slowly gaining himself a name and a crew over the years, and ‘The Wild Geese’ was officially established when he was twenty-two after four years of work. He appointed himself as captain without question and since then has been working to build up its name to great success.

And then came a letter, one month ago from Derrick Molina, the mayor of Colvus. Knowing about the fame of Pip and his crew, the mayor specially requested for Pip’s assistance alone in the job that he wanted, promising a huge reward if he succeeded. Never one to turn down such a huge sum, Pip accepted the job – the job of watching and ensuring the safety of the captain of the Vohemar vessel, the 4423. To that extent, Pip left one of his trusted officers in charge of the Geese and left to search for said vessel, eventually encountering it in Trewe and joining its crew after much negotiation with the captain (and possibly much to her displeasure too).

Later on, during a visit back in Colvus where Pip went to claim his pay, it turned out that the mayor had him for a fool and gave the man only peanuts. Enraged by this blatant display of being used, the mercenary double-crossed Molina and bargained a job from the person he was paid to keep tabs on - the captain of the 4423, Yuuko 'Isako' Amasawa and has since worked for her directly instead of the mayor instead.

During a raid, Pip found himself estranged from the rest of the crew along with one of the quartermasters in the aftermath of a successful raid. Their original plan to meet back up with the 4423 changed abruptly for the worst as the ship found themselves framed and accused of being the one behind the manslaughter of Doma, a town in the Badlands. Knowing that it was a bad idea to meet back up with the ship now, both estranged crew members agreed to have their records on the ship struck out and decided to lay low for a while as they went to gather information and try to discover the truth of this whole ordeal. In the meantime though, Pip secured jobs for both of them on the Fiertia after a few misadventures around Kropmork-Nahk, where they continue to lie low and go about in their search for the truth behind the Doma Incident.

Recently, the 4423 has managed to clear themselves of the charges against them, and with nothing left to hide the man has dropped his alias and is going on back as Pip once more (much to most of the crew's displeasure).


Sebastian Michaelis

Somehow or other, Sebastian's become a guy who Pip can respect and treat as a friend, despite his clearly... somewhat inhuman abilities. They've been acquaintances ever since the man joined the ship, and he was one of the few who didn't lash out at him when Pip revealed his connection to the 4423, a fact that the brunette himself appreciates. Sebastian has a habit of being amused at the situations that Pip finds himself in, and though the man isn't really annoyed by it... it can get somewhat exasperating at times.

Yuuko 'Isako' Amasawa

Captain of the 4423, she's also Pip's current employer now after a series of events that left Pip to turn against his former employer (the mayor of Colvus) and so now instead works under her directly as his boss. He calls her 'Chief' - largely as a term of endearment, but it also shows the respect he has for her skills as a captain. After all, it isn't everyday where you get to see a fifteen-year-old leading what could be one of the more rowdier and wild crews across Vohemar. Its no mean feat to have them all listen to her orders so easily, and the fact that Isako is able to do that (not to mention having people like Greed listening to her) is more than enough to show her ability to command authority, despite her age. Pip himself finds her an excellent candidate for a mercenary leader - that is if she ever decides to quit the life of a pirate. But for now, he'll just stick to his own business and try his very best to do his duty well as her employee.

Yuri Lowell

Captain of the Fiertia, Pip's got an admirable amount of respect for him as a fellow mercenary captain, even though he can't reveal his true identity to him just yet. He's heard tales and rumors about the vigilante alright, and he's personally quite excited to see what is it that the Fietia and the Brave Vesperia mercenaries are going to do around the continent. From what he sees of the crew, Pip had to admit Yuri is one of the more interesting characters he's seen around the mercenary line - not many captains would be so willing to have such a varied crew after all, and its a compliment when Pip says that Yuri's crew is going to be one of the more interesting ones he has to work with.

Erza Scarlet

OH GOD WHO IS THIS SCARY WOMAN. She certainly has the breasts that Pip would die for, but Erza's fierce (and scary) demeanour more often than not has Pip trying not to shake in his boots (not that he's afraid of her or anything, but when she suddenly points that painful-looking sword at him...). He respects her professionalism and her dedication to her work, but he really wishes she wasn't so strung up about things as she is now - it gets hard for a guy like him to do his usual stuff. Still, he values her skills and abilities and hopes that he doesn't need to meet those attacks anytime soon.

Walter C. Dornez

Formerly from the Wild Geese, Walter's a kid who has something of a special place in Pip's heart - he picked the boy up back in Kropmork when he was young after an incident where he tried to pickpocket from him. Rather than punishing him or whatnot, the man instead took him in and inducted him into his mercenary crew. From there they've got something of an adoptive father/son relationship, only one that's hella informal and can be seen more like a brother-ish view. Its hard to really put what Pip exactly feels about Walter, but he does care for him, and being able to see him once again after the years where he quit the team is really a chance he appreciates.


All the logs that Pip has been in so far in the game can be found here.


  • Pip's ambidextrous, though he finds being a left-hander much more comfortable, partly because of the fact that he pretty much depends on his right eye.
  • He has a habit of fiddling with the strap of his eyepatch whenever nervous or in deep thought.
    • Though, not so much now, since there was that one time when the string got loose and dropped. Needless to say, it was kind of embarrassing.
  • Pip eats just about everything and anything, but he can never say no to a fine plate of potato wedgies. He doesn't like fish n' chips much though.
  • A compulsive smoker, Pip usually is more inclined to smoke whenever he feels frustrated and needs to unwind. He doesn't smoke so much nowadays, partly because he's trying to live just that tad longer.
  • Pip has insanely high tolerance to alcohol; partly because it runs in his family, and partly because he'd been exposed to such drinks even when young. He took his first alcoholic drink at seven, just so you know.
  • The Bernadette name isn't as popular as they used to be, but back in the days the Bernadette name was pretty synonymous with mercenaries in general.
  • Even though he does have money to get a magitech eye, Pip has chosen to live his life one-eyed. He's gotten too used with being blind in one eye to try and change it now, anyway.
  • His hobby includes sharpshooting and collecting firearms. He usually brings a couple of them with him during his missions, using whichever arm as necessary.
  • As an entertaining note, Pip's birthday is shared with the two fail!boyfriends Ness Lakehaven and Joshua Kiryuu.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Head honcho of a rather famous (or infamous, depending on your view) mercenary team stationed in the Badlands known as 'The Wild Geese'. Also loves boobs, likes the occasional drink and smoke.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: He lost his left eye in his childhood after a tussle with a monster out in the Badlands.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: Other than being the leader of the Geese? Nope.