Phoenix Wright
Placeholder person
"Your Honor, this man is the main protagonist of a Capcom game. His entire existance consists of being kicked around. I was merely playing my part in the narrative."
Gender Male
Age 23
Race Human
Ship Victoria II
Position Passenger
Birthplace Colvus
Nationality Vohemaro
Faction Originally Vohemaro-pirate, his views have shifted a little towards the international thanks to Mia

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Phoenix is a very laid-back kind of guy, content to let the people around him shape events. This leads to him becoming involved in messy (and often expensive) situations he'd rather avoid. He gripes about this when he's roped into footing the bill - again. However, he doesn't hold any real grudges over these incidents. Phoenix values his friends despite the trouble they put him through, and would do almost anything for them. He is very loyal to those he cares about and believes in them. He never forgets a favor done for him, especially one incident in particular in his past. Because of this incident, Phoenix knows what it's like to feel like the whole world is against you with no one on your side, and will defend those with no one else. When Phoenix is hot on a crime story, he almost seems like a completely different person. He puts everything into his investigations. While he can be sarcastic, even cynical at times, Phoenix he does believe that the truth is out there, and that he'll find it. He will go to almost any lengths to expose the truth; in fact, he gets carried away sometimes, and common sense is thrown out the window. He's been known to do rash things if he's on a roll or feels that something must be done now. He thinks very well on his feet, and is able to change tactics at a moment's notice. Phoenix will also do or say some pretty silly things if he's excited, which happens easily.


Phoenix was born in Colvus, and had a fairly happy childhood, keeping his nose clean and out of the city's dirty deeds. Granted, he had a budding appreciation for art, which was rather inconvenient for a boy living in a farming city, but that wasn't much of a problem compared to the steady stream of monsters. Phoenix spent his young days helping his parents out, doodling things in the corner of his papers, and sniping at monsters going for the crops. When a young boy named Miles Edgeworth transferred into his class in fourth grade, Phoenix was accused of stealing his lunch money. It was a traumatic experience for a nine-year-old boy, but Edgeworth himself stuck up for him, telling the class that, since there was no proof, Phoenix should not be blamed for it. (A boy named Larry also spoke up for him, and after that, the three of them were fast friends.) It was the sort of thing a captain should do, Edgeworth told him; a good captain doesn't tolerate injustice on his ship. Phoenix was taken with Edgeworth's dream of becoming a pirate captain, although he didn't feel cut out for it himself. However, Edgeworth's dream of flight did rub off on Phoenix (despite his fear of heights!), and Phoenix made a promise: when Edgeworth had a pirate ship of his own, Phoenix would be his helmsman, and would be the best pilot in all of Reial. Ever since then, Phoenix has worked hard to become a skilled pilot, even after Edgeworth suddenly left. Phoenix never forgot that promise, or what Edgeworth and Larry had done for him. He became determined to get on an airship and find Miles Edgeworth.

Years later, when he was about nineteen, Phoenix got in trouble with some of Colvus's less law-abiding citizens. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and was set up to take the fall for a murder. Just when things were looking hopeless, an airship captain and investigative reporter named Mia Fey arrived on the scene, believing the murderer to be connected to her past. She exposed the real killer to the public, and Phoenix was acquitted of all charges. Owing Mia his life and seeing an opportunity to get onto an airship, Phoenix begged - I mean, convinced her to let him fly with her, promising to make himself useful. During his time under her wing, Phoenix gained practical piloting experience, along with investigation skills. Mia had a cause, you see - she was hell-bent on exposing the corruption in the Ivonan government. Through her information sources, Phoenix learned of Miles Edgeworth's current the Ivonan military. Phoenix doesn't know what could have happened, but has promised himself that he will meet Edgeworth again, and get to the bottom of things. However, a few weeks before the current time in the game, Mia was killed by government-hired assassins for sticking her nose in the wrong place. Phoenix is out to discover who was behind the killing and expose them for the murderers they are.

Caught in Shashta when undead hordes attacked, he missed most of the refugee ships. At last, he boarded the largest military ship Ivona has, and planned to keep and his eyes and ears open and his head down (he thought). Unfortunately, he ran smack into one Miles Edgeworth. Concealing the fact that he was a reporter, he kept mostly to himself on the ship, extremely aware of his status as a foreigner.

Tension with the crew was the least of his problems, however. When the ship docked in Bellcius, Phoenix tracked down the man who murdered Mia: one business tycoon by the name of Rojo Leblanc. He recorded a confrontation with Leblanc and posted it on the network, along with two articles denouncing him as a blackmailer and murderer, before taking refuge in the brig of the Victoria II. Garnet, an acquaintance, discovered him when he ventured out to find food, and as a duchess of Erealia, offered him diplomatic immunity. This, coupled with a demand from Grand Admiral Manfred von Karma, drew him out. Von Karma offered to help him: he held no love for Leblanc, and if Phoenix could call a witness and present his case, then von Karma would see that it was heard in court. Leblanc was convicted and arrested, although Phoenix was declared in contempt of court for one two many outbursts. Eyewitnesses say that he was all but dragged out of the courtroom, threatening to release a list of names to the court if Rojo Leblanc did not confess to his crimes.

With his true profession out, Phoenix was met with still more suspicion from the crew, although he befriended several of his shipmates. This relative peace was short-lived. While the top officers of the Victoria II were raiding the Rockgala, monsters boarded the ship and began to attack. In desperation, Phoenix hijacked the ship’s helm and brought it into the air, tilting it to the side to knock the creatures over. It gave those fighting the monsters the opening they needed, but the officers were less than pleased.

Currently, he’s worried about his longtime friend Wolfina, who was captured with the rest of the crew of the 4423.…


MIA FEY - Mentor and friend, she taught him everything he knew about the journalism business. He's avenged her death, but sometimes he thinks he can feel her around....somewhere. Wolfina Lalla Getto - a good friend from Colvus, and a fellow reporter. Garnet - a friend, who has helped him out of trouble in the past. He hopes he can repay the favor one day. Hijikata Toushirou - A MADMAN. A DANGEROUS LUNATIC WHO SENDS HIM OFF TO CHASE THE RAPPIG WHO STOLE HIS LIGHTER. Phoenix never knows when he's going to threaten him again.... Kristoph Gavin - a shipmate, who seems all right, all things considered... Adrian Andrews - an acquaintance, and one of the cooks. Not a bad sort. Ffamran Mid Bunansa - Another one who is surprisingly decenf for a military man. He seems to know Edgeworth better than Phoenix, and yet Ffamran wants to learn more from him. Susan Sto Helit - VERY loose acquaintance: the strange schoolteacher he encountered at a party. Her hair is weirder than his, which is a first. Mai (Cure Egret) - a young girl with a double identity, she saved Phoenix's life in the monster-battle, and he plans to write an article to give her alter-ego some publicity in return.


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