Nikolas Kamarov
Nik wiki
Gender Male
Age 35
Race Demihuman
Ship Silvana
Position Boatswain
Birthplace Tulgim
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivonian Expatriate

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The first impression anyone is likely to have of Nikolas is that he's distant. It's not an aloof sort of distance, he just seems to have difficulties connecting with people, and chooses to spend most of his free time alone. He's also very driven. When he's been given an assignment, he will give it his all--provided he sees no major flaws. He's not the type to follow blindly, and can be very stubborn if he does find some fault with a task he's been given, but for the most part, he's more than happy to perform his assigned tasks. His loyalty is a great asset to have. His wrath is not something you'd want to be on the receiving end of. That said, he's not a cruel man, and doesn't believe in punishing people needlessly.

He does have a sense of humor, though a person would first have to complete the complected task of befriending him before it could be witnessed, and in the end, it tends to be quite morbid. It wouldn't be out of place to call him a pessimist, though he tends to keep his more gloomy views of the world to himself. He can be quite self-depreciating at times... Nikolas isn't looking for praise or glory. He wishes only to do his job and be of service.

He has a strong sense of justice, and will go a long way to correct wrongs he feels have been committed. This can sometimes manifest itself in a long-standing grudge or need for revenge, though he is very good at only pursuing these vendettas when it will not impact his other duties.


Nikolas Kamarov was born and raised in Tulgim, the son of a miner, and one of the relatively few families who lived permanently in the frigged town. An only child, Nikolas spent most of his time alone, owing to a combination of his somewhat unconventional appearance, his inverted personality, and the relatively rapid change in the town's population. From the boy's standpoint, there was very little point in making friends who would leave again in short order.

During his teens, Nikolas discovered his abilities, though fear and confusion lead him to keep them a secret. Shortly there after, his father died--a result of years spend in the mines--and Nikolas was left to care for himself and his mother. He tried a variety of odd jobs, but quickly grew disgusted with the lack of opportunity in the town. His mother forbade him from working in the mines, and so he turned to the only lucrative means of support he could find--underground fights. While the local government frowned on such things, they were allowed to continue, and with his abilities, Nikolas quickly climbed to the top. It wasn't long, however, before rumors began to circulate. His successes were too great, his injuries healed too fast, and people began to suspect that he was not all that he seemed to be. Threats began to mount, both against himself and his mother, until finally, he was forced away from the ring.

Fortunately, an officer from the near by military base had seen Nikolas' performance, first coaxing the truth about the young man's abilities out of him, and then encouraging him to join Ivona's military. While reluctant at first, Nikolas realized in the end that it was likely the only way he would ever be able to care for his mother.

The life of a soldier suited the young man. He enjoyed the order and the discipline inherent in the life--though he didn't like being surrounded by the troublemakers who were shipped to Tulgim to be 'punished.' Nikolas continued to isolate himself, working hard at the assignments he was given, and at honing his special abilities. Before long, he was shipped away from Tulgim in order to serve as part of an select, and very secretive force sent in to deal with problems the Ivonan government wanted cleared up 'quietly.' While Nikolas found this work to be brutal and distasteful, he followed orders and made himself a model soldier, though it meant sacrificing a little of his humanity in the process.

Several years passed this way, before a letter came from Tulgim, informing Nikolas of his mother's death. Included was a sealed envelop containing a letter in his mother's writing, divulging a secret that she and Nikolas' father had kept from him his whole life. The letter claimed that he was adopted--that his birth mother, who's name was not known to them--had given the infant to them in hopes that he might live a normal life.

The letter, in combination with the news of his mother's death, and the stress placed on him by his job, was finally too much. Nikolas defected from the army, fleeing Ivona to drift between the badlands and Vohemar, aware that the knowledge he carried from his days as an officer in the Ivonan military would render him a marked man. He dared not return home, instead working on a succession of less than legitimate airships, torn between his betrayal and his desire to return to the orderly military way of life. In passing, he heard of a ship--one that was regarded with both fear and awe--one on which someone with a checkered past such as his own might be safe. He set out in search of the Silvana, hoping to find his own salvation.


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Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: None, unless perhaps, you're from Tulgim

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Nik was in the Ivonian special forces, doing a lot of dirty work for the government. His work was classified, but those good at hacking military records, or with clearance, would know about it. He's wanted in Ivona for defecting, which is probably more commonly known in military circles.