Monkey D. Luffy
Yeah, find the pieces of the dreams you fulfilled - and come back here one day.

- Ryuusei Miracle by Ikimonogakari

Gender Male
Age 18 [Birthdate : May 5th]
Race Demihuman - Gomu Gomu Ability
Ship The Winding Way
Position Powder Monkey
Birthplace Kropmork-Nahk
Nationality Kropmorkian
Faction Neutral

Monkey D. Luffy [Katakana モンキー D ルフィ], possibly known as the biggest shounen retard in existence of the whole RP, works in the Winding Way as its Powder Monkey. Diligent and hardworking, the teenager always somehow manages to somehow scare the rest of the crew or get the best reactions out from them, one way or another from his many hijinks.


At first glance, Luffy doesn't appear to be that all smart/intelligent at all. He's easily astounded by even the most simplest things in life such as hermit crabs coming out from their shells and gets quickly confused by concepts that are pretty simple to others. Luffy views the world in a very simple and straightforward manner, and thus while easily fooled by people, can sometimes see things that other people can't at all. Despite his simple nature, however, he is a genius when it comes to fighting, making full use of his powers and the things around him to his advantage easily. Also, he's always seen with a smile on his face, never faltering even with the threat of death upon him and instead only grinning very brightly - it can be said that he never fears death.

Luffy cares a lot about the people on the ship - treating them like family, even - and is very deeply attached to them - he would never forgive anybody who hurts them in a anyway. Despite that, however, he is a very benevolent person who actively tries not to ham others unless they give him and the rest of the ship a very good reason to. He's also a very humble person, never letting his pride and accomplishments get over his head and can be very levelheaded when needed. While notably one of the least strategic members of the crew (due to his tendency to rush into battle head-on without even pausing to think), he is highly flexible in combat and can quickly make up ways to counter the disadvantageous he has against his opponents and to keep ahead of his foes, usually making use of his abilities and/or using the enemies' strength against themselves. Also, due to his simple-minded nature, Luffy is also easily tricked by even the simplest tracks and falls prey easily to any form of mind-control tactics, such as hypnotism.

He's also incredibly naive and childish, easily bringing himself to trust people and forgiving them if they've done something. People can all easily use this to their advantage - though of course, once Luffy knows about it that good luck to that person.


Luffy was an orphan from birth, abandoned outside an orphanage in Kropmork-Nahk for reasons unknown. He was found in a stormy night at the doorsteps of said orphanage, and was luckily taken pitied on and brought into the place. Taken in by the infant's poor situation, Luffy was adopted as the orphanage's owner's son, and thus grew up well-loved and treasured. When he was around six, his adopted mother decided to close down the orphanage and instead set up a bar in the main part of the island, and the kid lived well despite the dangers of the place.

About a year later, when he was around seven, the bar was ushered in with a gang of pirates led by a kindly pirate captain named Red-Haired Shanks. Luffy befriended that band of pirates and from that moment on, inspired by Shanks and his crew, wanted to become a pirate as well. Luffy even stabbed himself under his eye to show that he was tough enough to join Shanks's crew, thus bearing the scar that he has now. Later on, when a group of lowly bandits from the Theives' Guild was in the bar and insulted Shanks and his crew. This resulted in a minor brawl and during that fight, a couple of mana stones from the pirates dropped from their own inventory and Luffy pocketed them, thinking they belonged to the bandits as they were overwhelmed by the pirates and fled.

The next day, Luffy bumped into the same bandits again, and then stood up against them for insulting Shanks, and then when discovered that he had the pirates' mana crystals (turning out to a rather rare sort as well) were in his possession as well, got taken as a captive when Shanks arrived upon the scene. His captors were defeated by the Red-Haired Pirates, but the bandit leader had fled to the skies with Luffy. While escaping, the bandit leader demanded for Luffy to hand over the stones to him, but in defiance the boy stuffed them into his mouth. In rage the bandit leader pounced on him, and that resulted in Luffy banging against the floor of the ship and while trying to take in air from the fall, accidentally swallowed them.

Angered, the man then threw Luffy out of the ship, only to be attacked and swallowed by a Sky Whale moments later while he was laughing at Luffy. The bandit leader was eaten, but Shanks managed to save Luffy, however the incident cost Shanks his left arm. Shortly after that, Shanks helped Luffy in coming to terms in what he had done, revealing to him that the power of the crystals that he had swallowed had given him powers beyond his imagination, which was discovered on to be his body of rubber. Soon after that, he set sail along with his crew once more, but before leaving, he and Luffy promised each other that one day Luffy would surpass Shanks and become a great pirate. Then Shanks left Luffy his straw hat as a parting gift, telling him to return it once he surpassed him.

After that, Luffy spent the next ten years training (aided greatly by his adoptive mother, who then passed away of ill health eight years later) and later on when the Winding Way came over for their own business, the boy was taken in by the warmth of the crew and was immensely fascinated by their chivalrous activities. Seeing it as a chance to begin his dream as a grand pirate, Luffy thus joined the crew, hoping that this would be his first step to become a grand pirate - the greatest of all time.


Sora Visitae

Navigator of the Way, and the one whom Luffy considers as his best friend and fellow companion in everything retarded. They first met via the network and somehow ended up going off to look for Sky Whales together at the crow's nest of the way, much to the chagrin of Roxas and Neku. Since then though Sora and Luffy have practically become retarded BFFs, sharing whatever they have and discussing and talking just about everything under the sun. For Luffy, Sora's like a real brother to him - a brother he never knew until now, and places his full trust and support and belief in him. He'll always be there regardless of the situation, helping his best friend wherever and whenever he can.

Vash the Stampede

First Mate of the ship, for Luffy Vash's the spazzy, protective and fun elder brother figure to the teenager who he honestly likes - in a way, he's become one of those classic nakama figures for Luffy. He's always joining Vash in whatever retarded lulzy hijinks that the man's up to and at times they both fail pretty epically too. Of course, there's the fact that Vash treats him to those special donuts from time to time. Even if he's easily baited by food, he sees Vash as a very cheery, kind-hearted guy and believes in him now matter what. Vash is now after all, his nakama.

...and yes, even if he does know of Vash's horrible history, he'll still see Vash as a good guy. He's the kind of person that does that after all, and believes even with the sins of his past, he's sill a good and honest and the bestest donut guy he'd ever known in the end. =)

L Lawliet / Ryuzaki Coil

The current Captain, Luffy looks up to Ryuzaki as a parental figure; or something as a replacement from the previous captain Kurt Wagner. He doesn't talk much to L, but whatever it may be the powder monkey places his full trust in the captain in the belief that he knows the right decisions to make and will be a captain that Luffy will be more than happy and willing to acknowledge him as. And well, the fact that L always allows him extra donuts help as well.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Serving as a Radio Ops-cum-Pilot, while Ichigo often gets irritated with him, the teenager himself has found himself liking the carrot top and as a good friend. After all, who could ever forget someone who helped him so many times - especially the incident with Mew. Luffy likes Ichigo a lot as a person and finds him a great person to hang out with, and it'll be a long while before the radio ops can shake him off anytime soon.

Roxas Orior

The other Navigator of the ship and apparently Neku's best friend. Luffy hasn't talked much with Roxas, but finds him a good person at heart, if only a bit... distant, to use an appropriate word. Though while at least not as withdrawn as Neku, Luffy thinks that Roxas could use a bit more work in being friendlier as well. He hopes that one day, both he and Neku would be able to smile properly and make friends.

Kimihiro Watanuki

Cook of the Way, Luffy sees Watanuki as his food provider and never stops pestering him for food, especially the Silvana Meatloaf. He likes Watanuki a lot (partly because he makes really good food), but also because he's a really nice guy. Luffy definitely likes him a lot, especially as a one-stop provider for the some of the best foods that he's ever eaten.

Rikku Dalabane

Mechanic of the Way, Luffy sees Rikku as this elder sister figure (oh lawd he sees everyone on this ship as part of his family, apparently) - fun and zany and all that whatnot. He really likes her since she's always really nice to him and never scolds him or all that whatnot, and treats him really well. He'd do anything to protect her as well, since she, like most of the WW, have become his nakama. He does hope that she doesn't have to be so confusing at times though.


All of Luffy's logs so far in the game can be found here.


  • Luffy shares his birthday (completely unknowingly) with at least three other people : Hijikata Toshirou, Hijikata Toshizou and Ryoji Mochizuki.
  • Used to be a pure right-hander, but after gaining his Gomu Gomu Abilities Luffy's trained himself to be completely ambidextrous. The rubber limbs helped a lot.
  • His favorite food is meatloaf and the teenager's always constantly trying to find new meatloaf flavors.
    • Notable made-up flavors are Meatloaf Ramen, Donut Meatloaf and of course, the all infamous Silvana Meatloaf. God knows what he'll come up with next.
      • He's also a fan of the famous Reial chocolate treat Caocao's Balls, especially the ones with whipped cream inside.
  • When he's working with the cannons, Luffy would be seen with a red bandanna around his head to prevent hair from blocking his vision. When not using it, the bandanna would be tied around his right forearm.
  • To this day he still dreams of meeting a Sky Whale head on.
  • A recurring gag in the game is that Luffy would always, always first call Ocelot by his codename before he's corrected to Nikolai.
  • Luffy's method of fighting is pretty underhanded - its freestyle and improvised, and follows no particular code of honor, and so if necessary he will attack women or animals, hit below the belt, attack even if enemies have their backs turned on him, use enemies as human shields or even bite his opponents.
    • Luffy has found unexpected ways to increase his fighting ability, such as the ability to stretch his blood vessels wider to allow more oxygen and nutrients to get to other parts of the body allowing him to become faster and stronger, at a cost of depleting his body's energy at a faster rate.
      • Luffy can even inflate his bones to increase the mass of his body and power up his attacks - called by himself as Gear Second and Gear Third.
        • A detailed article on his abilities and stunts can be found at this article on the One Piece Wiki.
          • His current target is to master his self made attack called the Gomu Gomu no SPINSPINSPIN / Gunspin, inspired by Ocelot's gunspin.
            • His sheer physical strength and dexterity is a result of his mother's training methods for the past decade, ever since he gained his powers.
              • Luffy claims that he had a punch as powerful as a pistol even at seven years of age.
                • His strength is only exceeded by his enormous willpower, able to push on even when he's at his limit.
  • Due to his stretching properties, Luffy is almost entirely immune to blunt attacks, including bullets or even cannonballs.
    • Also due to rubber's insulating properties, Luffy is also immune to electrical attacks.
      • However he is still normally susceptible to cutting/stabbing attacks, as well as sharp objects such as swords and knives, as well as non-physical attacks such as fire or ice. He's fully affected by explosions, freezing and dehydration
        • One major risk of Luffy's powers is that he is vulnerable to attacks in the moments when his limbs are stretched to their limit. He has however, worked to overcome this handicap.
          • Also in exchange for this ability, Luffy is also unable to swim (although he could not swim even before this) and will quite literally sink like a stone when in water.
            • Luffy is also easily tricked by even the simplest tracks and falls prey easily to any form of mind-control tactics, such as hypnotism.
  • He also has the mysterious and uncanny ability to, while completely asleep, eat as if he were awake, even able to know when more food has been placed on the table.
  • By some odd twist of fate, Luffy's on very good terms with Kropmork's Assassin Guild(s). The big boss there seems to have taken a liking for him somehow.
    • Also in addition, Luffy used to previous work for the Seamstress's Guild as well as their poster boy. The ladies love him. =3=
  • His dream is to be the greatest pirate in all of Reial, and to meet his benefactor Shanks again one day.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: His whole body is made of rubber which he happily speaks about. He can bend, stretch infinitely and do loads of things with it. There's a whole list and stuff in his bio with a link to wikipedia. Luffy's also awfully fond of meatloaf and is kinda simple-minded.


POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: He looks up to his benefactor Shanks, who's currently a rather infamous pirate? Otherwise, IDK.