Millie Thompspn
Placeholder person
Gender Female
Age 24
Race Human
Ship Currently on the Victoria II, but is a shiphopper
Position Passenger/Insurance Girl
Birthplace Colvus, Vohemar
Nationality Vohemaro
Faction Neither

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Hardworking and cheerful, Millie appears simple on the outside, and it doesn’t take long before people realize that Millie is really that kind-hearted and oblivious. She frequently messes up words (such as saying “peasant surprise” rather than “pleasant surprise”) and says things like ‘absolutely muffin’. As anyone who works with her knows, Millie also thinks things like getting gadgets because she messes up all the time is something to brag about.

Despite towering over most humans, Millie is very polite and refers to everyone by either ‘Mr. Whoever’, ‘Whoever-san’, or any other appropriate honorifics. She respects anyone and everyone, unless they’ve proven they don’t deserve such respect.

It takes a lot to make this gentle giant of a girl angry, and the only ways to do so is to A), insult or disrespect family members—her or your own, B), get between her and her food, or C), be excessively rude. When she is angry, Millie has been known to cry, punch someone, slap people, or whip out her colossal stun gun and threaten people. Yelling is also a way Millie expresses her anger.

She is willing to help out anyone, if she can find a way to be of use and it’s not obviously illegal. If the only way to help out was to pretend to be a young girl’s mother, she would do it. The easiest way, Millie has found, to help out people to let them hide behind her.

Millie also has very low alcohol tolerance. Not that this stops her from drinking from time to time.


Born the youngest of a family of seven children in Colvus, Millie never really planned on doing anything but helping her family out on the farm, maybe getting married and raising children. If not that, then Millie wouldn’t have minded becoming a nun or something where she could help out.

When Millie was about twelve, her family farm and the one down the way were attacked by rabid demihumans of some sort—Millie didn’t know what kind they were or even why they attacked the farms.

After the attack, the Bernardelli Insurance Agency Vohemar Branch came by and was able to help both farms rebuild and gave Father the money he would have gotten from selling the crops lost in the attacks. Millie decided that being an insurance agent was a great way to help out, and it paid well. So, after saving up enough to pay for airfare to the main office in Bellicus, Millie became the first one in the Thompson family to become something other than a farmer or a trader at age seventeen.

Six months of training and a broken typewriter later, Millie asked for a field assignment, since office work clearly wasn’t her cup of tea. The Chief agreed and sent Millie out on a job with another agent to investigate a fire at the house of one of their clients in Berum. The job went well, and the Chief kept sending her out on field assignments, which led to Millie quickly becoming one of the Agency’s top field agents.

After the Lunasa Day Bombings, the Bernardelli Insurance Agency found themselves swamped with claims and demands for money. When the tenth case of an airship captain attempting fraud nearly made it to court, the Chief decided that all field agents would be sent to whatever ships were on the claims list, insuring that no ship got money it didn’t have a right to.

And so, Millie found herself with an assignment to check out the four of the most well-known ships in Reial—the famous theatre ship the Winding Way, the glorified Victoria II, the legendary Knock-Em-Dead Silvana, and the infamous 4423.


Al-Cid Margrace--Millie's first friend on the Victoria. She has a bit of a crush on him

Susan Sto Helit--'Miss Susan'. Another one of Millie's friends, and a very fierce lady.

Matilda Wormwood--One of the younger girls Millie feels obligated to protect

Dee--Millie's 'friend', though she doesn't seem to like Miss Susan all that much.


None at the moment


  • Millie is afraid of spiders, though she refuses to kill them.
  • Millie holds the record for Longest Dish Throw in the Thompson Family Reunion Field Day

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