Miles Edgeworth
The face of poise and dignity.
Gender Male
Age 24
Race Human
Ship Victoria II
Position First Mate
Birthplace Vohemaro airspace
Nationality Vohemar by birth, Ivona by citizenship
Faction Ivonian military

This ice-cold officer is the first mate aboard the Victoria II. If you think he's bad, just be grateful that you aren't dealing with the captain.


Edgeworth is a proud man, who carries himself with an air of dignity (although some would call it arrogance). He's determined, strong willed, ambitious, and if the rumors are true, nearly as ruthless as his mentor. When combined with his strict no nonsense attitude, staunch perfectionism, detached sarcastic streak, and underdeveloped social skills (not that he'd admit that part), the result is someone who can be rather harsh to those around him. This suits him just fine, though; he's something of a loner, and prefers to avoid personal relationships in general. This is partially due to the fact that, quite simply, he finds it very difficult to trust those around him. However, if someone does manage to earn his trust, his loyalty to them becomes unshakable.

Underneath this harsh exterior, though, he is something of a romantic. He believes strongly in the pursuit of justice, and in defending those too weak to defend themselves (that is, assuming they're on his side). He can even be downright charming when he wants to be.

...key word being: when he wants to be.


Miles Edgeworth wasn't always a citizen of Ivona. Years before his adventures there started, he was a child of Vohemar, and the proud son of esteemed captain Gregory Edgeworth. For as long as he could remember, Miles idolized him, and he wanted nothing more than to become a captain of a Vohemaro ship just like him. Thanks to his father's duties, they rarely settled down in one place for long, but Miles didn't mind as long as he had him.

However, this changed around the time Miles was nine. Usually when Gregory and his son arrived in a city, they'd leave as soon as his business was done, but this time they actually stayed afterwards. They settled down for a few months, and after he defended another boy from a misunderstanding involving stolen money and false conclusions, Miles actually started to make some close friends. Whenever he got the chance, he'd go on about the stories his father brought home from his latest escapades, as well as his own dreams of sailing the skies.

This all changed fifteen years ago. Gregory's ship were sent on what was supposed to be a routine patrol mission, and Miles came along to serve as a cabin boy. It was supposed to be a relatively safe trip, but in the middle of their journey they came across the ship of Admiral Manfred von Karma. Despite the current ceasefire, a skirmish erupted, and the pirates were forced to retreat - but not before he inflicted a serious blow against the enemy ship, and humiliated von Karma in the process. While they escaped the fight by the skin of their teeth, they soon entered another dangerous battlefield: politics. A truce was forced, and the two captains and related escorts and officials were ordered to the neutral city of Kropmork to "make nice".

They arrived in port, and after the token apologies were given, the real meat of the discussion began. What started as a promising talk gave way to old grudges and heated fights, and eventually ended in a stalemate. After the talks had ended for the day, Gregory left with his son Miles, and fellow Vohemaro Yanni Yogi. They rode a lift down through the building, an event that would not be notable in the slightest, if not for the heavy storms that had been plaguing the island for the past weeks. There was a crack of lightning, a burst of thunder, and the building was hit. All the wonderful new technology the place was built to accomadate was for naught, and the electricity that powered the lights and ran the elevator was killed. The three Vohemaros were trapped in the small box of metal, with hardly any light to see bye or any air to breathe. As they lost their air supply, the began to lose their wits, and the group turned hysterical. Tensions rose and Gregory and Yanni started to bicker, and as their shouts and accusations grew louder, it looked like the argument was about to become violent. Delirious and scared out of his wits, Miles looked around in desperation, and noticed a pistol that had fell to the floor earlier. He picked it up and tossed it at the adults, in a panicked attempt to stop the fight. Afterwards there was a loud shot, a piercing, gut wrenching scream, and then the darkness of unconsciousness. When he came to he was in the hands of a fellow Vohemaro crew, who told him the news: by the time they found the trio, Gregory was dead, from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

Afterwards Miles could barely remember the incident, outside of recurring nightmares about thunderstorms and gunshots. He told himself that they were only dreams, and despite the guilt he felt (or perhaps because of it), he was convinced that Yanni was his father's murderer. So were many other Vohemaros, but it wasn't enough; the murder was a wreck, and it was practically impossible to tell what happened. While Ivonian treachery was suspected at first, all of the officials had a solid alibi, and the political situation was too tense to make serious accusations without solid proof. In a desperate bid to finish the investigation as quickly as possible, they contacted a spirit medium to summon Gregory's ghost. After a round of questions, Gregory finally pinpounted Yanni as his killer. However, someone stood in to defend Yanni: an unscrupulous man by the name of Robert Hammond. He claimed that Yanni couldn't remember a thing that happened, and that in the course of the accident, he had lost his memory...and most of his mind. If that was the case, Hammond said, how could he be held accountable for what happened? Besides that, there was no actual proof he did it...that is, other than the word of a delirious child and an anonymous spiritualist. Yanni was set free, though not without irreparable damage to his reputation, and he eventually faded away from public sight.

This wasn't good enough for Miles. There were too many unanswered questions in his mind, and if he couldn't get the truth out of Yogi or Hammond, he'd take matters into his own hands. Spurred by a burning curiosity and a growing sense of doubt and guilt, he snuck away from the adults who watched over him, and resolved to stay in Kropmork until he could uncover the truth. His escape into the city went well, until he realized he was completely, hopelessly, a-hundred-percent lost. Fortunately, a kindly young stranger saw his plight, and was more than willing to help him out despite Miles' polite protests (and was more than willing to point out what certain guilds could do to a lone traveler). Unfortunately, Miles' better instincts were proven right, when all the stranger led him to were a few like minded friends. They were nice enough to help him out, right? Help in Kropmork doesn't come free, though, and he didn't have enough to pay up, despite what his "guides" seemed to think. Miles expected the worst to happen, but instead the lot of locals were chased off by an unlikely savior. He was about to thank the man, when he discovered to his growing horror that it was no other than Grand Admiral von Karma. However, fear turned to confusion when he realized that the admiral actually recognized him. It was then that von Karma gave him an ultimatum: he could either leave by himself and wander around aimlessly until he got killed by his own stupidity, or he could come with him and get some answers. He didn't know why the boy was there, but he had a few guesses, and he dropped just enough hints to pique the Miles' curiosity. Despite his reservations, Miles was intrigued, and eventually came along with him. It wasn't like he had anything left to lose, anyways.

He still hated and distrusted the man at first, and originally he planned to run off again as soon as it was convenient. However, he slowly but surely began to trust him. While von Karma wasn't a warm, loving person by any means, he was surprisingly civil (meaning he wasn't going to kill him in his sleep), and continued to offer aid and protection. His actions confused Miles, and his curiosity grew; why would a man who should despise him help him out?. However, whenever he asked, von Karma would brush him off. Even though he was silent on that issue, he did make good on his promise to deliver information (most of which cast Vohemar and its leaders in the worst light possible). After traveling with von Karma, Miles came to a conclusion: It wasn't just Yanni Yogi who was responsible for Gregory's death, and it wasn't just Hammond who allowed him to go free. The pirates to blame for everything, from his father's murder to the lack of justice, and Miles felt a strong thirst for revenge. von Karma was all too happy to help, and he took the boy in as his own. He continued to hone his skills, and helped foster his anger, hatred, and desire for vengeance.

Edgeworth became loyal to Ivona, and was groomed for life in the military during his every waking moment. When von Karma's new ship, the Victoria II, flew in the sky, Edgeworth came with the crew and served as a cabin boy and personal assistant to the admiral. During times of rest, he learned from the very best tutors in Bellcius, and as he grew older he learned to keep a sharp eye on the city's politics. Eventually he joined the esteemed Belarus Academy to train as an officer, and after he graduated (with top scores, of course) he returned to von Karma's ship. He served as a boatswain for some time, before he was promoted to the position of second mate...but not without complaints from those who thought there were more suitable officers for the job. The grumbling died down, and he kept his position until the first mate (Kristoph Gavin's replacement) died under questionable circumstances. They were too far from port to find a replacement, so Edgeworth received a field promotion and took over his duties. They returned months later, and von Karma refused to take another first mate; while his promotion wasn't exactly conventional, he had proven his worth on the field. After von Karma's endorsement, Edgeworth's position became permanent, thanks to his competence and (more importantly) the Admiral's influence. He gained the rank of commander to reflect his duties, as well as a reputation for ruthlessness and cunning. It's rumored that nothing will stand in the way of his ambition, and only time will tell if this is true or not.


Adrian Andrews: A competent cook who's (usually) levelheaded. Edgeworth approves of this.

Apollo Justice: They talked briefly over the network. While he knows little about the young man, his thirst for justice made a good impression on him.

Agrias Oaks: An old friend from Belarus Academy. While he respects her and her abilities, he can't help but think that her beliefs are misguided. The feeling is mutual.

Al-Cid Margrace: He has yet to meet the man in person, but he already thinks that Margrace is a royal twit.

Amelia Quelis: While he has occasional doubts about her views, she still comes across as an intelligent and capable officer. Deep down, he's relieved that there's one more crewmember without a deep seated neurosis of some kind.

Arthur Kirkland: He likes what he sees so far. Kirkland seems to have the right stuff to serve aboard the Victoria II, and Edgeworth expects great things from him in the future.

Cao Cao: Edgeworth finds the older man uncomfortably eccentric and he thinks that his poetry is deplorable. However, aside from that, he has a healthy respect for his intelligence, battle prowess, and years of experience.

Chi: He tolerates her presence so long as Hijikata keeps her from getting underfoot. If she's been particularly good (and nobody's looking) she may also get a nice scratch behind the ears.

Cid Highwind: A surrogate uncle of sorts. They met roughly twelve years ago, when Edgeworth was a cabin boy and Cid was a new mechanic for the VII. He taught the kid a few things about engines and accidentally taught him a few things about Ivona that couldn't be learned from von Karma. He may also be partially responsible for Edgeworth's current love of tea.

Deandra "Dee" Reynolds: While overconfident buffoons with delusions of grandeur are nothing new to Edgeworth, this is the first time he's seen this sort of attitude from a ship's cook. If she starts any more trouble with the crew or passengers then he will be highly tempted to shoot her out of a cannon.

Delita Heiral: He sees Delita as an intelligent young cadet with some rather passionate views on world events. He's curious about the younger man, and would like to get to know him better.

Falco Lombardi: One of the few ace pilots he's met who isn't a complete egomaniac. His competence is refreshing, and Edgeworth thinks the promotion was very well deserved.

Ffamran Bunansa: Edgeworth sees this young officer as someone with great potential. He's taken it upon himself to keep an eye on him and subtly steer him towards the right path, and in the process, he's unwittingly become something of a mentor figure. While Ffamran has a lot to learn, Edgeworth feels a sort of trust and grudging respect towards him nonetheless.

Franziska von Karma: His surrogate sister (the older one does not count). While he has a sort of affection to her, they've grown distant over the years. They still share information, though, and watch out for the other one's well being.

Gin Ichimaru

Hijikata Toushirou

Jade Curtiss

Joshua Kiryuu

Kitsu Chiri

Kotaro "Zura" Katsura

Kristoph Gavin

Larsa Ferrinas Solidor

Manfred von Karma

Matilda Wormwood

Might Gai

Miyo Takano

Muguruma Kensei


Phoenix Wright

Rikku Dalabane

Ryuuken Ishida

Samuel Vimes

Seras Victoria

Sun Ce

Susan Sto Helit

Tatiana Wisla

Yuuko Ichihara


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Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Formerly from Vohemar, Commander Miles Edgeworth is the ward/adopted son of Manfred von Karma. He's currently serving as the First Mate aboard the Victoria II, and is known for having a hardline approach to dealing with pirates.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Characters who were involved in the military or piracy fifteen years ago (or know somebody who was) might remember Miles' father, Gregory Edgeworth. He was a Vohemaro captain of some esteem, and died during a truce called between his ship and von Karma's. Rumor had it that he was murdered by one of his own allies, and there was a scandal with a spirit medium called to help with the investigation. She was later accused of being a fraud, while the man suspected of the murder got away...because everybody was convinced he was out of his mind. His life was left in ruins, and the spirit medium who confirmed he was the murderer disappeared after her reputation was marred. Gregory's son disappeared as well, and did not reappear in the public eye until he started his military career.

Speaking of which, there's a lot of nasty and not so pleasant rumors surrounding Miles Edgeworth's work. They include nepotism, coverups, questionable interrogation practices, and (less commonly) even torture and outright murder. Some of them are true, some of them are exaggerations, and some of them are boldfaced lies. How much a character knows depends on how involved they are in the military, and how often they read trashy newspapers.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: He oftentimes gets a mention in news articles (and political cartoons) that feature the Victoria II or Manfred von Karma. In Vohemar, he has a shady and vague reputation as a traitor and a sellout, especially among those directly involved with piracy.