Yagami Light
Hika light v1
Academy Entrance Ceremony - artist unknown
Gender Male
Age 17 - [birthday 2/28]
Race Human
Ship Victoria II
Position Strategist
Birthplace Bellcius
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Military : Navy

To boldly go where no Shinigami has gone before!


Although young, Light exudes confidence and maturity. He is a genius, and is used to out-thinking those around him. He is critical of people in general, seeing all as his mental inferiors. He devotes part of his free time to remaining better informed than those around him, but very rarely goes any further than that. Extremely stubborn and egotistical, Light manipulates those around him to get his way without pause or a second thought. The ends will justify the means as long as he considers the cause righteous. He calculates his every move to from birth to conclusion in his mind before he acts and therefore is rarely taken by surprise. If by some chance he is outwitted or fails to predict the outcome of an event, he resorts to petty retorts and often pouts like a spoiled child who has not gotten his way.

He believes very strongly in justice, and has often aided his father in various hunts for murderers and traitors. Too often, in his opinion, the guilty are allowed to go free because of a lack of evidence. He joined the military in his father's footsteps in order to put more of these criminals behind bars, or better: to hang.


Born to an Admiral and a midwife, Light Yagami was raised with the best education Ivona had to offer, and then some. Being of noble birth meant that money was rarely an object of contention, although Light's mother, Sachiko, did her best to make sure both children and husband had a healthy appreciation for the term "hard-earned pay." By the time his sister was born, the four-year-old was already in charge of keeping his room clean, putting away his dishes, and handing his mother tissues as she read sappy novels, (a job he quickly relinquished to his baby sister Sayu as soon as she could crawl).

From a very young age it was obvious to his parents that Light's mind was extraordinary. At five he could take apart and rebuild his father's radio. At twelve he began experimenting on difference engines and the mathematical theory behind them. His private tutors declared him ready for the Academy at fifteen, and his perfect score on the admittance exam seemed to agree with them. At seventeen, he became one of the youngest graduates in the Military's history.


None (He's working on that, though)


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