L Lawliet
L Lawliet image
Gender Male
Age 26 (Born 12/21)
Race Human
Ship The Winding Way
Position Captain
Birthplace Garrettstown, Badlands
Nationality Badlands
Faction Unaffiliated / Law Enforcement

L Lawliet, better known as L in certain circles and Ryuzaki Coil on board of the Winding Way, is the Captain of the Winding Way and the greatest detective in all of Reial.


L is the greatest detective in all of Reial, and he knows it. But he will hardly take just any case, he picks his own cases, only from among those he's interested in. He also is cold and callous when it comes to the pursuit of criminals, and will stop at nothing to get his man. He is immature and hates to lose and when he loses he gets irritated. The way he carries himself and his tendency to think that everyone is inferior to him intellectually does not win him many friends. In fact, his whole life, he's never had anyone he would consider to be a friend.

L is totally dedicated to justice, above anything else, he is willing to sacrifice other people for this task, and if necessary, even himself. He values his own safety very highly, and would only put himself at risk if he thought it would serve a higher justice. He is cold and calculating, and has difficulty understanding why other people are emotional about their lives. Nonetheless, the only time he becomes emotional himself is when his theories are proven wrong, and then he only sulks, he doesn't get angry.

He cares about people, but does not show it in traditional ways, he compensates people financially, but doesn't actually show concern for their physical or emotional well being. He doesn't tolerate idiots or people who act rashly very well, but he can forgive someone failing, but only if they did so while considering facts.

People who meet 'Ryuzaki' in person would never think he was the great detective 'L' he is too young and too unassuming, although he mostly keeps his demeanor for his own comfort, it also serves to throw people off from suspecting him of being anything more than a rich, bored genius.


L was born in the Badlands of mixed Ivonian and Volmerian blood, he grew up, from age four, in Garrettstown in an orphanage (The Wammy House). From and early age it was clear he was exceptionally intelligent and a master investigator. Watari (true name Quillish Wammy), took him out of the orphanage and raised him himself to be the finest detective mind in the world.

When he was about seven, he began solving crimes major and minor, based on information available over the radios, journals or even just word of mouth. He used his technical skills to send anonymous tips to the police from the mysterious detective 'L'. As time went on some of the major cases that troubled all of the nations of Reial occasionally called on him for assistance.

In a case involving biological weapons, L went head to head against two other detectives with the aliases Eraldo Ryuga and Deneuve. At the time of the confrontation, they were the second and third best detectives in the world. L defeated them, taking their names, their contacts, their fame and their influence. These two aliases are far more famous to the average person, and they do not have the same reputation of being 'picky' that L does.

As soon as it was clear to Watari - and to L - how successful he was at bringing about justice to criminals, the two began a project to create a successor to L who would be trained to take over the name of L when he died. The program was run in secret at Wammy House and orphaned geniuses from all over Reial were taken in and trained, tested, molded and pressed to the limits of breaking to recreate artificially something that had come naturally to L.

The strain was too much for almost all of them, some committing suicide some breaking and becoming just mediocre, a few left to pursue talents in art or sciences when they showed no knack or drive for investigating. One of the first failures was B, he became obsessed and eventually snapped leaving Wammy House behind. The last L knows on the subject is that B mimics him, but has not yet made himself or his goals known to L.

As he grew older, he continued his work behind the scenes, which he enjoyed and brought him a great deal of wealth, much of which was channeled back into Wammy House. He took on the alias 'Ryuzaki Coil' and used it as his main alias. To all but two people in Reial, L *is* Ryuzaki Coil, genius difference engine programmer.

He spends some time at Wammy House (in the guise of Ryuzaki), but much of his time was spent traveling all over Reial or in Kropmork where his small firm is located. As long as he has one of his many journals, or access to Watari, he can always play the part of L.

L recently solved a major serial killer case which left him more personally shaken than he - or Watari - had expected. Watari, worried that L was heading the way of his potential successors, forced him to take a short vacation on the Winding Way play ship. The intent was for him to unwind and come better to grips with the occasional emotional burden of his job. He knows that they are thieves, but he approves of their brand of justice.


Active Players

Vash: Although their relationship is occasionally rocky, over the months the two of them have become a lot closer and L certainly considers him to be his best friend.

Rikku: They used to be a little closer, but after an unfortunate make-out interruption, the two don't associate as much any more.

Giselle: L finds her extraordinarily naive, but she makes him cake. There's nothing else he needs to know.

Tohru: One of the cooks and a very nice girl. L finds her sweet and was glad to hear she was supportive of the change away from stealing

Ness: He has no idea how to show it, but he does enjoy his company. He certainly considers the two of them to be close

Gorobei: Is a crazy man from the 4423. They say nothing, but also so much.

Joshua: Is reserved and interesting. L isn't sure what to think of him yet, and him leaving Ness in the dust doesn't stand him in good stead

Tails, Luffy, Oingo, Ichigo: His crazy team out in Kagatau

Ilya von Eisenburg: L thinks she's an interesting girl but he hasn't gotten a good chance to get to know her much better

Milk: She's very selfish and short sighted, but L thinks she's a great asset when it comes to performances for the Way

Hana: He hasn't had a chance to make too much of an impression yet

Way Officers:

Inactive Characters

Shadow the Hedgehog: A hedgehog with a secret.

Brook: A crazy skeleton he met one day

Yuna: L has occasionally spent time with her learning to be more social. It's not going very well.

Naruto: He doesn't know him very well, but finds his ninja skills interesting

Nill: Cute little loli

Xiao Qiao: An interesting girl and a nice dancer


Active Players









Tails, Luffy, Oingo, Ichigo:


Ilya von Eisenburg:



Xiao Qiao:

Way Officers:

Inactive Characters

Shadow the Hedgehog:




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Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Publicly, L is known as 'Ryuzaki Coil' he works with difference engines, but he's not a big public person. A civilian who digs really hard could know of the existence of L but that would really only be for people with ties to military or law enforcement.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: People in the know will know that L is one badass detective. He has a perfect record, he's brilliant and an awful lot of people want to kill him for how good he is. If people dig very far into 'Ryuzaki's backstory they will just discover a very wealthy entrepreneur.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: L is not a pop culture phenomenon. Very big time criminals are afraid of him. Major police officers respect him.