Kurosaki Isshin
Everyone's favourite daddy in the game.
Gender Male
Age 49 [Birthdate : December 10th]
Race Demihuman - Zanpaktou / Magic User
Ship The Silvana
Position Chief Doctor
Birthplace Tulgim, Ivona
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Neutral

Kurosaki Isshin [Kanji. 黒崎 一心], otherwise more known as the most spazzy and Epic Father Ever, works upon the Silvana as their Chief Doctor. Usually upbeat and carefree, underneath that rather infuriating personality lies a man with regrets and words of wisdom to say for anyone with a listening ear.


To his children and many who know him, Isshin is... odd, to say the least. He's melodramatic, over-reactive for a man his age and more often than not grate heavily upon the nerves of other people from all his antics. Initially seen as nothing but a silly old man who loves to fight with his children and takes a perhaps too keen of an interest in what they do. He displays his affection for them either offensively or with an all-too-happy tone, which elicits comical reactions from his kids (usually in the form of a kick from Karin and Ichigo). Rather than getting mad at them though, Isshin only becomes more annoying and takes the attacks in stride, sometimes even countering them and continuing on his mission to be The Most Annoying Father Ever (TM). Back when the whole family was together, Isshin also seemed to enjoy making fun of Ichigo and has a tendency to talk to the large memorial poster of his late wife Masaki, which he has pinned up in their kitchen, whenever he feels particularly emotional... and that more or less comes with odd reactions as well.


A native of Ivona, Isshin was born in the mountainous town of Tulgim and in his childhood worked hard as a miner in the town. Due to the harsh work that every miner had to face there, Isshin was not a stranger to the many scars and injuries that he and many others would receive and it was already from his youth that he picked up medical skills - he had a good mind for it, somehow being able to perceive the injury and knowing how and what needed to be used to treat the aliment or injury. However, even his skills weren't enough to save his parents as they died in what could be said as a freak rock slide accident somewhere on the outskirts of the city. His parents were dead instantly, and now orphaned Isshin was taken in by a kind lady who was also a retired doctor. So as he was raised by the lady he was also taught on his medical skills and soon enough Isshin was well enough skilled to put some of the best to shame.


Kurosaki Ichigo


All the logs that Isshin has been in so far can be found here.


  • Isshin's zanpaktou (fanmade for now until canon reveals the real one) is named Tsukuyomi [月詠 // lit. Moon Phase] and is activated by the phrase 'Scratch the sky, Tsukuyomi!' [Tsumeato sono ten, Tsukuyomi!].

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Well-known enough doctor around Melior, but otherwise nothing much besides being absolutely lulzy at times.