Kristoph Gavin
Calling me the devil with the smile of the demon - but yet angels do not exist in this world.
Gender Male
Age 30 [Brithdate : October 31st]
Race Human
Ship Victoria II
Position Quartermaster
Birthplace Bellcius, Ivona
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivona Navy; himself

Kristoph Gavin, formerly ranked Captain - now Lt. Commander, he serves on board as Quartermaster for the Victoria II. While appearing as the dapper gentlemen, underneath that devil's smile likes a dark and twisted soul bent solely on revenge. His one goal in life now is the death of Miles Edgeworth, the man who usurped his former position as First Mate of the ship.


Kristoph is one cool customer - he's always calm, collected, and elegant, hardly ever losing his composure even in the most daunting of situations (that is, when those things don't concern him directly - if is does, then that's another story together). He's charmingly polite, smooth and eloquent in his words - mincing them when needed and in other cases, simply filled with a tone so formal it would put other tight-asses to shame. Somewhat of a dapper gentlemen, Kristoph is always the gentleman to look up to in a way, treating ladies with the respect they deserve and more of then than not seen with a light smile on his face that seems to make his eyes sparkle oddly. This is the Kristoph Gavin that most are familiar with, from his acquaintances to crew members - pretty much everyone, really. A man who's courteous, polite and practically downright charming when he wants to be.

However, the other side of Kristoph that only a few have seen is not a pleasant one.

The other side of Kristoph Gavin is a twisted, holier-than-thou and most of all scheming man who's driven to strive for the idea of perfection to the point of obsession. He's practically batshit insane crazy and is not below in resorting to trickery, blackmail or any other assorted unorthodox methods to reach his personal goals. Its safe to say that he thinks of nobody but himself - not even his brother, and does everything merely for his own benefit and no one else's - simply to see, Kristoph's a rather ruthless person when he's backed into a corner. He doesn't take it well if he's lost in anything, and prides in everything that's related to him as utterly perfect. He's calculative and is known to hold quite a grudge (after all, he did once get a teacher in the academy booted due to her not giving him that perfect grade he desired). Kristoph also does have one hell of an overinflated ego, though he can keep it down and be a bit more... subtle about it, as opposed to the captain Manfred von Karma. This dark side of Kristoph does slip from time to time, and anybody who sees these slips are easily convinced that the man is just Plain Fucking Creepy. Not that they dare to mention it to him, of course.

His first and greatest weakness is that Kristoph is one hell of a paranoid freak. He's easily suspicious over anything and anyone and once said person has alarm bells ringing in his head he relentlessly keeps track of them as long as it takes... or at least until he's assured that they won't place him in any danger - and usually that means that those unfortunate people are silenced forever. Having said that, his tendency to look into every detail, nook and cranny of his plans sometimes do make him overlook other things that escape his radar, and when those things more often than not come back to bite him in the ass; most of those loopholes resulting in the failure of his otherwise overly complicated plans. Its really a vicious cycle - one complex plan after another to cover up last complex plan and so on and so forth. Despite his drive to be immaculately perfect Kristoph has blundered more than once, most of these blunders leading to harming himself (and his reputation) rather than anything else. Its also easy to say that Kristoph is a bit deluded at times and possibly has a few loose screws in his head. Despite his front appearance as a charming young man, people can easily feel the evil vibes coming from him and they do well to avoid it.


The Gavins were once a prominent name in the city of Bellcius.


At its peak, the Gavins were a well-thoroughbred noble family with prominent links to the government and many other noble families. Their influences spread far and wide, and their name was well-known especially within the military. Just about everyone knew them... one hundred years ago, that was. A century ago, they were a proclaimed family. Now, they were nothing but a family - still in the nobles, to be certain - but the Gavin name has long fallen from grace from its once well-acclaimed position to what could be called as the 'black sheep' amongst the noble families since a hundred years ago when the family turned to dabble in shady businesses in order to preserve the noble Gavin line after losing a lot of their money from many failed business ventures and having one too many compulsive gamblers in the family.

So it was in this kind of twisted heritage did Kristoph Gavin was born to, the eldest son of his family. His father was fortunately not one of those gamblers (or so Kristoph thought) while his stepmother was rather well-to-do herself, since his mother was part of the esteemed Curtiss family - their father married into there (after their mother passed away due to complications) in order to support the flamboyant lifestyle that the Gavins lived by. From young Kristoph would have to grow up with living with constant whispers behind his back, whispers about the many atrocities and dark deeds that his family had committed in the past century due to their current position. Even Kalvier - his younger brother - was not spared from this, and both brothers grew up in a harsh world; both siblings grew up neglected by their parents. Sure, they did pay for their education and food and other assorted necessities, but their parents were nothing more than the ones who supplied the cash - otherwise they were cold and distant from them, only making sure that they were alive and not once did they shower either sibling with the love and care that every other parent would. Growing up like this, without anyone caring for him and hearing the constant whispers behind his back was what drove Kristoph to prove his worth - to show the world that goddamnit, he was more than just a Gavin.

So he worked hard - insanely hard, pushing himself to be the perfect person and got into the esteemed Belarus Academy at a notably young age (sixteen, certainly one of the youngest if not the most youngest) and proving himself to be utterly and completely perfect in all that he undertook - though there was that one time (when he was around eighteen) where the teacher refused to give him perfect marks because 'it would be unfair to the rest' but within a month that teacher somehow got the boot under the most mysterious of circumstances. During the sacking it was said that the teacher accused Kristoph for plotting this but it was never proven, though after that all of his grades and work were wholly perfect once more. After three years of study (a bit shorter than the standard years required but there really was nothing left to teach him so they couldn't hold him back) Kristoph graduated from the academy (top of his class, of course - what more did you expect from a guy like him?) and was then placed onto the Victoria II to serve under Manfred von Karma.

Seeing the captain's own pursuit for perfection both intrigued and delighted Kristoph to no end back then, and the man willingly served under the Admiral, in the background learning whatever he could from the man and quite possibly having picked up his fashion sense as well, to a degree. With his own dedication and relentless desire to prove himself perfect under von Karma's eyes, he rose through the ranks quickly and within two years of first being placed on the vessel Kristoph got himself the position of First Mate, once and for all silencing those who still had doubts about his abilities. He was pleased with his position - one of great power and quite the influence and worked well there for the next three years or so until the government head-hunted him down for a tempting offer: to work with them as a delegate and go around the continent in their place. It paid a lot better then his current job, but most of all this job would make him have his moment of glamor.

Always one to reach higher, Kristoph thus accepted the job and left the Victoria II and his position (he had placed a lackey of his there to ensure his position actually) and went about and around Reial in representing the government, securing treaties and deals and at times aided in forming new ones. It was also around this time when he met a young and spirited man by the name of Apollo Justice (and one of the more notable cities, Kristoph couldn't remember which one was it exactly) and amused by both his 'Chords of Steel' and his passion for the life of the skies, took the youngster under his wing while doing his job around the continent as well. This arrangement thus contiuned for the next few years until Apollo completed his mentor ship and decided to broaden his horizons, thanking Kristoph and leaving for the Silvana while he contiuned to travel.

And then disaster struck. During the Lunasa season while flying across the Badlands border between the two nations, the ship that Kristoph was in became another victim of the ship bombings that had plagued Reial. Only barely managing to reach the nearest Ivonian city for aid, the government decided it was far too risky for the man to continue like this and thus recalled him back. To cover up this incident they had to made as if the ship had been attacked due to the lack of oversight and in accordance to that, demoted him down from his former Captain rank to that of a Lieutenant Commander and placed him back onto the Victoria II - not as a first mate, but as a mere quartermaster; all of this much to Kristoph's displeasure of course, especially after discovering that somehow, his lackey had been killed under... less than questionable circumstances and von Karma's protege had usurped his former position.

Of course, it would be only a matter of time before he would get his revenge.


Miles Edgeworth

It goes without saying that Kristoph haaaaaets him to high heaven. Not only did the brat usurp his position (no remorse here for the unlucky soul who was holding his position), Edgeworth actually had the audacity to act all highly-strung about it (or so Kristoph believes; damn his paranoia. >_>;). He's got a grudge against Edgeworth for a long long time already - the fact that he's actually vK's precious protege makes everything worse. After all, Miles comes from Vohemar so why doe he get all the glory and honor for this when he's scum - not even from Ivona itself; only the finest and most perfect could have this honor - that is, someone who, first of all, isn't from Vohemar. Clearly Kristoph has issues.

That said, he'll be out for any means and ways to ensure Edgeworth's downfall (for good) and secure back the First Mate position for himself. He's already been humiliated once by the Ivonian government (much to his displeasure) and he won't take this second humiliation lying down so easily. He might be powerless against the government (for now) but he's not so powerless over Miles Edgeworth. Watch out Miles, for there's a devil lurking in your midst.

Manfred von Karma

Kristoph admires von Karma (and pretty much worships the ground he walks on, actually) for who and what he is and is glad that the captain understands the greatness that is PERFECTION. vK's one person he'd willingly follow since it's a surefire way of his rise to glory (again). While he's... a bit concerned about how vK handles things sometimes, most of the other times he's pretty much in the same mold as the fine Admiral. Though he is disappointed that the man took in Edgeworth as his protege - if it had been him, Krsitoph's sure that he would do a much better job than the Vohermar brat.

Besides that one fact though, he's happy with von Karma and his perfectionist ways, and would do anything to get back that first mate position that Edgeworth has now -partly because he feels he deserves it more than the brat, and another because of his closet fanboying(?) over von Karma. Though there is a possibility that when von Karma disappoints him too much he might stage a mutiny so that the perfection can remain on this vessel.

Jade Curtiss

Kristoph has mixed feelings about him. On one hand Jade has proven himself more than adequate (maybe even better than him, but we'll see about that) but on the other end of the spectrum, he resents the ability that Jade possesses (the ability to use Fonic Artes) and hates that Jade somehow can get all the honor and glory so easily. While Kristoph had to work hard (with no less amount of blackmail and other assorted shady stuff) to prove himself, Jade... well. Didn't have to do much aside from being a genius and creating Fomicry. Jade's a prime example of who he aspires to be (in a sense) but he doesn't want to end up like how Jade did as well.

As step-siblings, he doesn't have much feelings given how he doesn't have much for Klavier as well. Certainly Jade would be a useful person in his plottings, but he's also one of the loose pawns in Kristoph's own mental game of chess to overthrow the brat above you; Klavier's easy enough to manipulate with all the brotherhood stuff, but not Jade since they've been distant since their childhood (I think). He always keeps himself wary of the fine doctor, knowing exactly just how dangerous Jade could be if he wanted to. (Note: Dropped Character)

Agatsuma Soubi

Like Jade, Kristoph isn't really clear on what to make of him. Soubi's changed quite a bit from the last time - ten years is a long time after all - and well... he's trying to understand his cousin all over again. For the sake of his plottings, of course. Soubi falls a bit short under his radar, but he is being kept an eye on by Kristoph because you know, insanity and paranoia. He is also a tad jealous over the fact that Soubi is able to use magic, but that envy has long turned into disgust after Kristoph convinced himself about what he thought about magic.

At least unlike Jade, Soubi still had to work his way up. Somewhat.

Kristoph finds that he can relate to Soubi a bit more than Jade; perhaps because Jade's... special, but then again all three of them are special in their own crazy way. He would love to talk to him again over a cup of tea - partly for entertainment, and partly to know his cousin fully once more and see how Soubi could fit into his fail plans. (Note: Dropped Character)


All of Kristoph's logs in the game so far can be found here.


  • In addition to being ranked one, Kristoph was a captain, complete with ship and everything. He held this position for three years when he was made a delegate for the Ivona government. His ship was called the Ariadoney.
  • Kristoph only drinks the finest tea in Bellcius, and never leaves port without a couple of boxes of them stashed in his office and the kitchen.
  • Kristoph detests nothing more than imperfection, and is incredibly OCD and insists that everything needs to be perfect. Besides himself and the captain von Karma, nobody else he knows is perfect.
  • The man sleeps by midnight every night and wakes up exactly at seven in the morning, regardless of anything. Good sleep is vital, after all.
  • To date Kristoph has actually blackmailed seven politicians, killed (that is, plotted the deaths of) 38 crewmembers and enemies and framed a whole lot more. Unfortunately for him though, his win record stands at a 99.9% - a fact that haunts him for life.
  • He only uses a specific brand of hair shampoo and conditioner; the rest are all 'imperfect' in his eyes.
  • He's pretty damned rich; Kristoph is a noble after all, no matter how the rumors go nowadays.
  • Magic for Kristoph is considered an imperfection; he loathes all demi-humans and humans who possesses even the smallest shred of magic. While magic is useful, in the end they're nothing more than a characteristic that marrs the idea of perfection itself.
    • This loathing actually stems from his youth, back when he had contact with Soubi and Jade. He was actually as jealous as heck over the fact that they possessed the ability to use magic while he did not. Eventually the envy was self-justified into the hatred he possesses now.
  • "NOT AS PLANNED" is totally Kristoph's signature trademark. I mean, yeah. Totally.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Known as a bit of a prodigy, he entered the Bellarus Academy at age sixteen and graduated at top of his class at age nineteen. Assigned to the Victoria II soon afterwards, he quickly rose through the ranks and became first mate at twenty-one where he remained until three years ago when he was promoted to Captain and had his own vessel as he traveled around the continent as a delegate. After an incident however he's been stuffed back to the Victoria II as a Quartermaster. His family name, the Gavins, are also infamously known due to their shady dealings and the like.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: The ship he captained was actually one of the ships struck down by the Lunasa bombings, but it was all hushed up by the government. Kristoph's also pretty batshit insane and plots more than von Karma ever would.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: When he was eighteen, he got a bit of a name for a while for being a suspect in a mysterious case where a teacher was sacked from the academy - the same teacher who refused to grant him full marks from one his tests. To this day though, nothing has been proven of this claim that he was involved in this incident.