Major Kitsu Chiri
Gender Female
Age 23
Race Human
Ship The Victoria II
Position Boatswain
Birthplace Solare
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivonian Navy

Kitsu Chiri is a relatively new Boatswain on the Victoria II who replaced Sho Minamimoto following his demotion. She obsesses over having everything in her life being "proper, precise and perfect" making it no wonder she works under Admiral von Karma.


Chiri suffers from an extreme case of OCPD; Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. She is fastidious, meticulous, an over all perfectionist. Chiri insists on having order in her life and in her surroundings to a ridiculous extent, so much so that she often forces it on other people. If a girl has one sock pulled up and another down, Chiri will pull up the other sock and make sure they are perfectly aligned. Sometimes it gets so extreme people think she is insane. Other times, it can get plain disturbing.

She is very serious about all of her duties, and tries to take care of them as quickly (and properly) as possible. At a first glance one may even think she has a good head on her shoulders…until they witness the obsession with perfection for themselves. Chiri has also been described as a “stick the mud” due to her seemingly dissatisfaction with “fun” and “creative” things, as well as her insistence on things being proper. She often criticizes other people for their “imperfect” or “sloppy” work. She also has a habit of taking or doing things too literally. (I.e. she once made a chocolate heart, but in the shape of a REAL human heart) She tends to be cruel and harsh to other people.

As one can imagine, many things irritate Chiri. She has had, on the rare occasion, a violent outburst. An angry Chiri is not someone you want to meet in a dark alley. People have described her as being “downright frightening”.

All of this does not mean however that she is incapable of showing affection or happiness. When she has corrected something she felt was imperfect, she goes into a happy, blissful state, usually staring at her handiwork with pride for several seconds. A smile is not a rare sight at all. However…even her parents cannot recall the last time they heard her laugh.


Chiri was born and raised in Solare. Like most families in the city, hers (which consisted of mother, father and older sister) were quite poor. Therefore her childhood was not particularly interesting aside from other children finding her weird due her OCPD. That is until she had a certain suicidal, insane man for a teacher in her teenage years. It can be safely said that the time she was taught by that man was largely responsible for her becoming (at least) partially insane. At the age of 17 Chiri left Solare and enlisted in the military.

During her military career, Chiri’s gained a little bit of infamy. Her extreme perfectionism and devotion to the military were both a strong point and a turn off. Many captains asked for her to be transferred, unable to handle her and her perfectionist behaviour. What she is most well known for however is an incident from a few months back where a mutiny was planned against her current captain…and Chiri reacted by hitting the assailant over the head with a shovel. While she was commended for her quick thinking and promoted, officers couldn’t help but wonder; what was she doing with a shovel on an air ship in the first place…

Despite what happened that captain asked for her transferral as well, as did the next. The higher ups had a problem; discharging such a hard working and devoted soldier would be a waste, but no one wanted her on their ship. Finally, they came up with the perfect idea; why not put a perfectionist solider on a perfectionist Admiral’s ship?

And so Chiri was transferred to the Victoria II and they could only hope von Karma liked her more than other captains had.


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  • Chiri's name is a pun on the Japanese word kitchiri (きっちり) meaning precisely or anal-retentive
  • Chiri's weapon of choice is "Mr. Spade"
  • Chiri adores Manfred von Karma and wants to marry him
  • she also has a thing for symmetrical abs
  • Chiri is the only "Japanese" character Fushi's played so far whose name was kept in Eastern order (in order to perserve the pun). Everyone else's names so far have been put into Western order (i.e. Tohsaka Rin = Rin Tohsaka)

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