Kambei Shimada
Gender Male
Age 39(close to 40)
Race Human/Solarian
Ship 4423
Position Gunner
Birthplace Solaris, Ivona
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Samurai/Sky Pirate

A man of few words.


A wise, honorable samurai with a good heart who usually seek for his advice and leadership among a group of comrade, Kambei is very much a leader, not willing to follow others lead and much rather strike out on his own road in life. This old samurai is a righteous individual who goes out of his way to help others in a 'Good Samaritan' sort of role. Kambei detests the cruelty and wickedness of others; willing strike down those who abuse their power and reek havoc among the masses. He is a very pensive and thoughtful samurai, usually a man of very few words who does not usually give in to idle chitchat. Kambei is a difficult man to understand, one who does not speak openly about his past and has difficulty trusting others who do not understand what it means to be a warrior. Yet, despite of his brooding and silent nature; Kambei can be quite friendly toward those he trusts. He has a good sense of humor and is hardly as terrifying as he seems to be. Kambei values others lives ahead of his own and is usually acts as the voice of reason when many seem so quick to leap into chaos. Comrades and allies alike despite Kambei feeling as if he has nothing profound to say usually value his wisdom. He views himself as an average person, not the kind of warrior to brag or display his samurai lineage unless pressed into battle.

He is rather secretive about his past, somewhat of enigma for many who do claim to know him well


Born in Solare to a prominent and wealthy family, Kambei Shimada was raised in the arts and code of Bushido; the Way of the Samurai. Still in his early youth when he mastered the blade and conquered the traditional swordsmanship style of his family name; Kambei was considered a prominent heir to his clan and a worthy successor to the legacy they already claimed. Joining Ivona's military when he was just a young man, Kambei was continuously decorated even in his servitude in the military. His skills nearly unmatched to none; Kambei began to see fault in his skills and fault with Ivona's military as well as his country's sordid politics. During the course of his twenty years service, Kambei's blade as well as his spirit became dull from the constant skirmishes between Vohemar and Ivona. He began to believe that the battles he fought where that on the 'losing end' of the battles , believing his sword had no purpose or meaning to him anymore after finding himself playing the role of the executioner upon the battlefield. His growing disdain for himself grew into disdain for Ivona and their ruthless tactics, so much that Kambei soon deserted the ranks of the military to search for a new meaning in a life he viewed as pointless and tactless.

For years, Kambei traveled as a ronin, a master-less samurai whose blade served no one but for his own accord. He fled from Ivona, leaving his past life behind as he took shelter along the obscure countryside of Vohemar instead. In his years of hiding, Kambei began to follow a new principal in life, deciding to spill blood in the defense of the weak and innocent. His new creed for his blade brought new life in his weary spirit and given him, a second chance to seek happiness in a world covered in despair. In his travels, he came across a band of pirates who where docked at the city of Colvus, southeast of the Badlands. After studying this band of thieves for many days, Kambei decided to join these free-spirited men and women still in search for a purpose for his blade. He saw that these mere pirates where not the villains portrayed by the lies spewed by the Ivonian government but rather young warriors who are fighting against the oppression and unfairness that lies within Reial.

Deciding to finally use his blade for other than his own goals for redemption, Kambei joined the ranks of the 4423 not seek treasure and fortune but to seek something much more valuable than those trivial things. He joined these pirates to find purpose in life he once deemed to be meaningless.


  • Beat Bito - On the subject of Beat, Kambei finds himself swaying back and forth in his judgment of this young stubborn boy. When they first met, Kambei could sense that Beat has a true fighting spirit about him and humbly urged the teen to pursue the goals he wishes to achieve. Yet, when Beat asked Kambei to become his ‘teacher’, the samurai became very angry at the thought of becoming a ‘sensei’ again. This is because of Kambei’s experience of teaching Katsushirou, for in some degree Kambei views he may have failed to mold the boy in the true ideals of what a samurai is meant to be.

Kambei’s slight rage toward Beat is not because he dislikes Beat but rather he fears he is not wise enough to act as Beat’s mentor.When Beat betrayed both his orders and Gorobei’s orders to stay above upon the deck, Kambei honestly felt as if he was the cause of Beat’s supposed death along with Winry and Greed. His anger towards Beat when the three returned to the ship was primarily focused both upon himself in his failure to protect that stubborn teen, as well in Beat himself. Beat probably saved himself from facing Kambei’s full wrath when he offered to return the blade that the samurai given him, thus showing Kambei that he is mature enough to continue down the path of Bushido. As of right now, Kambei is prepared to continue acting as his role of sensei as long as Beat is interested in remaining as his student.

I somewhat see a slightly more ‘Father and son” sort of relationship forming between the two in the future.

  • Heihachi Hayashida- Kambei honestly wishes that Heihachi did not doubt himself. He feels as if the young samurai continues to put himself down regardless of the level of skill he sees within him. Kambei thinks that Heihachi needs to become more comfortable in knowing himself before asking others to judge what they think of him. Their last conversation about Gorobei, fuels that notion and worries the old samurai greatly about Heihachi. On the other hand, Kambei is sure that Heihachi will someday see his worth and realize how much of a powerful ally he really is. He is thankful to have gotten a chance to meet the mechanic samurai again after their time in Kanna and hopes to talk with him more in the future.

However, one thing Kambei dislikes about Heihachi is how far the young man pushes himself. He hopes that Heihachi will someday rest and take the time to heal his wounds before marching himself to an early grave. Like Gorobei, the old samurai trusts Heihachi a great deal.

  • Gorobei Katayama - Being that the two of them are supposedly have been allies even before the game began, Kambei already grew to respect Gorobei as his ‘left-hand man’ when it came down to battling and defeating the Nobuseri. Such sentiments have continued onward even now that they are pirates aboard the 4423. Gorobei is refreshing for Kambei to be around, reminding the old samurai to ‘smile’ sometimes rather than always hold a wicked scowl upon his face. However, Kambei find himself acting as the role of mediator a bit too often for his own liking when it comes down to the mini-conflict between Gorobei and Toshirou. He knows that sometimes Gorobei’s childish antics does cause strife with others on board the ship but Kambei hopes Gorobei tones down some of the silliness and try not to get himself ‘killed’ anytime soon!

Kambei certainly must trust Gorobei a good deal to have talked to him that one time in their closed log. For the first time in long time, Kambei did not mind talking about himself and his past. He hopes to one day have another frinedly conversation with Gorobei soon and finally learn more about his fun-loving comrade.

  • Winry Rockbell - One of the most painful decisions Kambei ever made so far in the game, was certainly the event that transpired upon the 4423 when the ship was about to crash in the desert. After meeting Winry briefly in Berum, the samurai’s respect for this young woman grew. He honestly does not mind Winry’s presence and finds her to be a rather intelligent woman who he hopes will continue with her studies and better herself to become something other than just a pirate. Kambei respects her need for privacy and will not ever inquire as to why she was meeting with the Guildmaster in Berum but he does hope that Winry knows what she is doing and takes care of herself.

After the 4423 crashed, Kambei was rather adamant about forming search parties to help find the bodies of the three supposedly dead crewmembers. He takes full responsibility for what happened and felt guilt for being the cause of Winry’s supposed demise. Even once the bombs began to explode upon the ship, Kambei made sure that his search team continued looking for the three and told Vaan to persist in his search for the missing.

Now that Winry and the others have been found, Kambei only hopes that the First Mate can forgive him for putting her life in jeopardy.

  • Reno Harkin - Kambei and Reno were destined to loathe each other from since the day they met. The pilot is the complete opposite of Kambei and the two buttheads more often than anyone else upon the ship. The old samurai cannot stand Reno's presence even for a momen because in his opinion, Reno is as useless as they come.

  • Yuuko "Isako" Amasawa - Wondering why the infamous 4423 was under the command of a young child, Kambei soon began to realize that Isako is not some average girl. He grew to respect the young captain even if her harsh exterior is less than desirable at times. He worries that perhaps whatever goal young Isako has set out for herself shall not be completed because of the frality of her ship and crew.


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  • Shimada Clan of Asahi-han[Family]

The end of all the prominent samurai clans began when Solare started to lose its prosperity due to the local resources drying up. Many of the traditional samurai families that once lived in Solare began to vanish during those harsh times, losing everything from their wealth and riches along with their respect among the masses. Some samurai clans where completely wiped out by Ivona's corrupt politics. The politicians felt there was no need to support these large clans any longer despite the blind devotion of the samurai once given them.

The Shimada Clan of Asahi-han, were no different and suffered a similar fate along with other samurai clans who were erased from Solare’s history. The Shimada Clan was known as one of the last noble families present during the years of Solare's Great Depression. Their former family crest was the 'Fuji-mon'(wisteria flowers) [i.e. mon means 'crest'] There is a wisteria crest in one of the many family crests once used by other wealthy clans in Solare.

Born to be the soul heir of the Shimada Family, Kambei had a rather lonesome childhood; constantly studying under his former sensei "Fujiwara Ichiro"[a samurai noble who married into the Shimada clan] to master the dying arts of a grand culture that has now been lost in the Modern Age. This explains why Kambei holds vast knowledge about old myths and tales that once circulated around this Asian-like culture.

  • The No-named Rei[Sword]

Like many other prominent samurai families, the Shimada Clan passed down their prized heir to their successors, a stylized black and silver katana. This blade has no name and is sometimes affectionately referred to as "Rei" [ rei means 'zero']. The true name of this sword has been lost but that does not mean the clan had no respect for this heirloom. The Shimada's simply refused to rename the sword, thinking their ancestors would punish them not only for forgetting the true meaning of the blade but also renaming it to dishonor the legacy it has.

  • Misaki Yamamoto[The Former Wife]

Despite what many may think of Kambei, at one point the samurai was once a happily married husband. Misaki was a daughter of a rival samurai family in Solare, a plain woman who's dedication to her family and playful spirit is what attracted Kambei to her. The two of them literally grew up together in Solare, despite being pulled apart by their quarreling families. Once joining the military, a twenty-four year-old Kambei decided to marry Misaki in hopes of ending the strife between their clans. Their marriage lasted for two years before Misaki became deathly ill while carrying their first child. She soon succumbed to her morbid illness and their would-be child died within her.

  • General Shimada[The Military]

Joining the Ivonian military at age seventeen, Kambei was one of the many famous samurai generals that used to exist. He fought in numerous campaigns, more or less battling outsiders from the southwest who've threatened the soil of Ivona. It is known that there has been minor skirmishes throughout Ivona's history with their Vohemaro neighbors in the south. General Shimada served in the military for approximately twenty years before his would-be desertion.

Rumor MillEdit

  • PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Known to be the one of the best swordsmen who ever lived, Shimada served in countless campaigns, battled in numerous skirmishes within his career, and was highly decorated and memorialized for his skill. He is known as a brilliant tactician who has profusely studied both the Code of Bushido and mastered art of Judo.
  • SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: He is the last heir to the Shimada Asahi Han clan in Solare and served in the Ivonian military for many years before his desertion as a general. His family was one of the last noble samurai clans in Solare before the local Parliament began to view the samurai as a threat to their crooked establishment.
  • POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: Kambei is probably a near-legend among fellow samurai.

A portrait of Kambei