Jean Dispar
Gender Female
Age 21
Race Assumably Human
Ship The Winding Way
Position Cook
Birthplace Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Faction None

Jean is a fighter and a gypsy, whose origin has been lost and who has taken on the legal name Jean Dispar to avoid questions. She has joined the Winding Way as a cook.


Most people would describe Jean in the same way that they might describe a big sister. She opens up quickly to other people and she tends to treat her friends as if they were her family, partly due to the fact that she has no real family of her own. Additionally, she has a strong maternal instinct. She's normally very even-tempered, but seeing her friends in danger is a surefire way to fill her with rage. She encourages everyone around her to stay strong and do their best, and her sincere smiles can be a little infectious sometimes.

She has a high metabolism and a large appetite. She can hold her alcohol far better than one might expect, since it was always served freely at the carnivals. She is, quite literally, right at home at any festival or party, and loves entertaining.

She also loves animals, particularly the chocobos that pulled the caravan and the insects they would see on their travels. In fact, the "family name" she uses is actually a term for a gypsy moth. She adores flowers, and her favorite are wild roses.

Despite her warm heart and her shameless manner of dress, Jean is actually fairly reserved when it comes to romance, and modest enough that she would never dance with her clothes off. She's seen enough lecherous womanizers at her shows that she'll just roll her eyes at people who come on too strongly, and is even a little embarrassed by flirting and small gestures of affection. She tries to be polite, however, whenever she's turning someone down. Because of this cold spot, she tends to come across as a tomboy and "one of the guys".

Jean may be a skilled martial fighter, but she tends to avoid fighting because it reminds her of her childhood in the Cult. She will always try to resolve problems with words before turning to fists. She honestly believes that there is good in everyone, and that people will always grow stronger by working together than by trying to harm and exploit one another. There's a part of her that enjoys a good fair fight, actually, if only for the challenge, but she's heavily repressed it.

She has a negative view of government, though, since the Caravan was frequently harassed by military factions and on several occasions was run out of town by troops. She abhors the thought of war and wishes the entirety of Reial could give peace a chance.

However, she's cynical enough to know that a truly free and peaceful world may be impossible, and she has accepted that there are times she must lay down her peaceful ways to protect the people and things in this world that are worth fighting for. And for her, that's the dream that she may one day dance with absolute freedom.


Jean has no memory of her native home or family. She does not know if Jean is even her real name.

When she was a small child, she was kidnapped by the Cult of the Shadow Dragon. The cult worked as a group of assassins, with all profits being paid directly to their anonymous, masked leader. This leader raised Jean as one of his minions, just as he did to many other kidnapped children, and taught her a deadly fighting style known as the Shadow Dragon Fist. He considered Jean his best student.

For many years, the cult had full control over Jean's mind and she believed she was being taught a beautiful art of strength. However, something brought her to her senses and she realized that she was learning nothing but an art of death. She turned against the cult leader, but found herself unable to strike him even as he attacked her. To fight back would be to use the Shadow Dragon Fist and remain under his control. She chose freedom over her own life, and was thrown over the edge of a cliff.

Shortly after, a traveling caravan happened to pass through the area and found the young girl lying nearly dead at the bottom of the cliff. They picked her up and nursed her back to health. When she told them that she had no family or home, the caravan eagerly took her in and treated her like one of their family. Jean vowed to never fight again, and learned to dance instead, soon becoming the star attraction of the caravan's carnival. They traveled all over the mainland of Reial, though they weren't welcomed in Ivona nearly as much as they were in Vohemar or the Badlands.

One evening, while their show had stopped for the night in the Badlands, a small group approached the caravan. They were escorting a woman called "Lucia the Destroyer" who was on the run from Captain Leo de Alkirk, a man sent by the military of Ivona to arrest her. Since the caravan was also on poor terms with Ivona's government, Jean suggested that the group join their carnival, but they declined.

The next day, the caravan was attacked by a large monster which kidnapped many of the people in the caravan. The visiting travelers jumped into action to save them, and they talked Jean into joining in the fight as well. Once the caravan was saved, Jean decided that even if she hated fighting, she could at least use it as a way to protect people. With that goal in mind, she decided that she needed to return to the fight against the Shadow Dragon Cult. Jean said goodbye to her old friends and joined the group of travelers.

The group traveled northwest the Badlands, pursued by Captain de Alkirk on the Destiny and always managing to escape him. At one point, they tried to fly to Vohemar using a tiny, airship-like contraption called the Flying Arrow, but were mislaunched and sent east into Ivona instead, landing near Tulgim.

They quickly returned to the long road back to Vohemar. Along the way they stopped at the home of a martial arts master. Jean told him about the Shadow Dragon Cult. When Jean mentioned that the cult captured children, he mentioned a local group that seemed to match the description. Following his suggestion, they found a gang of children, but they seemed far too happy to be in a cult, and their leader was not the masked man Jean remembered. In fact, the group was an unofficial orphanage. While they were there, however, the real Shadow Dragon Cult attacked and stole several of the children. Jean and her companions tracked them to a hideout in Abantiare and rescued the children.

They headed back to the Badlands, and unfortunately were captured by Leo in the small town of Azado. However, after the town was attacked and they assisted Leo in saving it, they were granted the favor of at least being taken to Bellcius in comfort, rather than in chains. More than that, the same martial arts master who they had met with before was apparently in Bellcius now, and Jean would be given time to speak with him about her encounter with the cult.

After they arrived in Bellcius, Jean had a private meeting with the master to explain to him how the group was an orphanage, and how they had stopped the Cult from kidnapping the children. He revealed that he was the masked leader, and he would no longer tolerate her insubordination. He beat her with a single strike, and she was locked away out of the public eye along with all of her companions. Just when she was beginning to lose hope of freedom, help came from the most unlikely of places: Leo had decided to go against his orders, disguising himself as some kind of vigilante and helping Jean and all of her companions escape.

Once the group was free of Bellcius, they made their way back to the Badlands, where the pursuit finally stopped. The area had declared itself independent of Ivona, and not a day later the Destiny was nowhere to be seen for miles. With the threat to Lucia finally gone, the group dissolved with a tearful goodbye.

Since Jean was still not strong enough to confront the cult on her own, she started heading back to where she had last seen the caravan. However, before she made it back, she realized she was too restless knowing that there was still so many horrible things in the world. She thus has headed out on her own, seeking a new way to return to adventuring and the fight for justice... and has found the Winding Way.


Relationship Meme for Jean
Formerly attempted to arrest Jean and her companions. He's shown some signs that he could actually be a nice guy, though, if his view of justice weren't so blind.
Jean is extremely curious about Zeetha and the land of Skifander. Because, well, the resemblance really is uncanny, and Jean has never known a native home or family. However, she's more interested in getting to know Zeetha as a person for now; she's not going to build up hope about something she may never know for certain, especially when she already feels she can relate so much to Zeetha as it is. Friends are as important to her as family, anyway. She already feels she can trust Zeetha to a degree, and is starting to look up to her due to the difference in age if nothing else.


All logs with Jean
  • Dancing In The Streets - Jean meets Zeetha and agrees to join the Winding Way.
  • Teen Spirits - Zeetha gives Jean and Hughes a tour around the Winding Way.
  • Drinking in Bydan - Jean is delicious demihuman bait, apparently. A night of drinking, dancing and fighting, with Jägers and other strange customers.



  • Her name is possibly chosen as a pun on the radical 儿, which is the "legs" radical and can be read one way as "jin".

Canon Quotes

  • "Isn't it a wonderful evening? I love the feeling of the cool breeze on my skin. There's always a light breeze coming up from the valley and flowing across this ridge. And it's the time of year when you can smell the wild roses of the Madoria Plains in the air...but I'm starting to ramble, aren't I?"
  • "Well, I hate to disappoint you, but I much prefer to dance with my clothes on. Thank you for the compliment, but just remember that flattery will get you nowhere with me!"
  • "...I'm really impressed with your positive attitudes. You make me believe that you guys could take on the Guard and win! But I don't like the thought of you guys fighting. I don't like it when ANYONE fights..."
  • "Well...thank you. I never believed that I could use my fighting skill to help instead of hurt...but I helped my friends. I...I saved their lives. And it felt wonderful."
  • "These children aren't members of the Cult. The children of the Cult were always covered with bruises, and they never smiled. But these children are so ALIVE. Even when they were attacking us, you could see them smiling."
  • "There won't be any more of your training. There will only be my fist smashing your face. I will spill your vile blood and end your unspeakable evil!"
  • "I was kidnapped by the Cult when I was a child, and I know what awaits those children. I don't want any of them to go through what I did, Nall. I don't want them to lose their souls."
  • "Shut UP! HAAAY-YAAAAAAA!!!!" [Jean kicks the leader of the Cult in the face.]
  • "I'll support your dream any way I can, because that's what friends do for each other!"
  • "You molded me into what? An emotional wreck who is running from a past I don't understand? Or perhaps a trained killer who can never live a normal life. You took everything I had to advance your own selfish desire and gave me nothing in return. You never cared about me...not really. I was simply another child whose soul you would blacken for your own evil purpose. A trusting child whose innocence you would tear away with no hint of remorse."
  • "Once I tried to bury the past, but it will not be buried. The knowledge haunts me; I will deny it no more. And so it has come to this...I must now embrace what I once despised. The time has come to put aside the mask I have chosen to wear. I'm finished running away. This is my destiny!"
  • "It's not weird at all, Ronfar. I think it's very normal to laugh in the face of death."
  • "You're wrong, Lunn. Your worm-infested heart hides the truth from your eyes. Power grows when spread amongst the many and and perishes when hoarded by a few."
  • "All of you...please...entrust me with your lives!"
  • "My technique hasn't changed at all, Lunn. It's my heart that has changed. I use the skills you taught me...but I don't use them to kill. I use my skills to fight for my friends, and for the future. I don't know if it's the Blue Dragon Fist. I don't know if it even has a name. I just entrust my body to the warmth and the strength that I feel in my heart."
  • "Our fight for the soul of this world isn't over yet. If we all join together as one, we can grow even stronger than Zophar. All it takes is a little luck, and the power to believe in ourselves."
  • "I'll never forgive Lunn for what he did to me and the other children he corrupted with his terrible teachings... But at least now I can try to forget. Now that I've come to terms with my past. I can dance with absolute freedom, unrestrained by the specter of my terrible secret."

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: An orphan and a gypsy who is a skillful dancer.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Jean is a martial fighter. Her fighting style is almost identical to one used by a cult of assassin's called the Shadow Dragon Cult. She was recently fleeing from Captain Leo de Alkirk for assisting a wanted criminal, but due to recent events the pursuits have stopped.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: People may have heard of her caravan's carnival, and if they really like carnivals, they might have heard a little about the star dancer. Other than that, nothing.