Izuru Kira
Gender Male
Age 20
Race Human
Ship The Silvana
Position Gunner
Birthplace Bellcius, Ivona
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Gin Ichimaru

Kira Izuru is a gunner aboard the Silvana, and when meeting you for the first time, he will want to shake your hand.


Overall, Kira is a very subdued sort of person. His voice isn't so much soft as it is merely low in pitch, and he tends not to talk in excess unless a situation calls for it. He is polite and formal by default, a habit which he has difficulty breaking even around friends, but he isn't humorless. Just because he won't be making raucous jokes doesn't mean that he has the inability to laugh at them. (Plus, he does loosen up a bit if inebriated.)

Being raised in a reasonably upper-class family, proper behavior was more or less branded into his brain over the years. Perhaps from the expectations this placed on him, he tends towards perfectionism, striving to excel in whatever he tries – though he has become more reserved about that recently, able to be content with his status and merely try to do his job perfectly.

Stemming from both his upbringing and his time in the military, Kira has a strong respect for authority, holding the belief that higher-ups should be obeyed and that it is unnecessary to question their motives. He will place duty above almost all else, including friendship, though he may feel remorse about it later.

He isn't very superstitious, disregarding the rumors of the Silvana's "cursed" nature. After learning what little he can of her captain's goals, he can say that he supports them fully (and not just because of the whole loyalty thing). Hunting pirates? Noble goal. Opposing an organization that seeks to promote a large-scale war? Ditto. By opposing an organization that seeks to promote a large-scale war, they are preventing more death and violence in the future.

Kira knows that war is not a glamorous thing; he believes it is awful and full of despair. Despite his strong feelings against war, he did not shirk his duties in the military, nor will he shirk his duties aboard the ship. Though one might not expect it from the seemingly-soft poet, he can be ruthless, even to the extent of refusing to spare an enemy's life as one begs for mercy.

On a far lighter note, he enjoys writing – particularly haiku.


The Kira family had been settled in Bellcius for five generations before Izuru was born – long enough for them to have amassed a modest fortune, a good plot of land, and to be considered just barely part of the upper class. They were new money, having earned it through hard work (or so they claim), and nowhere near significant enough that their name actually meant something.

Izuru's father was in the military, as was the family tradition; when he was too old to continue fighting, his plan was to stay on the bureaucratic side of things. His mother was a softer woman, though not without her own quiet strength. Both placed high expectations on Izuru, making an undercurrent of stress run through the otherwise calm, loving family environment.

A wrench was thrown in his parents' careful plan for his life when, on an unfortunate spring day, they boarded an airship bound for Melior for a short vacation. The ship was caught in an unexpected storm and crashed; some passengers survived, but they weren't so lucky.

Left to his own devices, Izuru promptly finished his last year of schooling and joined the military to honor their wishes. It was there that he came into contact with both Sousuke Aizen and Gin Ichimaru. (He'd met Aizen only a few times at formal functions, but for most of his brief military career, served under Gin.)

Izuru adapted to military life somewhat better than he had anticipated, and it worried him. He quickly realized that he needed to live for himself, rather than in the shadow of his father, and obtained permission to go on leave from service. The next two years found him taking up a student-teaching position at Melior University, simultaneously working towards a higher degree.

Though he preferred the pursuit of knowledge, he still practiced and trained to improve his kidou techniques on the side. Somehow, this gained the attention of those at Kropmork's Unseen University, and he was asked to give a lecture on his particular brand of magic. However, after the lecture, he had some extra time to spend in the city, as the ship he was leaving on was not scheduled to depart for two days.

Being in the same port as the Silvana, Izuru quickly found himself in the presence of Gin and Aizen - and, at the request of the former (to whom he owed a favor), decided to take a hiatus from his teaching and studies to join up with the ship.


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Joining the Silvana

Group One's Painting Adventure


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