Ikkaku Madarame
Gender Male
Age 25
Race Human
Ship The Silvana
Position Seaman
Birthplace Colvus
Nationality Vohemar
Faction Pirate Hunter

Ikkaku Madarame, never far from an unfolding scene of combat and chaos, is one of The Silvana's premiere fighters, nearly matchless in terms of overall destructive power. Battle is the first thing on his mind in any situation; the bloodier, the better. He has no mind for the politics that the ship's captain often pursues, instead leaving the strategy to the strategists.


Ikkaku is, first and foremost, a fighter. He fights for fun, and hardly a day goes by that he does not try to stir up trouble. To cross swords with a strong opponent is what he lives for, and were he to die for this as well, he would simply be satisfied. He constantly seeks out combat and recklessly goes after the strongest enemies first, despite the situation. In such cases, he hates receiving assistance, preferring to go it alone until he simply cannot continue. Ikkaku also has a personal disdain for using offensive or defensive magic in battle, considering it rather cowardly to use against opponents.


The son of one of Colvus' most 'decorated' militia members, Ikkaku Madarame grew up watching his father dedicate his life in proud service to the people of the city. He was a strong warrior, unflinching in battle, and just as reckless as his son would ever grow to be in his own career. Against the ever-present threat of attack from Vohemar's more monstrous residents, he would immerse himself in every fight that erupted, and throughout Ikkaku's childhood, he would return home afterwards, wounded but smiling, and relate the tale of his latest victory to his admiring son. Ikkaku learned everything from his father, developing his sense of loyalty from the disdain his father showed for the greedy and remorseless mercenaries often hired by the city, his dedication to strength and integrity through the respect others in the city displayed to his father's service and prowess, and his undeniable love for a good challenge from his father's hearty nature.

However strong he was, Ikkaku's father was still only human, surrounded by a world of great danger and mystery. Ikkaku's memories are hazy of this time, blurred by feelings of loss, anger and regret, but at the age of eleven, a much larger threat than meager monster raids broke loose in Colvus one stormy night. A terrible creature of incredible power, with arms as big as boulders and legs that dwarfed the largest tree trunks, came charging in, running rampant through homes and fields. Ikkaku's father and the city's entire milita responded with all due force, only to be quickly and mercilessly defeated; their opponent was simply too strong, with skin so tough that their blades simply slid harmlessly away and gunfire left only bruises. Down to the very last man, they were all wiped as effortlessly as smoke in the breeze, leaving the city defenseless. When the city's leaders decided to depend on hired help for their salvation, the ill words that Ikkaku's father had used to describe the mercenaries he had worked alongside of before, lacking any loyalty to anything but money, were made most true: the threat was too great and the pay too small for them to be concerned. Not a single one agreed to help, leaving the people of Colvus to their own fate.

From that point on, Ikkaku grew up without a family; in its wake, the creature that had destroyed the city's militia also destroyed his home, everything he had ever cared for, and his poor, terrified mother. It was only fortunate for the city that the beast responsible continued on its way, leaving nothing but charred wreckage behind for the beaten and battered citizens to struggle to rebuild. These events, strangely, did not leave Ikkaku bitter or callous towards the world; no, his father had taught him better than to act in such a poor, defeated manner. Though he was still young, he dedicated himself to growing even stronger than his father ever was, torturing his body through years of inhuman training and conditioning; he would rise up out of the smoldering remains of his home and one day become strong enough to defeat anything, great or small, that threatened his city. If his father had been defeated for having human limitations, he would not simply surpass these limits, but shatter them completely.

As Ikkaku grew older, he helped to re-establish Colvus' militia, acting as the unbreakable backbone of the fighting soldiers. Naturally, he shunned a leadership role; he recognized that his place was among those on the front lines, fighting the battles instead of planning them. Ikkaku helped to train the other militia members as well, and during his personal training, developed newer and more devastating forms and techniques of combat. As he grew in strength and reputation, he was given the nickname of Colvus' 'Crushing Blade' due to the massive weapons he wielded. There was never again an uprising of monsters or any threat, no matter how strong or numerous, that could ever hope to overpower the bold and proud fighting force that he had helped to create. It was a situation that was good for Colvus, but rather boring for someone as battle-crazed as Ikkaku.

Years later, Ikkaku encountered Alex Rowe, captain of the strange and unseemly warship, the Silvana; it was during this chance meeting, in which Captain Rowe had come through Colvus' to pursue an objective handed down by his benefactor, that Ikkaku learned of Alex's cause. While he did not share the same views in chasing after the windmills of a shadowy figure and a mysterious organization with no real founding in the world, Ikkaku could certainly appreciate the man's goals, his strength, his dedication, and perhaps even a little bit of his insanity. He immediately offered his services, leaving behind his highly-trained and well-seasoned militia to cut through the skies in search of greater challenges and stronger foes.


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