Want to contribute directly to TST's setting? Please read on for our guidelines!

How to Contribute Edit

You may have noticed that all of our pages, except for the character pages, are locked only for mods to edit. This is because we have to approve additions to the game setting. Never fear, though, this wiki also makes it easy to submit your ideas to use.

To submit ideas to us, please leave a comment on this post on the mod journal. The mods will then read over your submission.

Once we approve your suggestion, we'll either contact you directly, and then add it to the wiki! In the event that we're unable to use your idea, we'll let you know and tell you why we can't use it. We've rarely had to reject ideas, but it does happen on occasion.

Please use the talk page here to discuss possible articles with other players. The mods will also be frequently checking the talk page, but don't be afraid to contact us directly!

Suggestions Edit

Don't know what you'd like to contribute? Here's what we'd like to see the most:

  • Rumors and Legends
  • Locations, notable residents, and geographical features in the cities and town. These will be included as little blurbs on city pages. See examples under Landmarks here. If you wish to write an article for a landmark, please also include a blurb for the city page (if it's located in a city). Or you can just do the city page blurb.
  • Important information from character applications.

We try to include as many references made in-game and in character biographies as we can, but if we've missed any, please do let us know!