Hijikata Toshirou
He gives fanservice without even realizing it.
Gender Male
Age 24 [Bithday : May 5th]
Race Human
Ship Victoria II
Position Boatswain
Birthplace Bellcius, Ivona
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivona Navy... sorta

Hijikata Toshirou (romaji : Hijikata Toshirou); [Kanji. 土方十四郎], ranked Major within the Ivona Navy, currently serves the Victoria II as their boatswain. His fierce demeanour and harsh aptitude towards his subordinates has earned him the title of 'Demon Boatswain' amongst the crew. To date, Hijikata stands as the third-longest running crew member upon the Victoria II in the game's timeline itself. If you think he's bad, just be glad you're not dealing with the Captain and/or the First Mate. They're worse.


Hijikata Toshirou is well-renowned (and also rather infamous) due to his strict and harsh methods, and also due to his fearsome demeanour. Also rather infamous for his chain smoking habits and love of mayonnaise (he eats just about everything with it, from noodles to rice), his ever scowling appearance plus strict harshness usually more or less inspires a sense of fear in many. Also he's under constant danger of being killed by fellow comrade Okita Sogou with daily attempts on his life somehow or rather. Due to his not so happy childhood, he's grown a rather distrustful and wary sense of anyone being nice to him. He's possibly one of the most unsociable people around (and more often than not he comes across as aloof, arrogant and a prick) and his trust is very hard to earn, but once you do its almost impossible to break unless you do it yourself (betraying it or rather). And after that, he will hold a grudge towards you for life - nothing can ever make him forgive and forget any form of betrayal and backstabbing.

On a note though, he's pretty hot-headed, and has a great weakness for mayonnaise. Also easily moved by even the crappiest of dramas - any kind or form of drama, really. More often than not he lets the battle get into his head, trying to enjoy as much as he can from a battle and sometimes when he's really itching, intentionally drags the battle a bit longer so as to enjoy the heat a while more, though he usually keeps that in check.

Even though he doesn't show it, there is one person out there that he really does care for - his cousin Toshizou Hijikata. Despite his fearsome exterior, he posses a bit of a soft spot for him (since he is his only kin and all...) and is notably less (or at times more) annoyed at them. This relationship can be rather easily taken advantage, since in spite of his so-called annoyance for them he wouldn't forgive himself if he did get hurt in anyway due to him.

Most of all, however, he fears rejection. As a child he wasn't well-acquainted amongst his former family, and then after being disowned by them at thirteen with less than an adequate reason plus spending his next few years under constant danger of being killed - and finally not to mention that the only person he had ever harboured affections for died before his eyes has made him grown wary and distrustful of everyone. He doesn't dare to form any close relations as he's afraid that when they shun him away the emotional pain will be too much for him; that is the main reason why he's grown to be so cold and detached to everything. If he does get too involved with anyone and they shun him off, the emotional pain that comes with it will be really all too much for Hijikata to go through.

Another point to note is of his obligation to follow orders. Be it some twisted psyche or form of logic that has rooted deeply (and all-too happily) into his brain, Hijikata follows every order he's given, regardless if they're in his conflict with his morals or otherwise. It was part of him that Hijikata himself detests, this strange complying feeling - but its the one of the few things that had made him last on the ship for the past four years already, and its what sets him aside from most others. Regardless of the order, he would do it even if he personally doesn't like it or not - its just part of the personae of the 'Demon Boatswain' that he's reputed for.

Sadly, he gets distracted easily by mayonnaise most of the time (the only exception would be in battle or something that intense) and also gets flustered rather quickly by the smaller, more annoying things, as compared to the bigger ones at hand.

Hijikata is a man with a very high level of self-pride, refusing to admit defeat nor never backing down until the end. He's a very proud person, and would never bow his head to anyone unless when absolutely necessary. At some points, he might also see things as a battle no matter what, which usually more or less lets it gets to his head and things spiral downward from there. He doesn't do sucking up - hates it himself, rather, and holds a fierce loyalty, never faltering despite everything and more often than not always putting his work before anything else. Ironically though, he's easily moved by things that usually seem not to other people (like crappy dramas), and is sadly easily bribed by mayonnaise, even if he never admits it. He also cares more about his subordinates and comrades than he usually lets on, mostly covering his feelings with a layer of nonchalance and a very grumpy outlook towards life. One could say he sees everyday as a Very Bad Day.

Also, he has a habit of swearing. A lot.


Toshirou was born on May Fifth into a middle-class (Eastern) family as the second son of the house in the main city of Ivona, Bellcius. He was notoriously rebellious and somewhat lazy at times as a child, more often than not refusing to follow his parents - mainly because he was usually left alone as they doted on his elder brother, the future head of the Hijikata household, and of the dojo that they owned. Because of this however, Toshirou was determined to surpass his brother and thus secretly trained hard in the style of his family's swordsmanship, and discovered his hidden talent with the blade.

As his family never gave a shit about what the younger child did about the place (they were all too busy fawning over his elder brother), Hijikata grew up with an even more rebellious streak and started to leave the house for extended periods of time from the tender age of about eight or nine, unnoticed by anyone else save for some of the servants. It was also about this time when there were visits coming in from the distant relations of the family hailing from Melior, and Toshirou then got acquainted with the person that he considers as his only kin even until today: Toshizou Hijikata.

Toshizou wasn't the best idea of an elderly figure to look up to, but at least he was someone that paid enough attention to Toshirou, regardless. At best he ignored the young child most of the times while the youngster followed him about, but from time to time he would relent and teach him a thing or two about what he knew from his own studies, and also helping in honing his already unnatural talents with the sword. As he grew older, Toshirou then also left home for long periods of time to where his elder cousin was, aided mainly by the female servants to bring him there (and they were, needless to say, got bedded by Toshizou which was a fact that Toshirou knew later, much to his chagrin). He would also follow the other from time to time on his trips about in selling of mana crystals, although he never helped but rather just stayed far away and just watched. The next few years passed as such, and despite the usual trading of insults between them, they developed a rather strong bond that Toshirou could have described as the closest thing he has with a relative.

On his thirteenth birthday, he challenged his elder brother to a duel as a present and won after much sparring. His family, ashamed and shocked that the younger had actually surpassed the elder, went to the belief that Toshirou was a 'demon's child' and thus exiled him from the family despite the protests from his elder cousin and a few others that had some proper sense. However those protests were left unheard and was soon quickly disowned by the family - he was then forced the leave the house by the next day, which he did after a quick packing and left quietly in the middle of the night.

Hijikata (Shota)

Hijikata, approximately age 15.

Lost and alone all of a sudden, Toshirou lost faith in his family and wandered about the place, ending up somehow in Solare and forced to grow in a literal dog-eat-dog world, having to fight, scamper and scrape for his daily bread. This harsh life had enabled him to grow in more ways than one, both physically and mentally - gaining a harsh outlook on life itself and growing up well-trained by those hard times. He grew a reputation in the underworld due to his unnatural talent with the blade, and later started to fight for the daily attempts on his life - such a dangerous person like him, it seemed, was not allowed to live. It was after one such attempt that he had fainted of exhaustion and massive blood loss outside one dojo where one Kondo Isao lived and took him in despite the protests of the masters there.

Relationships in the beginning were at best frosty at first, with Toshirou being naturally distrustful of them. It took a long while, but slowly Hijikata opened up to them, watching the students practice and then secretly training himself again, honing his skills to about the level that they are now. About seven months after he was taken in, Hijikata finally proved his worth (in a way) when he fended (killed, and after that he swore to himself to never to that again unless with reason or when his bloodlust called for it) off a gang that was bent on destroying the dojo. Then accepted as a student of the dojo, he was introduced to the young master of the dojo: Okita Sogou. Together with them, he formed a strange bond between them, though by now his rather infamous grumpiness had already formed.

Okita Mitsuba

Okita Mitsuba

During those few years in the dojo, Hijikata later found himself beginning to harbor affections for the one female who was at the dojo: Okita's elder sister, Okita Mitsuba. Though he knew what he felt for her he never truly admitted his feelings, only looking from a distance. Likewise, Mitsuba never told him anything about how she felt for him too - but still, the years passed by peacefully. It was the closest that Hijikata would ever come to a relationship - which all stopped and broke one year before he would leave to Bellcius.

Mitsuba confesses her feelings to Hijikata

After somewhat admitting her feelings for him (and asking if she could follow him to Bellcius, but to no avail as Hijikata rejected her knowing that a person like himself could never give her the happiness she deserved) Mitsuba contracted a lethal virus that affected her with a respiratory illness; despite spending countless efforts in trying to cure her, there was no medicine potent enough to heal her, and a year later she passed away before Toshirou's helpless eyes. After that day, Hijikata learned to close himself from everyone else.

After the funeral and selling the dojo, in hopes of trying to protect the citizens and the place the Mitsuba loved so much, Kondo decided to pledge his cause to the government. Hijikata, with nothing to do and wanting to fulfill the duty that he owed to Kondo and Mitsuba, followed his lead, as did the rest of the dojo.

Together they entered into Ivona (and for Toshirou, returning to Bellcius) to serve the government, where after that the arrangement of positions by the government (so as to prevent a coup d'feat), Toshirou was split from the rest and was assigned to the Victoria II. That was when about he was nineteen and has remained in his position to this day, earning the nickname of the 'Demon Boatswain' due to his strictness and harsh methods towards those under him, and also his habit of chain smoking like a chimney.


Miles Edgeworth

Possibly the person whom he has one of the most complex relationships with. Hijikata loathes Edgeworth, but yet at the same time is aware and respects his talents. They're at loggerheads most of the time, but then there's also clearly something mutual between them. By some bad twist of fate Edgeworth is possibly the person Hijikata can relate himself to the most, and feels like killing himself for that. They may detest each other, but somehow under all that is a base-level trust that they can depend upon in times of need. Also, mutual and grudging drinking partners as well as rivals in getting that next samurai drama novel release. Besides the captain, Edgeworth's the only guy that's been sticking around with him for quite a while and so while they're not exactly... on the best of terms, Hijikata at least can put some amount of trust in the first mate, which is pretty rare for the man since he doesn't take to trusting people often. Has also recently started to feel uncertain feelings about the other man, but Hijikata's not going to admit that anytime soon.


Cabin Boy of the Victoria II, Chi is in reality... a kitten that has barely even passed two months of age when Hijikata found her. The man doesn't really know what to do with the cat, to be honest - on one hand he's pretty set on dumping her with a family the first chance he gets, but on the other hand its clear that the cat is becoming... pretty attached to him, and Hijikata doesn't want to do anything that breaks that bond she has for him, because he of all people knows best what its like to be ignored by the ones who're supposed to love you. For him its clear that Chi does like him a lot - perhaps too much, liking a person like him who only knows of violence and bloodshed; but yet she brings out in him some instincts of protectiveness he never was really aware of until now. He's taking care of her until he (supposedly) finds her original owners or a proper family, but that doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

Manfred von Karma

Captain of the Victoria II, Hijikata is well-aware of the (in)famous reputation that precedes von Karma and thus does well in doing all he can to not occur his wrath, which is somewhat successful. He doesn't like the Admiral as a person in general, but respects him well for his talents and position of power, although he's a tad annoyed at how the man can get a bit over his head at times. But mainly, their relationship is that of between Captain and Boatswain.

Tohru Adachi

One of his two childhood friends, Adachi is the person Hijikata has come to regard as a strange sort of both elder and younger brother figure. Even though he is the younger of the two, Hijikata's the one who more often than not had to keep the other in check due to his tendencies of indirectly insulting people. He's one of the few people who Hijikata does keep a relationship with, even though its somewhat strained now no thanks to the change he's forced to go through. Still under all the layers of grump and annoyance, there's still the kid in him who still respects and looks up to him. Only if he knew how Adachi himself had changed...

Angel Starr

Otherwise known to him as Ichinotani Kyouka, Angel's much more prominent figure in his life - where his cousin failed to bring him up on, Angel was the one who did the rest. Like Toshizou, Hijikata looks up to her as his elder sister figure - albeit one who's as much of a sex beast as his cousin, but that's an irony the man had to live with. She's the one who taught everything about interrogation to him back when she was still serving the force. Hijikata knows pretty well that the whole thing with her discharge is one big scam, but knows he can't do anything about it since it was all covered up quickly - once again, another reason why he hates the Ivonian government. Like Adachi, he's also close to her even though the relationship has shifted due to the years, but he also looks up to her as someone he can trust and respect.

Flynn Scifo

Another one of his would-rather-be-forgotten childhood friends, Flynn was Hijikata's sparring partner back when they were kids. Even until his exile, he was never able to beat Flynn, though it was because of that did Hijikata make himself train hard back then so that he could defeat the other one day. Now though, that dream is long gone, and the child Hijikata once was has been hidden by his own hatred and regret. And to him, Flynn is just another spectre of his past that has come back to haunt taunt annoy him; the fact that they're both boatswains of the same ship isn't helping much either. The only redeeming thing about the knight is that he actually compliments his mayonnaise-eating habits.


All the logs that has Rou so far in the game can be found here.


Random Character Notes

A few random notes about stuff regarding Hijikata -

Hijikata Family (Main Branch) : A middle-class family in Bellcius, the Hijikata family is led by a bunch of superstitious old geezers - the same people who exiled Rou ten years ago out on the streets. They're a clan steeped deeply in tradition and the old ways of the Eastern side, going so far as to have their own dojo that's rather successful. Despite their class they do have links to several other noble families in the city, such as the Ukitake clan for one. The family has a considerable number of servants and firmly believes about things like karma and fate and even reincarnation they're a religion in their own rights, seriously. The Hijikata family - at least, the main branch - specializes in trade of precious herbs and minerals, plus rumors of an illegal venture of drugs though its never been proven. They're also big enough to have several branch families, of which the most prominent is set in Melior where Zou hails from.
For the Hijikata family, thirteen would be the age where one matures from his childhood and is given a request that will be granted regardless of what it is as a way of showing this fact.

Swordstyle : Often said as 'unrefined', Rou's style of swordplay is one that deals with the situation of a real-time combat situation. It comes from his many battles for life and death during his time in Solare and only refined when taken into Kondo's dojo. He actually swung a huge log that weighed around half of his own weight around all night until blisters formed on his hands, though the man would never admit that he was actually listening to the techniques imparted from Kondo's dojo. The main purpose of this swordstyle is to draw in and lure his enemies close to him before making use of his above-average senses and instinct (again fine-tuned from the days in Solare) to quickly deal the final blow. However he is a fast thinker when the situation calls and can adapt his swordstyle to other forms when necessary. And its also rumored that Hijikata is actually able to 'cut through iron and steel', as Kondo claims.

Smoking : Known very infamously as an obnoxious chain-smoker, Hijikata smokes no less than seventeen cigarettes a day and most of his expanses are actually attributed to his smoking habits, after his mayonnaise addiction that is. He smokes a hell lot, and even more especially when he's stressed and has recently discovered the power of nicotine patches (no thanks to Jade), which he's been using for while ever since Jade passed some to him after his whole fainting incident after the bombing shenanigans. He also thinks that Zou's pipe looks like a damned caterpillar and should be disposed of.


The mayo addict

Mayonnaise : Its a well-known fact that Hijikata is absolutely obsessed with the particular condiment. Nobody really knows how it happened or when it actually started, but its been around since his childhood and remains ever since. Hijikata eats just about everything with a whole load of said condiment piling onto his food, be it salads or dinner sets and even mayo on mayo. He's widely regarded as a freak due to this unexplainable obsession, to which Hijikata only responds with it being 'nature's finest condiment'. And as proven many times, its never the best argument. Also because of this mayonnaise addiction, some people have called him 'Mayora' - a nickname never dared uttered again after Hijikata hears someone saying it in his vicinity.

Steel Samurai : Another thing that Hijikata has a rather unhealthy? obsession about is the Steel Samurai series. Its a series about samurais and old Reial warlords thrown together in a horribly abridged version of the five-hundred year old history of Reial, but for some reason or another its yet another of his strange obsessions that the man follows almost religiously. He got into it as a child, and even when he was exiled from his family he managed to listen to the radio broadcasts from the more fortunate people with the journals. He got back into it fully when he returned to Bellcius to serve the Navy and has since followed it like the closet fanboy he is. Ask him anything about the series - he'll give you the facts and the opinions; it practically occupies over half of his metal capacity. The only other person who is aware of this is Miles Edgeworth, and that's only because they're both closet fanboys.

Senbei Crackers : If one pays good enough attention, there is just one thing that Hijikata doesn't put mayonnaise on - senbei crackers, of the really spicy variety. Back in Solare, Mitsuba used to make senbei crackers frequently, with more than enough spices to make one suffocate. Despite that though Hijikata would still eat them because Mitsuba made them from the heart and everything and he would feel bad if he didn't eat them after all the hard work she put in. So after her death Hijikata continued to eat them even after moving to Solare, buying them from local stores nearby. Some officers have seen him eating them while doing paperwork in his office, which might account for the occasional red smudge on the papers he submits to Edgeworth. Not that the first mate knows that, of course.

Gintama 78 Large-33

The Demon of Solare

Demon of Solare : Back when he was in Solare, Hijikata had made quite a name for himself amongst the people who lived there. Due to his 'lone wolf' tendency and his unnatural skill with the blade at such a young age, many people were out for his blood mainly due to the fact that he was 'different' from others. In order to survive, Hijikata was thus forced to fight - and then to kill. All who have gone after him only return dead or half-alive, babbling about a 'dark-haired demon' who killed without mercy or even a glint of humanity in his soulless blue eyes. Because of this, many have come to know him as the Demon of Solare, or at least the 'dark-haired Demon'. The name has died down in time after Hijikata joined Kondo and went to Bellcius, but sometimes under the cover of the night, tales of his bloody battles are still passed around within the people of Solare.

Pocketwatch : A silver pocket watch that Hijikata keeps with him one that has obviously seen its better days. The cover has several scratches with upon it and the inside has the numbers '05/05' engraved upon it roughly and only he and that person will ever know what it signifies for them both. He keeps it in the top drawer of his desk, though from time to time he takes it out and keeps it into his pocket, and only few have seen this memento that Rou still keeps to this day, never commenting on when or where he got it from. However, it is something to note that its apparently a treasure that Hijikata that keeps very close to him since it has been with him since that fateful night ten years ago. The only memory of those days and the night that turned his entire fate around, plus the times that he could never return to. That pocket watch represents to him both his past and his future, and it s treasure that he would most likely protect with his life.

Triva & Others

  • While he's born and lived in Bellcius for a good thirteen years on his life, Hijikata considers his 'true home' to be Solare, since it is that place that made him really grow as a person and gave a new meaning to his life, even if its not the best kind.
  • Current OOC names for Hijikata include : Rou/'Rou, Hiji, Mayo Man and possibly others that this mun has forgot. The most commonly used one is Rou.
  • His AU history is mostly based on the history of PMK's Souji.
  • Hijikata does in fact drink tea, coffee and other assorted drinks (unlike certain people), but he's more of a coffee person so that he can keep on running even late at night to finish his work.
    • He also puts mayonnaise on his coffee. Unfortunately.
  • Hijikata wakes up at around 4AM everyday to train until 6 before heading off for breakfast and starting on his duty. On days that he stays up late, he wakes up at 8 instead.
  • He has a personal stash of mayonnaise stored in his own quarters under lock and key; this was done after the whole incident with the dough monster with Ryohei.
  • The guard of his sword is actually decorated with hearts. Anyone who blabs about this though usually won't get away with it soon enough.
  • The man's pretty obsessed with mayonnaise to the point that he actually owns a mayonnaise bottle-shaped lighter
  • Contrary to what others think, Hijikata is actually pretty rich, being a military officer and all. However he barely uses a third of his salary, stuffing the rest of his money into his bank account.
  • His favourite color is blue - the same color of blue as his own eyes.
  • He also hates to eat sweet things, and has a tendency to put spice into his food as well at times (besides the mayonnaise).
  • He's also actually a pretty good combat strategist; after all, he got taught by his cousin before in his youth.
  • He has a tendency to get himself dead drunk whenever he feels stressed and/or worried. His liver cries for his blood as do his lungs.
  • While he's a lot better than he used to be, Hijikata still has a tendency to snap into his demon mode when he succumbs to his bloodlust. It takes a bit to get him into that sort of mode, and usually its self-inflicted on himself. Like this though, its impossible to see why he isn't known the as Demon Boatswain - or his old name, the Demon of Solare.
  • Hijikata rarely goes to his own house; even when the ship is docked back at port, the boatswain usually opts to stay upon the ship instead, only going back to restock the things he needs in his quarters.
  • Both Hijikatas nowadays rarely contact each other, but when they do they code their messages with a code that only both of them know - after all, its a code that both of them made when they were young.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Reputed as the 'Demon Boatswain' due to his strict measures, his love/vice/weakness for mayonnaise is rather common knowledge amongst those who know his name as well. Plus his usual cries for seppuku (ritual suicide).

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: An exile from his family, there are only few who know about this, his cousin Toshizou one of them. Rou also keeps the fact that he has contact with a Vohemaro a secret due to where he's working, and only few know of this secret, chiefly Gorobei and Kiros. He also has a weakness for dramas and Steel Samurai franchise. Also has a crush on a certain first mate which he will never admit.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: ...he's a closet fanboy, but no. He has a bit of notoriety back in his days of Solare, where he would mercilessly kill those who was after him. His never really revealed his name back there, so he's only known as the 'dark-haired demon'.