Hatori Sohma
sum doctor he is -- he SMOKES
Gender Male
Age 28
Race Human
Ship The Fiertia
Position Doctor
Birthplace Melior
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivona

Hatori Sohma is a relatively new doctor aboard The Fiertia. There isn't much that he doesn't lineface at, so good luck getting a laugh or smile out of this one. He was born with a curse that turned him into a seahorse, but upon breaking the curse, he set out on a linefacing mission of glory.


"Hatori is like snow. He's cold like snow."

Those are the exact words Akito Sohma uttered about him, once upon a time. But they are not so far from the truth. Although inherently kind in nature, he does present a cold exterior, and smiles only very rarely. His painful past and less-than-happy home life never provided him much opportunity to find true happiness, and if it hadn't been for his two best friends and his girlfriend, he might have become out very different.

Hatori is a rather quiet and somber individual, and tends to keep things to himself, yet when he does decide to voice his opinion, he will often be very forward, and not beat around the bush. He doesn't enjoy others bullshitting him, and is not easily fooled, but he does admit to telling a lie once in a while. The man is hardly naive, and doesn't appreciate stupid jokes in the least.

He is a rather composed and calm person who never loses his cool, even when he's upset. While seemingly stoic, his expression can give way to surprise, yet not always anger. Those type of outbursts have never been seen from Hatori, often making him stand out in an argument. Hatori is not hard-headed -- on the contrary, he is very intelligent and well-spoken -- but he is quite stubborn, especially when it comes to dealing with his own problems, which he does not enjoy making public.

Deep inside, and beneath all the layers of agony, Hatori is a very kind person, and truly harbors concern for all of his patients. He takes his job very seriously, and consistently proves this through all his efforts, even when he seems cruel, sarcastic, or uncaring.


It was cold on the day Hatori Sohma was born, twenty-eight years ago, on an ugly Saturday morning in Melior.

There was little to celebrate about, as his mother had not wanted to give birth to him. For months she'd fought with her husband, asking to abort the baby, but in the end caved and gave birth to the son she had thought she wanted. For months, she tried to love Hatori with all her heart, but couldn't bring herself to be the mother she'd dreamed about becoming. As he started to grow up, his parents became very strict with him, partly out of overprotectiveness. His mother, a Sohma by blood, had made it her duty to keep him from harm.

All because of the curse Hatori was born with.

Along with eleven other members of his family, most of them distant relatives, he was born with the ability to possess an animal form. The change in form was triggered by hugging the opposite sex, or by extreme exhaustion. Many of those born with the curse had parents who either loved them dearly, or hated their existence and shunned them. Hatori's parents fit into neither of these groups. But then everything changed drastically when he turned seven. He was left with only a father after his mother passed away from consumption, which left not even a scar on Hatori's heart. In the care of his father, he grew up having to follow rules and guidelines strictly set out for him, and was punished every time he disobeyed. The only friends Hatori could have were members of his family. He couldn't date. He couldn't go out. He was forbidden to be friends with girls, which proved to be difficult once he'd become a teenager that every girl seemed to lust after.

It was when Hatori had turned sixteen that his father passed away from an illness during his sleep. Now an orphan, he proceeded to live in the main house, taking care of the head of the family, Akito, who had been much younger then. Harboring an ambition to study medicine, whether it was out of guilt that he couldn't save his parents or not, he enrolled into a top notch university in Melior, courtesy of his family's wealthy background and his own smarts.

Once he'd graduated, however, Hatori couldn't work in a hospital, and rather served as the Sohma family doctor, most notably as Akito's primary caretaker. But despite being forbidden to be in a relationship, especially a secret one, he fell deeply in love with his assistant, Kana, when he was twenty-five. It was Kana's warm personality that inevitably melted Hatori's frosty heart, slowly but surely. Every day of the two months they spent together was a happy one. She never judged him, even when he transformed right before her eyes. There was, without a doubt in his mind, no way he couldn't marry this incredibly accepting, beautiful woman.

But it wasn't a rejection of his proposal that Hatori should have been worried about.

When he approached Akito with the intention of asking to marry her, his left eye paid the price. After the head of the family launched a vase at his face, Hatori was forever partially blinded in his eye. Akito had been restrained, fully intending to injure him further, especially when Kana joined him, and it was she who suffered the most. She fell ill with heartache and became wracked with a terrible guilt, admitting to Hatori that it'd been her fault his eye was hurt, even when it hadn't been. No matter how much he consoled her, Kana fell deeper and deeper into madness, until Hatori realized there was nothing he could do but erase her memory of him. Heartbroken, he wiped her memory clean of him, and in time, she regained her mental health. Hatori fired her at once, only for her own good. And then he never saw Kana again.

But he still keeps a framed picture of her on his desk.

As if to repay him for the anguish he suffered for the next two years, a gift was bestowed upon him. One morning, Hatori woke to found his curse had broken. He'd heard that over time, the curse could break without any warning -- and so this was his time to go free. Despite his ties to his family, and to Akito, he decided it would be best that he left for a short while. He wasn't even sure how long he'd be gone, only that he needed to get away and experience a curse-free world.

When The Fiertia docked nearby, Hatori applied for a position as a doctor on board the vessel.


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