Gwendal von Voltaire
A rare moment with Gwendal, and no, he's not blind in one eye.
Gender Male
Age 32 (real age: 147)
Race Demi-Human
Ship Silvana
Position Strategist
Birthplace Erealia
Nationality Erealian (?)
Faction Neutral

Prince Grumpy, at your service.


Gwendal is a very stern man, sometimes even know to have a scary (see: ):< ) face. He is also rather quiet and reserved but if something has to be done or said, then he will do or say it. What he doesn’t outwardly show is his love of cute things, such as animals or children. He even invests in the hobby of knitting, often time his animals turning out nothing like they are suppose to be. Though he absolutely insists it’s to help with concentration, it’s actually a stress reliever. Just like his love for cute things, he really does have a caring side, he just chooses to hide it as best he can.


To everyone in Erealia, Gwendal von Voltaire had died in a battle some time ago. No one knows exactly when as there was not a body to be found. However, there have been witnesses that say they saw the Commander go down in a fight against the Vohemarans. Why there was no body, no one ever figured out. However, about 97 years after his death, a young man with a striking resemblance to that very same man stepped onto Erealia. He claimed he was the grandson of Gwendal, which whom his own father (who was called Heeley) had named him after. No one had known that Gwendal senior had fathered a child (who in turn, fathered the one they saw before them) but the resemblance was remarkable and there really could have been no other explanation. The man wasn’t immortal after all and there had been witnesses of his death. It was said that they grew up away from Erealia because Gwendal had been away for so long, it would have been hard to travel back and forth often. Therefore, they traveled with him and eventually traveled on their own after his death. The present Gwendal felt it was time to come back and he was welcomed back. A little reluctantly as it was sudden, but nonetheless, he was accepted.

What no one had known was that this Gwendal von Voltaire and the one who had died all those years ago were one and the same. Gwendal is a demihuman, he had been born with the gift of long life. During his childhood, people had noticed how slowly the child aged. And so, Gwendal yearned to look like the rest of the kids were his age and forced his appearance to grow with everyone else’s. Where at age 30, he may still have looked like a child, he instead looked like the rest of the men. But over time, he stopped. He kept his young looks even as he reached the age of 50 and chose to “kill” himself off of the world and start anew. Gwendal wouldn’t have been able to keep aging himself just by sheer will for long. Once he was “dead” he had gone by an entirely different name and basically lived under the radar.

He traveled the world, keeping his identity a secret as he learned and honed the way of the sword. He even gained more control over his Earth Magic. Before, he needed to use incantations to even call the element to him, but by the time he returned to Erealia, he merely had to wave his hand a boulder could go flying across the field. Another magic he learned, to try and help with his lack of defense when not with his sword was the ability to cast barriers. However, this tended to take more of his energy than his Earth Magic because of the concentration needed to keep it up as he ran or fought.

Finally, when he felt the time was right, he went back to Erealia to live there for some time. He saw his half brothers Conrad Weller and Wolfram von Bielefeld. But soon after, he felt the need to join a ship once more and so, left Erealia once more to venture forth as Gwendal von Voltaire, grandson of the Commander Gwendal von Voltaire, and travel the skies once more. This time, with a whole new perspective and the knowledge of more than 100 years worth of this world. Not that anyone would know, of course. They all think he is just a 32 year old man, after all.


None, for now


None, for now


He likes cute things. A lot. He'll blush at the sight of something cute.

Also, he likes to knit. He'll tell you it's for concentration, but it's actually a stress relief.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Is the grandson of Commander Gwendal von Voltaire, who died in battle. He is from Erealia and part of the von Voltaire family, though he has half brothers from the Weller and von Belefield family (though if there is a Conrart/Conrad player anytime soon, that can be easily changed if so desired. ^^).

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: He is actually THE original Gwendal von Voltaire, he faked his own death so no one would know about his longevity in life and therefore, became the "grandson" of the same name. That is a secret not even his family knows, he doesn't want ANYONE to find out.