Franziska von Karma
OA - franziska2
Flawlessly Perfect, of course
Gender Female
Age 18
Race Human
Ship The Victoria II
Position Quartermaster
Birthplace Bellcius
Nationality Ivonian
Faction Ivona Navy

Franziska von Karma is the second daughter of Manfred von Karma and is currently stationed aboard her father's ship. She thinks she ought to be first mate and whips people who look at her wrong.


Franziska take her father's insistence (and ideas) on “perfection” very seriously. She will do whatever is necessary to achieve her goal perfectly, and is not above using deception, blackmail, underhanded mind games, or sheer physical abuse. Ms. von Karma does not suffer fools gladly, and everyone is a fool.

Franziska is domineering, controlling, and arrogant – not that she considers these bad traits – and she is not secretly a nice young woman. The assumption of such will lead to immediate pain. Her mind is sharp (much like her tongue), calculating, and does not consider, or understand, the concepts of defeat or failure - perfection (success) is always the only option. She is only slightly less abusive to her allies.

Her speech is very formal (she usually calls people by their full title and name, when bothering to address them), and Franziska has no qualms about voicing her opinions openly, loudly, and in public spaces. In the rare event that someone manages to get under her skin, she tends to fire off rapid, repetitive insults (most often based around the word “fool”) in an attempt to berate the hapless sod back into submission.

It should be noted that Franziska does have a slightly less homicidal side to her, though it rarely manifests. While she does not “love” her Papa in the conventional sense, she has a deep respect and admiration of him. Her adoptive “little” brother Miles Edgeworth is the only person for whom she feels any kind of affection – this does not save him from her vicious temper or frequent scorn, but does make her oddly over-protective of him. While this is the exception to the rule, she can develop a grudging respect for the few her manage to truly stand up to her.


Franziska’s early childhood was, contextually, uneventful - born the second child of the von Karma family (main branch), she grew up in a strictly regimented household. From a young age, she was taught manners, reading, writing, history, science, and basics of a variety of other subjects alongside her older sister, whose career did not take a military term. Her father, Manfred, had little to do with her rearing, but this is not to say he was neglectful, merely that he represented a distant uncle instead of a stereotypically paternal father. Franziska holds a great amount of respect for her father, and strives to match his standards of ‘perfection’.

When she was around five, Manfred unexpectedly adopted a boy of 10 into the family fold, casually explaining to Franziska that this boy - one Miles Edgeworth - was to be raised alongside her. Young Franziska took quite seriously to this charge and so assisted (see: berated) him as well she could while the two grew up - they regard each other as siblings, though Franziska is quite adamant about protecting her “little brother” from anything foolish.

In a pique of early will-power (or brattiness), Franziska insisted adamantly upon attending the Belarus Academy at the same time as her brother. After her father pulled the necessary strings, she entered school accompanied by a rumor that she was only in attendance because of her family’s position. This notion was quickly dispelled after several older students found themselves at the business end of her whip.

After her graduation, Franziska was awarded the rank of Lt. Commander and assigned to her father’s ship, the Victoria II, as a Quartermaster. It would be perhaps more accurate that she considers herself an excellent substitution for Captain in the absence of her father, or that Franziska’s interpretation of her duties is much more extensive than the textbook definition. She prefers to ignore the fact that her “little” brother is actually First Mate, but doesn’t often overstep the boundaries of position and acceptable conduct.


Miles Edgeworth

First and foremost, of course, Miles is her "little brother". She's very protective of him, in her own sort of way - she'll always be the one to show him the stark truth even if he doesn't want to see it. It's all for the best, really. 'ziska knows very well that Miles is perfectly capable of taking care of himself, but that doesn't alter the fact that she could do it better >:(

She's not heartwarming, but she does care a lot for her brother - he's probably the only person she loves, in the most basic definition of that. Franziska will look out for and protect Miles, even if he's his own worst enemy.

Franzy can get a little petulant around Miles, which is another clear indication of her odd sort of affection for him. When he one-ups her in an argument, she'll pout then whip him, instead of just resorting to violence immediately.

Underneath the sibling thing, however, are some very different emotions. Franziska's petulance around Miles stems also from jealousy - jealously over his position, over his command of her Papa's pride, his (comparative) ease when working with other people; she knows Miles is better than her in a lot of ways, and this irks her. She's the real von Karma after all. This jealousy also runs parallel to an odd sort of pride - her little brother is absolutely excellent, and she'll rip apart anyone who tries to mess with him (yes, that include Worthy himself).

Back when she was much younger, Franziska also might have harbored a very slight fangirl-ish sorta crush on Miles - he was the only boy around for most of her childhood. This is likely where her odd half-affection for him stems (it is, of course, totally platonic at this point), though she'll never ever admit to it, even to herself.

Manfred von Karma

While Franziska doesn't exactly worship the ground her father walks on, it's a close thing. He is everything she wants to be, and only his approval matters to her.

There is a startling lack of paternal affection between the two, but Franziska's respect for her father makes up for it. She trusts von Karma to do what is right, perfect, and necessary, and tries to return the favor.

Tatiana Wisla

Oh, the awkward. After a rather regrettable incident with some punch, Franziska has become very aware that Wisla not only a good soldier, but also totally her type. She holds a fair amount of respect for her, in a distant way, and at the very least is pleased to have someone besides brother dearest to rant at.


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