Major Falco Lombardi
Doesn't want another damn promotion
Gender Male
Age Twenty-seven
Race Demihuman - Humanoid Avian
Ship The Victoria II
Position Pilot
Birthplace Solare, Ivona
Nationality Ivonan
Faction Ivonan Navy

Falco Lombardi is a pilot on the Victoria II. He's rather grumpy, but cares deeply for his crewmates. No, really.


Falco is brash, aggressive, prideful, and arrogant, all personality traits that he developed in order to survive. A former delinquent, Falco has issues with authority and being a subordinate. While he won't directly disobey orders, he may not do exactly what is told, especially if he thinks his way is better. However, he has no desire to rise up in the ranks, perfectly content where he is as he'd rather not be the one who has to deal with the hassle of issuing orders. Falco simply likes doing things his way, which is, often, the better way. Had his choices in life been different, he may have turned out a different person, evidenced by the less obvious features of his character.

Although he was always surrounded by people, Falco was alone for most of his life. He had to develop a fierce, strong personality in order to cope with his harsh environment, but since he joined the military, a few hidden sides have begun to show. Albeit one must look hard to spot them.

He may not say it or express it at all, Falco deeply appreciates any and all support his fellow crew members give him. He considers them his makeshift family and while he is mean, rude, and conscending to them, he is also entirely loyal and willing to lend a listening ear and some crudely worded advice if asked. Falco speaks often of leaving the military, but the truth is that while he dislikes the structure and rigidness of military life, it is the only family he has, and his attachment to the people he knows and works with is so strong that should he ever leave, he would always eventually return.


Falco has not had what one would call a wonderful life. He was born in the Ivonan city of Solare, a city that has seen much better days. Falco, from a very young age, had always known that he was different from others. It was kind of obvious, really. That didn't bother Falco. What bothered him was that he seemed to be stuck between two places: being human and being a bird. He would often spend his childhood watching birds in the sky, painfully aware that his own wings can't do what theirs could.

Falco wanted, more than anything else in the world, to fly. His parents told him to forget about it. They were not abusive or neglectful, they merely wanted their son to have a more realistic view of the world. After all, they were a poor family, and a family needed to eat. So Falco grudgingly stopped talking about the sky with them.

But he never gave up on his dream. So, realizing that his life was going nowhere fast, at the age of thirteen, he ran away from home. But being just a young teen, Falco had no direction, nowhere to go. He ended up in a street gang, getting into fights, mugging for the gang leaders, and crashing at friends' houses for the night. He didn't like this life one bit, but he accepted it, though not without complaint.

James command

James McCloud

One day, when Falco was sixteen, he attempted to mug another demihuman, the fox James McCloud. What was supposed to be a routine petty crime turned into a vicious fistfight with James emerging triumphant. Instead of having Falco arrested, however, James, sensing the teenager's discontent, asked the misguided youth what he wanted to do with his life. Before he knew what he was doing, Falco was telling James everything. Unlike his parents, James encouraged Falco to follow his dreams. Falco promptly fought his way out of Solare's gang world and hitched a ride to Bellcius, where he enrolled into the military flight school under James' support.

Because of his rebellious nature, the military way did not suit Falco very well. He often got into trouble for insubordination and came very close to being expelled several times. His one saving grace, however, was his exceptional natural skill and devotion to flying. There was no way the Ivonian military was going to let such raw talent go to waste. So they were a bit more lenient with him, and Falco honestly did his best to stay in, as this was his only ticket to the sky. Falco graduated near the top of his class (he would be at the absolute top were it not for his discipline problems) and he was promptly assigned to the Victoria II, where the higher ups felt that Admiral von Karma could tame him. the man would be furious if such a talented pilot was NOT on his ship.

So far, it's kind of working. In order to stay on the Victoria II, Falco is willing to listen to the Admiral's every order.

But anyone else? Including the first mate? Hell no.

Back in Solare, Falco's parents believed their son died years ago and have stopped searching from him.


Manfred von Karma

Falco is completely loyal to his captain, Manfred von Karma. However, this does not mean he always agrees with what von Karma has to say or orders. Falco sees von Karma as a surrogate leader figure in his life and thus willingly devotes himself to the captain's orders...most of the time.

Hijikata Toshirou

Hijikata Toshirou is the only person Falco can truly call a friend on the Victoria II. Falco first started to respect Hijikata when the man told him how much it would cost to send flowers to Solare. The two of them bonded over alcohol, similar pasts, and the fact that they don't drive each other crazy. Hijikata is the only person on the Victoria II that Falco will follow the orders of one hundred percent, a special privilege that has been granted to only one other person: James McCloud.

Jade Curtiss

It's not that Falco and Jade have a friendship, but more that Falco is somewhat afraid of Doctor Curtiss and will avoid him whenever possible.




  • "Also, spiders have eight legs, dumbass." -Reaction to the mechanical spiders that invaded the Victoria II
  • "You know what would be really funny? If the terrorists were 100% human." -Commentary on the demihuman discrimination



Sukaikuro, Falco's Zangoose

  • Falco started working on the Victoria II as a lieutenant. He was recently promoted to major, and wishes to never be promoted ever again.
  • Falco's plane is called the Sky Claw and it's been modified for boosted speed and attack capabilities. At a price, it's not as durable as other air crafts due to being lightweight, but Falco makes up for this with his superior piloting skills.
  • Falco was the first person on the Victoria II to notice the mechanical spider invasion.
  • Falco's birthday is March 29th.
  • Contrary to popular belief, that's not eyeliner.
  • When angry or annoyed, Falco's feathers bristle slightly.
  • Despite being unable to fly, Falco can jump incredible heights and has no fear of falling.
  • Possibly due to his avian nature, no one has yet seen Falco land on anything other than his feet when falling or suffer any injuries as a result.
  • Falco is a trained marksman and a great hand to hand brawler from his gang member days. When fighting, his style is a brutal onslaught of fierce, quick attacks.
  • Before his assignment to the Victoria II, Falco was (and occasionally still is) stalked by the freelance mercenary, Katt Monroe, a cat demihuman who makes no secret of her infatuation with him.
  • Falco recently adopted a Zangoose from the Victoria II mission to the Rockgala and named it Sukaikuro
  • Sukaikuro, the name of Falco's Zangoose, is the name of Falco's ship, the Sky Claw, in Japanese.

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Grew up poor in the town of Solare. Went to the military academy in Bellicus at sixteen. Currently one of the top Ivonan pilots in the navy. Known for his less-than-stellar obedience.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: When Falco was thirteen, he ran away from home and joined a gang. He got into fistfights almost daily. For a gang member, Falco was relatively tame. (Never did drugs, never murdered, etc.) His life changed the day he tried to rob a demihuman named James McCloud three years after running away from home. Falco, to put it nicely, got his ass handed to him. After some soul searching/bonding, it was McCloud who helped Falco get to Bellicus. James McCloud is now missing, last seen going into the Badlands. All this isn't exactly hidden information, it's just that Falco never talks about it.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: Known in the military for his spectacular piloting skills. And his tendency to not obey orders.