Fai (D. Flowright)
Gender Male
Age 23
Race Human (mage)
Ship the 4423
Position Seaman
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Nationality Vohemar
Faction None

Fake a smile. Fool the world. Protect your heart.


Like his fashion sense, Fai is queer quirky. He has a positively sunny disposition; he loves to be cheerful, he loves to smile and more than that, he loves to make others smile. He does that any way he can think of, from calling people silly names to giving them a very peppy pep talk. Whilst Fai takes pleasure in the company of others, and is more than happy to listen to their problems, he is very guarded about what he reveals of himself to those around him. If it is something he does not want known, he either outright lies or he will dance around the subject and very quickly the person he's talking to will be guided onto another, safer, topic. He fears letting people too close, knowing that getting too deeply involved with him would only bring trouble and pain to the people he cares for.

There are times when Fai's mask falters, but very rarely around other people. One of his most vulnerable times is in fact whilst he is asleep, so he sleeps on his stomach with his face buried in a pillow/coat/his own arms. He has no desire for other people to see his face when his nightmares overtake him. Even when drunk, Fai not only manages to keep his mask in place, but actually becomes even sillier, if that is possible (He has been known to meow like a cat when inebriated).

Fai tries very hard not to display any weakness, wearing a smile no matter how he may feel inwardly. This however, does not mean that he doesn't have any; he is distrustful, lonely and holds no regard for his own safety.

Because he won't let others close, he sometimes feels rather lonely despite being surrounded by people. He reasons that if they knew the truth of his past, and the extent of his pain that it would only hurt them. More than anything, he wishes not to cause anyone else pain and so he suffers in silence. The problem with this is that he has come to care for his friends and shipmates more than he thought he would, and this does make him feel deceitful for not letting them see his true self. Part of what he hides from them is how little self worth he has - this is something that cannot be fixed easily. In fact whilst his friendships have started to ease the loneliness and he is slowly starting to trust again it has not helped this issue at all. Instead of fighting for his own life, he would willingly throw it away to save his friends and would never expect them to do the same for him. He holds little value for his own life

Oh. And he can't whistle. Instead he makes a noise that he thinks resembles a whistle. (HYUUU!)


Fai D. Flowright and his twin Yuui were born to an exiled Ivona noble couple. Whilst the parents felt blessed by their turn in fortune, the villagers saw twins as a bad omen. Cursed Children it was whispered behind their backs. Whilst their parents tried hard to ignore the comments and the suspicious looks, it did hurt them. They kept the children close, schooled them at home and tried to keep it so the taunts never reached the boys ears. Despite all the mutterings, there were no real threats made and so for a time the family were happy and lived in relative peace. Then, when the boys were reaching their 9th year, tragedy struck. Bandits and thieves were becoming more and more common, and it was bad luck that they chose the Flowright household to try to steal from. Mr. Flowright had confronted the thieves to let his wife and children get away. When they came after Mrs Flowright she hid the children and fought as valiantly as her husband had. The boys were found, blood splattered and hugging the lifeless forms of their parents...whilst no one could prove that the boys had committed the act, their superstitions proved to be too much to overcome. No one wanted to care for them, nor did they want cursed children and potential murderers out on the streets. Someone suggested killing them, but no one dared actually do it, lest they be cursed themselves. Instead they threw the children into a prison cell.

The next year was one long nightmare...stuck in a dark dank cell, huddled together, their only taste of freedom were the days they were dragged out in chains for forced labour. They were always watched - their youth and androgynous looks proved to be enough of a temptation that some prisoners forgot their fear; this lead to unspeakable acts of abuse and cruelty. Days and nights all rolled together, Fai lost track of time and had long given up hope of ever being free. He stopped listening to the guards talk of the world outside, thinking that it was not a world that they could ever be part of. He didn't hear about the military threats made until war actually came to the town. Whilst Fai won't forget that day, the actual events are a blur to him; gunshots, screams, blasts followed by the sound of buildings crumbling, then a blast that rocked the prison to its foundations, followed by more. He remembers grasping Yuui's hand as the floor fell out from under him....then nothing until he woke up on board an airship.

It took some time for Fai to come to terms with losing Yuui, but one of the military men aboard took it upon himself to comfort the boy. He introduced himself as Ashura, and unlike the other crew members who harangued the youth with questions, Ashura took care of the boy first and asked questions later. By the time they reached Ivona it was determined that the boy didn't know of any other relatives that he could stay with, and so Ashura offered the boy a home if he wanted it. Fai, not trusting anyone but not having any other choice and glad of the compassion that the man had shown towards him agreed to this. Fai was still a quiet and distrusting child, but with each month he settled into his new life. Ashura treated him well, and as well as the basics, he saw that Fai was educated. Some lessons he hired a tutor, whilst others he taught himself; under Ashura's tutelage Fai learn hand to hand combat, as well as magics, which he found to be more fun. They had discussed at length what Fai would chose as a career, and they decided that he would join the military when he came of age. It was befitting of a soldiers son - even an adopted son.

For a long time, life was good to Fai - he felt like he had a family again (although he missed his real family deeply) and he was being given a good chance at life. It wasn't until Fai was nearly 16 before things started to break down. He had been looking for Ashura, needing to talk about something important. Fai checked the usual rooms, then entered the private study - he knew he wasn't supposed to go in there, but he was desperate to find his foster father. Ashura wasn't there, so Fai turned to leave, but before he did something on the desk caught his eye...papers about him. Flicking through, each paper troubled him more than the last. Family trees, histories, estate details and such...Fai finally pieced together that he did have relatives, although the last male Flowright in Ivona passed away not even a month ago, making Fai the sole heir. If there was no heir to the estates and fortune, it was divided up between the top nobles...however, if Fai made his claim, he inherited the majority of the wealth. If however, he joined the army as Ashura had wanted, he wouldn't be able to manage the estates, and they would pass to his guardian until he had finished his training. If he finished his training...accidents and deaths were not uncommon.

The confrontation following this discovery was devastating for Fai, revealing Ashura's true nature. There was no physical fight, but the words cut deeper than a sword could. Fai had trusted blindly, and been used. Sick of all the deceit and lies that he had come to associate with being a noble, Fai stole the paperwork and claimed his wealth for himself....instead of keeping it however, Fai insisted that the estate be sold and the money to be split between the orphanages and churches in nearby counties. He had no desire for wealth or status, he just wanted freedom from all of it. When Ashura learnt of what had been done, he was absolutely livid - he had no reason to hold back on his anger, becoming violent. Fai responded in kind only to defend himself. He hates recalling the fight to this day - the magic clashing around them, ripping up everything in its path. He remembers blood. His own, and Ashuras...he doesn't know how he got the advantage, but he saw his magic smash Ashura through a wall, shaking and crumbling the room around them. Then he ran. Fai does not know if he killed Ashura that day. If he did, no doubt he is wanted as a murderer...and if he didn't....well worse, Ashura would not forgive and forget. Ashura would send people after him. The only way to not get caught was to keep moving, and so Fai joined airship crews. He never stayed on one ship for too long until he boarded the 4423 as a seaman. Perhaps he felt that enough time had passed that he would not be chased, or it was the intriguing crew that became like family, but Fai has remained on the 4423 for quite some time now.


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  • He is just known as 'Fai' aboard the 4423. He doesn't give out his last name.
  • He has a large tribal Pheonix tattoo'd onto his back. He won't say why.
  • Fai has been trained in both hand to hand combat and magic, however he refuses to use the latter after leaving Ivona.

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