Disgaea Etna
I pwn all you beeyotches...
Gender Female
Age 1473 (but looks 15)
Race Demon/Succubus
Ship The Fiertia
Position Cook
Birthplace The Netherworld
Nationality ...Demonic?
Faction Demonic Overlord

"Call me Queen~!"


At first glance, Etna seems to be an average carefree teenage girl with a cheerful smirk and jovial attitude. However, she isn't as carefree and innocent as she seems for she is a very devious individual. Etna is somewhat sarcastic and a bit of an antagonist who enjoys teasing and mocking others. She acts like a rebel without a cause but in all due truth, Etna is capable of great loyalty and devotion towards those she deems worthy of her respect.

She is a little rough around the edges coming off as terribly rude and childish but beyond that aspect of her personality, Etna is actually a good person with a good heart. Etna isn't fond of showing her true personality around others and likes it better if others do not get to know her too well. It is often hard to tell whom she is loyal to but when she likes someone, she'll try her best to keep them out of harm. Etna also has a terrible temper sometimes, especially when it comes down to food.

She is very selfish and dislikes sharing her snacks with others but doesn't like it when people do not share their snacks with her. She also has a tendency to yell, scream and kick those who do not listen to her; especially the Prinny Squad who get the brunt of her wrath. This girl's personality can easily be compared to a 'firecracker' because you never known when she will explode.


Etna is a demon girl who served as a vassal for King Krichevskoy's court, the Overlord of the Netherworld. She was one of the few vassals to stay loyal to the late king and through 'unusual' methods (gatling guns, power drills, swords, jackhammers and shotguns) managed to awaken the young prince, Laharl, from his two year slumber. From then on, Etna worked alongside the prince as his closest vassal to bring order back to the Netherworld. However, despite being the only vassal to travel with him upon the battlefield, Etna was certainly not the prince's most trustworthy servants. Acting as leader of the Prinny Squad, the mischievous Etna played a slightly more sinister role in this strange tale than Laharl first believed.

It wasn't until later in their adventures together that Laharl found out that it was Etna who poisoned him two years ago under the command of another former vassal. The poison she gave him was meant to kill the prince but regrettably, the poison was not strong enough and Etna soon realized he was merely sleeping. Maedaras, the ex-vassal who Etna worked for, promised that if she killed the prince that he would return her lost memories to her but as suspected, he never made good with his end of the bargain. Jaded and upset by his betrayal, she awakened the prince only in order to extract her vengeance against Maedaras. Of course Laharl was utterly furious with her once he found out the truth but Etna and the prince made up and remained as 'friends' regardless of her deceit.

During their journeys together, the duo met a young angel trainee from Celestia who was sent on a mock mission to assassinate the late king under the orders of Seraph Lamington. It soon turns out after Flonne decides to reside with the prince and Etna that Lamington was plotting to invade the Netherworld with human airships from Reial. It during this crucial time that Etna continued to serve Laharl and helped him defends the Netherworld from their invaders. However, despite defeating Captain Gordon and his assistant Jennifer, it turns out that Gordon was not sent by the Seraph to attack the Netherworld but rather to seek out a path to it so the invasion could begin.

Etna and her companions then learn that Celestia was behind this deed and make their way towards the angelic world. Defeating the archangel, Vulcanus, who also played a role in this devious plot, Etna and the others finally, face off against Seraph Lamington. Flonne tried to plea with Seraph and convince not to attack the Netherworld but her pleas were ignored. Deciding to punish Flonne for her traitorous deeds, Seraph Lamington turns her into a flower and an outraged Laharl attacks him. After a grueling battle, Etna and the prince decide to spare Lamington for Flonne's sake after becoming quite attacked to their angelic friend. It is because of this showing of compassion for his foe that Laharl passes this test from the Seraph, Flonne is restored from her flower form but is reborn as a Fallen Angel. With both Celestia and the Netherworld at peace, Laharl was announced as the Overlord and Etna and Flonne stay his side and live happily ever after… On the other hand, living happily ever after would have been far too boring for these demons.

Not to long after their epic victory, Etna and the prince get in a horrible fight over pudding (which is supposedly a rare delicacy) and quits her position as Laharl's vassal. Turning her back on the son of the great king some once loved admired, Etna traveled into the human world with the Prinny Squad in tow as a rogue Demon Lord. Plotting to take over all of Reial, Etna did not realize how difficult her road to conquest would be. She first traveled to the small desert town of Shashta, hoping to set up base there for her growing demonic army. Unfortunately, for her, she winded up being chased out by some of the locals there because her prinnies were stealing mana crystals out from the nearby mines.

Deciding to scram before the military from Garrettstown appeared, Etna fled into Vohemaro territory with only five prinnies left from the onslaught (The rest where killed or blown up from the skirmish) Wandering aimlessly throughout the Vohemaro countryside, Etna ended up at the front gates of the capital city, Berum. Deciding that Berum was suitable enough for her to set up shop, Etna created her own shipping business in town using the prinnies as her dirt-cheap laborers so she could save up enough money for her future plans.

Etna's ploy was to bribe the dark council with the money she earned so that she could become powerful enough to take over the Netherworld as 'Overlord'. During her skirmish with the military in Shashta, Etna tried to summon the Demon Lord Zenon to help aid her in battle using a toenail clipping she acquired, only to have this spell backfire on her. Mortified that all her powers where drained by this faulty spell, Etna desired for an easier way to reclaim her former glory by seeking the aid of the dark council but they turned against too. The Dark Council viewed Etna as an outsider of their court now that she was no longer a vassal of Laharl and refused to help. Etna of course disagreed with their decision but she wasn't given the opportunity to make her argument solid.

Now exiled from the Netherworld, Etna spent the next few months in Berum in the quiet side of town. She was about to give up on her plot to become a Demon Lord and just settle down to a normal and simple life. However, once rumors about the infamous Fiertia reached her ears, the devious demon girl began to plot once again. Despite her plans so far being a bust, Etna decided that she would make a lot more money as Brave Vesperia guild member than as a simple shop owner. Deciding to sneak aboard the vessel under the disguise of a mild-mannered human girl, Etna dragged the Prinny Squad with her and joined the Fiertia as their newest cook…

However, not after completely burning her business down to the ground and claiming that arsonists did it so she could collect on the insurance money. Etna wasn't about to sneak off with some wild mercenaries without having some sort of cash on her. Unfortunately, she had to sacrifice a prinny to do this. This probably explains why there are only four of them left.


  • Lahral- Still ticked off at Laharl for not sharing his dessert with her, the two of them are currently not on speaking terms right now.
  • Rise Kujikawa- Etna is honestly unsure what to think about the former starlet, finding her in-between being a nuisance but also a further friend. The demon girl would be lying if she didn't think Rise reminds her a little bit of Flonne. The two of them could become good friends someday, that is...whenever Etna stops with the lying.
  • Grell Sutcliff- Etna probably likes Grell mainly because she sees little bits of herself within this flamboyant, chainsaw wielding human! She likes Grell's strange personality because the both of them LOVE hurting people (breaking bones and such) while at the same time they are both fairly logical and wise.

It is hinted that perhaps the two of them will probably having a more 'brother and sister' sort of relationship in the future. If so, I think the Fiertia's crew should be trembling in fear soon.


Nuff said.


  • [urlhere Etna Does Kropmork] Watch her tear Kropmork a new one to find a perfect gift for Amicus!


  • Etna has a fondness for pudding, cookies and oddly enough..porridge.
  • The name of Etna's four prinnies are: Warren, Silver, Pizzicato and Jimmy
  • Even if her wings are too small for her to fly, Etna sometimes can hover or float using them.
  • Etna is fond of fetish/bondage gear.

Rumor MillEdit

She is the most beautiful demon of ALL the Netherworld~! *yeah, right*


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