Estellise Sidos Heurassein
Gender Female
Age 18
Race Human/Mage
Ship The Fiertia
Position Healer
Birthplace Erealia
Nationality Erealian
Faction Erealia

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There is something about Estelle that is very pleasant and welcoming. She's a sweet and thoughtful girl with truly selfless intentions, and is polite as often as possible because of her noble upbringing. While humble without being too self-degrading, she's confident about her abilities and looks, sometimes growing quite frustrated when met with an opposite opinion or when her own is challenged.

Growing up seventeen years in a castle without much time to venture much outside the grounds, Estelle discovered she had much time to read. Her library was her sanctuary, and it was a rare sight to see her without her nose in a book. She has an eidetic memory, in which she can recall passages and chapters she reads word for word, making her quite the encyclopedia. Of course, she can't know everything, and doesn't claim to, but her memory is useful in many ways, especially during a tight situation. After having read every single book in her library, some twice, she's very knowledgeable about the outside world, despite not seeing much of it apart from in pictures and outside the windows. Additionally, Estelle is very observant and rather insightful, particularly in conversation.

It is probably enough to say that she's a goody two shoes. Perhaps it's because she was raised as a member of royal blood, or because she truly is against things she knows will end badly -- or maybe it's both. Estelle will voice her honest opinion when it comes to the topic of criminal activity, particularly if she is being forced to participate. She is wholeheartedly against shady deeds like breaking and entering, picking locks, or stealing, and will make it known if she must. Despite being a stick in the mud, though, she does have an adventure-seeking side that loves the thrill of a chase.

Estelle's loveliness, however, is countered by her naivety, mostly from being sheltered. It's pretty easy to fool her, but even easier to get her distracted-- if she doesn't get distracted on her own, that is. She will literally wander off in the middle of a conversation, depending on the person. Her attention span is more or less non-existant, especially if she's in a hurry. Books have the tendency to draw her in so completely that she won't hear people when they're talking to her. They, at least, keep her concentration in one place. Estelle's kind of a handful and rather nosy, but she has a good heart.

If there's something that Estelle can do well, it's put her mind to something. If she has a goal, she will strive toward it with great determination, and sometimes, unrealistic ideas of how to reach them. It takes a lot to get her to change her mind, leading her to be pretty stubborn, but with persistence, she will eventually agree or change her mind if proven wrong or chided. Living without a mother figure took its toll on Estelle, and so she dreams of being a strong woman like she imagined her mother to be. She admires confident women, sometimes to the point of idolization, and her whole life she's been searching for someone to be a role model for her. While she can't recognize all of her flaws, she acknowledges she isn't perfect and that no one is, so she tries her best every day to be a helpful as she can.


All of Estelle's life was spent living as a noble. She was born in Erealia, as her parents were before her, and their parents before them. As a child, she was doted on constantly, and given as many books and toys and attention as a young girl could dream of. Her life was happy, then, and full of love, even though her parents were somewhat absent from it. There was little to be sad about, and despite being unable to leave the castle, Estelle was content with everything that she had.

The years that followed were less so, but still she remained positive. Things changed in the world of political affairs, making it difficult to see her mother or father often. It was then that she began to emerse herself in books, often falling asleep in the grand library. Seeing her dozing off in the chairs with piles of novels, new and old, propped up next to her was a sight that others in the castle came to find normal after a while. When Estelle was seven, she made it her mission to read every single book in the library, and dilligently began with a fiery determination. But they were often too complicated to understand when she was that young, so she'd put them aside for reading once she was older. After all, the library wasn't going anywhere, was it?

Her adolescence was, for the most part, uneventful. She was educated inside the castle, as public schooling was a foreign concept in Erealia, and took her studies very seriously. If she wasn't already a book worm then, she had certainly become one then. All of her tutors were pleased with her work, and often gave her extra work to do once she had finished. Estelle found her studies far too easy after a while, and was given university-level homework to compensate. All of her reading the years prior surely paid off, as she owed a lot to her books.

When she was 16, she met a knight named Flynn, who had been sent to Erealia on official knight business. Estelle only knew of the Parliamental Knights from her readings and stories from other nobles in the castle, and she'd come to admire them and what they stood for, unknowing of what unjust deeds they could do. She was naive, and rightly so, having been kept away from the real world for so long. She'd insisted Flynn come visit whenever he came to Erealia, and grew to know him better with each visit. It might have been love, but she wondered if it was really just admiration.

Life in the castle, by the time she turned 18, had turned stagnant. With the exception of her library, there was nothing more that satisfied her apart from gazing outside of her windows. She felt like a bird caught in a gilded cage, and longed to see the world she'd read about in her books. Pictures could hardly compare to the real thing. Estelle was a candidate to ascend to the imperial throne, as a young emperor or empress was desired to rule, and though she was only distantly related by blood, she was still considered eligible. But though Estelle knew it was expected of her, she couldn't really see herself as empress. How could she be fit to rule over a kingdom she had never seen with her own eyes?

And so one cold night, when most of the castle was asleep, Estelle left the castle with nothing but a bag of money, her favourite book, and a cloak. Security was rather lax, and she easily slipped past the knights standing guard. To her relief, a passing merchant allowed her to ride to the nearest port city, where she commadeered a ship and crossed overnight to the mainland. It was an impulsive decision, surely. But she couldn't bear to be there any longer. She had to see what it was she was missing.

And so began her journey into a now very three dimensional Reial.


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