Gender Male
Age 331
Race Jägerkin (biochemically altered human)
Ship the 4423
Position Seaman
Birthplace Mechanicsburg, Vohemar
Nationality Vohemaro, though just considers himself Jäger more than anything else.
Faction The Heterodynes and the Jägers.

Furry, green, good with knives or with mixing drinks, Dimo's probably the most gregarious of the Jagerkin in game.


Dimo has always had a reputation for being "the smart one" in a group. Jagers are assumed by the general populace to be a little more than savage monsters, their only thought for blood, killing and the hunt. While this is occasionally true, particularly when you have a large of group of them together and they fall into a pack mentality, it isn't always the case. Dimo is proof of this. Having traveled with only a small cadre of companions for many years in the past, Dimo has learned to think on his feet, and is generally a few steps ahead of his friends when it comes to planning and strategy. He's alarmingly perceptive at times, but is, for the most part, rather humble about his intelligence. It's just something that he's good at, and he doesn't rub it in people's faces. He can come off as a bit jaded and world-weary, but the mood passes quickly as his enthusiasm for new people and new situations takes over. He's used to playing a "big brother" role in group dynamics, but is always ready to have fun, whatever form that fun may take. Dimo can also be quite debonair and dashing when he tries, and will good-naturedly hit on a lady that he finds attractive. He doesn't always take his target's interest in him into account before he makes a move, but if she turns him down, he takes it in stride. Love is a game, after all, and the more you practice, the better your aim gets. Dimo has a dry and slightly sarcastic sense of humor, but doesn't usually use it to put others down. He's more likely to comment on a situation than anything else, and he appreciates wit in others. His humor can also tend towards the black and morbid side of things, but again, is usually delivered cheerfully, even in the face of almost certain death.


Dimo grew up in the outskirts of Mechanicsburg,a town in the east of Vohemar that's near the Badlands, the second child and first boy in a family with six children. (This was all 300+ years ago, in-game. Dimo is 331.) His parents made a modest living making and selling stringed musical instruments, and he grew up surrounded by music. Though he was never as good as his father or sisters, he did learn to play the violin fairly well. His job in the family was to process catgut (made from the intestines of sheep, no cats involved) and string the instruments. He picked it up quickly, and became quite good at it, to the amusement of the other kids in town. He became something of a bully in his early life, being bigger and stronger than the other boys around him. Dimo never received any formal schooling, but was quite proficient in the things that mattered: being able to do an excellent job at his work, and supplementing the family's diet with wild game. He never married, and as the oldest son, entered the military at the age of 18. He never had a high rank, but the pension that he received allowed him to take care of his parents in their dotage as his siblings went off to marry and start families of their own. His parents died when Dimo was in his 20s, and though he inherited the family business, the life of an instrument maker didn't really appeal to him, especially after the excitement of military life. Eager for something to get him away from a place filled with so many memories, Dimo left the family lands and shop to his elder sister, and volunteered for Jager service with the Heterodyne family. He is, quite possibly, one of the only people ever to actually volunteer for Jager service. Better men than Dimo had died from imbibing the Jagerdraught, but he was one of the lucky ones to survive the process. He was now a Jägermonster, an essentially immortal construct soldier who would dedicate life and limb to protecting the family of the scientist that he served. The brew gifted him with superhuman abilities and near immortality, as well as a new-found appreciation for really nice hats. The majority of the other Jägers that Dimo hung around with were also from Bavarian-esque communities as he was, and so retained their rather thick accents. This sometimes makes it difficult for non-Jagers to understand what they're saying. After serving for several years as a drill sergeant, Dimo was made a scout for his regiment, a detail that allowed him to hone his skills of observation to a fine point. Eventually, the descendants of the original Master disappeared without a trace, and the Jagerkin found themselves without a home or a family to protect. They voluntarily entered into service with a powerful local Baron, but sent out small groups of volunteers from within the ranks go out into the world and find an heir to the Master's title and lands. In this way, the Jagers could say that they had not abandoned their duty to their old masters. It was essentially a suicide mission, and the volunteers knew that they would never be able to come back. Dimo was one of these volunteers, and he, along with his fellow Jagerkin Maxim and Oggie, wandered the known world for years, never expecting to find more than a few monsters to kill. to their great surprise and delight, they managed to locate the Agatha Heterodyne, the young woman who was heir to the family name, and helped restore her to her rightful position as Mistress of all that her ancestors had gained. Agatha attempted to free Dimo and his party from their servitude, but they would have none of it. Instead, they set out on a quest to find her long-lost uncle and father, Barry and Bill Heterodyne. The four Jagermonsters parted ways with the utmost reluctance, and didn't see one another for five years. For the most part, Dimo kept busy as a caravan guard, hiring himself out to along the trading routes of the Badlands as protection against bandits and monsters alike. Recently, however, he heard stories of the 4423 from a traveler whose wagon he was protecting, and more specifically stories of a Jager or two serving as crew members. His curiosity aroused, Dimo signed on with the ship when a roster was passed around a bar in Trewe.


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Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Dimo has recently signed on as a seaman aboard the 4423. He's friends with both of the Jagermonsters on board the ship, and they've known each other for years. He's gregarious and likes to meet new people, so eventually, most of the crew will run into him. Very, very obviously a demihuman.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Dimo doesn't put special effort into keeping his relationship with Maxim a secret, but he doesn't exactly advertise it, either. He's looking for the other member of his merry little band, Ognian, and has yet to find him. Other than that, Dimo's sort of an open book. If you ask him, you'll likely get an answer, though it may not be something that you wanted to hear...

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: Anyone who's from the area where Castle Heterodyne is located will probably have heard of Jagers, and will likely have heard all sorts of horrific stories, most of which are true. Raiding villages, wiping out small armies, that sort of thing. It's all in a day's work for Dimo, which is why there's not much in his past that's privileged information. He's proud of every bloody little detail, which may seem very confusing to anyone not familiar with the Jager mindset.