As you travel throughout the land, you're bound to run into someone that doesn't seem quite human. Whether they have pointed ears, strange, non-magical abilities, or even barely look normal at all, you've just met a demihuman.

Most demihumans do have human blood in them. This is simply a catch-all term to describe anyone who doesn't have normal attributes. Their origins are many and varied, which can often cause friction within their own communities. Demihumans have been known to be the result of anything from magical backlash to experimentation to (sometimes rapid) evolution.

Due to being such a small group, and also because of how strange they are, there can be a lot of discrimination against demihumans depending on what area you're in. The word 'dreck' is slightly insulting slang used to refer to them. Sometimes, even normal people who have had disfiguring injuries are lumped in with demihumans - and the definition of demihumans also includes non-intelligent creatures that have a human-like form, such as harpies.


Surprisingly, Ivona is more tolerant of the demihuman community than is Vohemar. While prejudice does still exist, most Ivonians maintain an air of politeness in their contact with demihumans. Ivona's courts also protect many of their rights, drawing on Ivona's commitment to justice.

Though they may be protected by law, but many people are still wary of demihumans. Demihumans usually experience discrimination in less obvious ways, whether through being denied jobs or certain services. The greatest discrimination is probably located in the military, which exploits their talents while often giving them subordinate status. It is often harder for demihumans to rise up int he ranks without considerable effort.


Vohemar, on the other hand, is less than enthusiastic about demihumans, especially among its higher officials. Due to the country's frequent monster attacks, demihumans are viewed in a similar manner, as something dangerous to family and crop. Tensions often flair up between demihumans and humans, resulting in large brawls. Unlike in Ivona, there are few laws in Vohemar, so unwarranted violence against demihumans can be a common occurrence.

Bars are about the only places where the two groups can meet mutually. While fights still do occur in these places, most have issued a kind of nonverbal truce, leaving the fights for outside. But perhaps that's only so they don't get kicked out and lose the booze.

Recently Vohemar has issued a law that would require demihumans to register with the town in order to enter government buildings. [1] This was met with much outrage by the demihuman community, and caused the wedge between humans and demihumans to grow all the more.


The Badlands have a "don't ask" policy. Being that most of the Badlands is composed of outcasts and outlaws, demihumans aren't seen as exceptionally strange. Here tolerance has become indifference, and demihumans may live freely. However, due to the rough nature of the Badlands, it's not really the paradise demihumans are looking for.