Colvus is the breadbasket of Vohemar and one of the five largest towns. However, it's constant monster attacks make it a difficult area to live in.


As one of the five largest cities in Vohemar, Colvus's mayor, Derrick Molina, holds special power as one of the five mayors who govern Vohemar. Because of this, Colvus is often able to procure special privileges for its own benefit.

The town itself is governed very loosely, and it is well known that Mayor Molina often turns a blind eye to certain unsavory activities happening within the town. However, as a major exporter of agricultural goods, there are very strict laws about the use of land which, if broken, can result in heavy fines or jail time.

Because of frequent monster attacks, Colvus has a highly specialized militia trained to deal with them. Mercenaries will also sometimes be hired to deal with problem areas when the militia fails.


Colvus began as a series of homesteads when Vohemar was first colonized by Ivona. Tracts of land were deforested and converted into plots for crops or grazing areas for cattle. Because of the land's fertile soil, the area soon prospered, prompting special attention from officials in Ivona. It was hoped that the area could become a great agricultural center that could be used to feed all of Ivona, which was even at this time beginning to feel the strains of overpopulation.

However, those officials in Ivona didn't have to deal with the constant monster attacks that plagued the everyday farmer. Even so, Ivonian officials demanded more and more produce for bare minimum prices, pushing farmers to their limit. As tensions between Ivona and the colony of Vohemar became more heated, Ivona's demands became desperate. But the Colvus's farmers would have none of it, and when the fighting finally broke out, they were some of the first on the front lines.

Once Vohemar became an independent country, Colvus began to prosper. Free from the constraints of Ivonian officials, they developed a more effective system of cultivating the land and established their own set of prices, selling their produce across all of Reial.

Now Colvus remains one of the largest towns in Vohemar. While many areas still remain spread out, a sort of town center has sprung up, as well as a market area where people sell their produce to the townsfolk and merchants. There are also many restaurants that boast great food made with local produce. Smaller, seedier areas have also cropped up as the town has grown, earning the town a reputation for catering to different kinds of hunger.


The Sanerome River cuts right through Colvus, and that combined with its naturally fertile land makes it an ideal place for agriculture. Irrigation channels run from the river to each in the fields in an elaborate system.

Most of the land is separated into various sized rectangular plots, all belonging to different citizens. There are few trees; most of the area was clear cut in the town's earlier days to make more room for farming and cattle grazing. There are some attempts for conservation and reforestation, but most citizens ignore these attempts and continue to do as they please with the land. As long as the land is mostly cared for, the government also turns a blind eye.


The majority of Colvus's population work as farmers, either tilling their own plots of land or working as hired hands on some of the larger plantations. Land is often handed down through family lines, and there are often fights over land succession.

Others work in town, though jobs there are limited since agriculture is still the main focus. Those who can't find work on the plantations or in town are often forced to migrate to other areas or seek "alternative" employment.


Colvus's education system in limited. There are few primary schools, but as most citizens are expected to return to work on their parents' or others' farms, higher education is often not emphasized or encouraged. Those who want to pursue their education usually go to Berum.


Red Light District - Enjoy Colvus's own brand of countryside hospitality.