Cimorene Elysson
Cimorene Elysson image
Gender Female
Age 25
Race Human
Ship The 4423
Position Cook
Birthplace Erealia
Nationality Erealian
Faction Neutral

Cimorene is the practical cook of the 4423 and she will not stand for your nonsense.


In addition to having an unprincessish appearance, Cimorene is quite unprincessish in her manner and interests. As she was growing up, she often found herself exasperated with what she was expected to learn. This often resulted in the convincing of her tutors to teach her something more interesting; which led to her parents being exasperated in HER! Things like sword fighting, magic, cooking or politics just aren't done by princesses.

Not that Cimorene has ever really cared. She has a very strong personality and will often do just as she pleases. She is independent and is not afraid to forge ahead on her own trail. As such, she would have never been happy sitting at home in a castle somewhere, waiting on her price to come and rescue her. Cimorene would much rather rescue herself, thank you very much.

However, that is not to say that she is above taking good advice where it is offered. She is always willing to turn to someone who is more knowledgeable than she, when she needs help. Or, if that fails here, there is always a book somewhere that is an authority on the subject.

Over all, Cimorene is a neat and sensible young lady that just doesn't hold for silly things like spending hours on one's hair in the morning or practicing the proper way of sitting down while in the presence of a dignitary from Bellcius in order to best show off one's figure, while at the same time displaying a certain sort of princessy innocent. No, no. Cimorene is much more the kind of girl who would rather have a good book to curl up with or a task to tackle, any day.


Cimorene was born the youngest daughter of a lesser branch of the royal family of Erealia that was somehow able to keep a hold on the prince and princess titles. She has five older sisters, all lovely and blonde, and her parents are kind and attentive, if a little bit … misplaced in their desires and hopes for their youngest daughter.

You see, her parents had this idea in their hands that princesses were supposed to know things like how to dance properly, how to curtsey, and the proper way to faint when one has been kidnapped by a dragon. These sorts of things never interested Cimorene. She was much more interested in sword fighting or politics or perhaps astronomy and would often con her tutors into teaching her these much more interesting past times.

Now, her parents were quite appalled by this. Astronomy was just not done by princesses. So every time they were tipped off that their daughter was learning something unprincessy (as they always did), the tutor was fired and a new one was found. Which, Cimorene would then con into teaching her something more interesting. This went on for several years before anything was done about it.

One year, just before her 20th birthday, Cimorene had, had quite enough off being a princess and was looking for a different vocation. Her fairy godmother, a nice old woman with probably no demihuman blood in her to speak of, was called for in the hopes that she would have some sort of advice for Cimorene. The meeting was a dismal failure. The fairy godmother came out of it and immediately spoke to Cimorene's parents. Drastic measures had to be taken, and quickly, if their daughter was ever going to be a proper princess.

Those drastic measures turned out to be a marriage between Cimorene and a nearby neighboring prince. Cimorene was quite horrified. The boy was completely self obsessed, liked to speak on and on about his triumphs in tournaments and had, in Cimorene's opinion, no redeeming qualities to speak of. So she ran away, as one does in these sorts of situations.

Through the strict following of some very good advice given by a frog, Cimorene quickly found herself taken in as the dragon Kazul's princess. It was a very fine job and it fit her perfectly. She quickly put to use her varied education b cooking dragon sized meals and cleaning and sorting dragon sized rooms. She even discovered and started using a spell that made her impervious to even dragon fire; which was especially useful, as some of the dragons had tempers. Cimorene was sure that they wouldn't mean to rose a princess to a crisp, but them being sorry afterwards really would do her much good.

Still, as happy as Cimorene was, her time with the dragon's was marked by danger and adventure. Through the help of a few sensible friends, Cimorene was able to uncover a plot to kill the King of the Dragons and install a new King on the thrown. A king that would allow a sneaky and dangerous group of wizards access to the magical substances in the caves in which the dragon's lived. With her friends, a bucket of soapy lemon water and the help of a very boring book, Cimorene was able to defeat the wizards and their dragon usurper. Through all of this, Cimorene's dearest friend, Kazul, was crowned king.

Cimorene took over the position of the King's Cook and Librarian and had several more adventures. But, once things calmed down, she started to get restless. Kazul didn't really need her any more. Things more or less ran themselves. Still, Cimorene lingered, telling herself that she couldn't possibly leave Kazul. Who would make her Cherries Jubilee?

Then, one day, just after her 23rd birthday, Kazul took Cimorene aside. She told her, flat out, that she was wasting her life away here and that, if she didn't start packing up for a new adventure right now, Kazul was going to set flame to each and every cupboard in the kitchen. Cimroene, who had just finished sorting out that kitchen for the third time, was forced to agree.

Which brings us to today. Traveling through Vohemar, Cimorene overheard that the good ship 4423, whatever that meant, had been without a real cook for some time. Well, Cimroene had thought, I can cook. Very well, in fact. And I'm used to making large portions. Perhaps this was the adventure she was sent out to find. With only a little bit of trepidation, Cimorene signed up.


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