Chi pic
Gender Female
Age 3 months
Race Feline (Tabby House Cat)
Ship Victoria II
Position Cabin Boy
Birthplace The Winding Way, over Vohemaro airspace
Nationality Undefined
Faction Ivona

A tiny kitten carried away on a ship of madmen...


For the most part, Chi is a complete innocent. Her entire life has been with her mother and siblings, as so she has no real experience with the outside world. Because of this she is eternally curious. Always getting into things and asking what they mean. Her curiosity can be rather annoying, or endearing, depending on the person. She has no concept of person space or property, or anything resembling tact. She just doesn’t know better.

She is also a very friendly creature. She’ll walk up to most people or creatures and say hi, or ask to play. In her mind everyone and everything thinks like she does, and wants to play or nap all the time. Though she DOES have an animal’s sense of really unpleasant people, and will be rude to those that give her a bad “vibe”.

But like all young children, Chi can be a royal brat at times. If she wants something, she wants it NOW, and no is not an answer. She will hiss and fight if someone tries to get her to do something she doesn’t want to do. She might even plot revenge… though her attention span generally isn’t good enough for anything too complex. If her desires aren’t filled she’ll sulk and grumble for hours, turning away most attention, though food might get her attention back.

Under her child-like personality though, Chi is really a loyal and dedicated cat. She’ll do her best to protect her “comrades”, though she can be quite the coward. All she really wants is a home and a family to love her, and she’ll never forgive anyone who tries to take that away from her.


Chi was born to a happy, but odd life. Her mother was one of the many cats aboard the exotic theatre ship, The Winding Way. The animals had been adopted here and there by one of the crewmen, and Chi’s mother had come aboard already heavy with her newest litter.

Chi was one of three kittens, along with her two brothers. And for awhile, life was very good. The crew was kind and feed her mother well, and when they were big enough, the kittens as well. They named her ’Chi’, and she liked that name just fine. The ship was full of fun things to do, and many things to explore. So as soon as she was big enough to move around, the tiny kitten got into just about everything.

But then something awful happened. While exploring near her mother, Chi saw a strange bag. Ever curious the kitten looked inside. It was full of shineys! Fascinated she crawled inside, only to have the bag closed and carried away. She was trapped in the bag for a days, unable to be heard. Unknown to her, the shineys where mana stones. And not just any stones. These kind were refined for spell purposes. And also unknown to the kitten it was the Long Night. The magic in that bag was powerful, and it kept her alive without eating the whole week, and absorbed into her tiny body. Once the bag was finally opened she lept free, darting away. Separated from the stones her hunger returned, but something else had changed. It was if she had taken in the shards of memory in those stones. Words filled her mind for the first time, though to her it had always been this way.

She had no idea where she was...

Chi has been on the Victoria II ever since, though only a handfull of people even realize that she's a cat, assuming she's a small child.


Hijikata Toshirou: Chi's new mommy, like it or not

Miles Edgeworth: Other favorate petter

Seras Victoria: The lady with the nice voice.

Manfred von Karma: Scary beyond all reason.


Chi descovers that she's on the wrong ship.

Hijikata scolds Chi for scaring him and the rest of the crew...


  • Chi is in truth the demonic god Chithulu, Destroyer of Minds. Her current alliance with Ryoji Mochizuki has been going downhill since he learned she was un-doable.
  • Chi was sent by the Ivonian government to slowly cause descent amoung the Victoria II's crew through pure cute.
  • Chi is why Chuck Norris waits.
  • Chi has been known to beat the land speed record when chased by grumpy Boatswains. Only hedgehogs in breeding season are know to move faster, and that is highly debatable.
  • Chi is the main draw for new players, now that Garfield is gone.

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