The biggest of the major five cities in Vohemar, Berum has existed as the central point for the country ever since it was first founded back in colonial times. Berum is a home of many first - the first revolts against Ivona, the first city to muster up an army, and the to come to the aid of the other cities in the name of kicking Ivona out.

Now, centuries later, Berum is generally regarded as the capital city of Vohemar even though it hasn't been formerly declared as such. The main focus of Berum is trade, and most expeditions formed to cross the Badlands often get their goods from here before starting out in Trewe. It's also a kind of 'political seat', as the five mayors meet in a secret location here every year to discuss the status of the nation and issues relevant to it. Predictably, the highest population of Vohemar's rich live in Berum.