The Badlands is one area that, overall, has never managed to be completely claimed by any one nation. This is largely due to a combination of an inhospitable landscape and very few natural resources. Its mountains (which have never been formally named) are the most obvious feature of this area, but the semi-arid desert stretching out across both sides of the mountains are what most people think of when they hear the name.

The Badlands acts as a natural barrier between Ivona and Vohemar, and helped to deter a lot of aggression between the two countries in the past, before air travel was common. There's no single ruler of the Badlands, and anyone claiming to be is only kidding themselves. The few small towns scattered throughout the area mostly survive thanks to being located along established trading routes.

The mountains do contain metals, and mana crystals as it's been rumored, but Vohemar has no interest in it and Ivona prefers to mine the sub-range that stretches northeast out of the desert. Other notable things to be found in the Badlands include a wide range of strange, dangerous creatures, and a fairly large number of abandoned towns and other ruins.

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