Asch the Bloody
Gender Male
Age Seventeen
Race Human
Ship The Fiertia, formerly of the Silvana
Position Strategist
Birthplace Erealia; if asked, will claim it was Kropmork-Nahk
Nationality Erealian; raised for seven years in Kropmork. Claims to be Kropmorkian.
Faction Brave Vesperia

Asch the Bloody is an enigmatic swordsman. He's loud, grumpy, and undeniably skilled. Asch is one of the Strategists onboard the Fiertia.


Most people who have met Asch would describe him as grumpy.

That is an understatement.

Asch is an extremely irritable person. Arrogant and elitist, he gets frustrated easily and is prone to yelling at people once he has lost his patience, something he doesn't have much of in the first place. Asch is most definitely not a people person. He has yet to meet someone that he can tolerate, let alone like. As of yet, Asch lacks any real friends. He only has acquaintances and subordinates. As a result, Asch is difficult to interact with due to his pride and his somewhat skewed belief in the competence of those around him.

If anyone manages to get to Asch, he most likely wouldn't treat them much better. He will care about them, but will rarely, if ever, show it. Asch, in a nutshell, is the lone wolf type because things always have to be his way and not anybody else's. Asch is a great fighter, but pretty much fails at everything else in life.


Asch wasn't always Asch.

He was born under a different name: Luke Fon fabre. The Fabres were a family of dukes and duchesses, directly related to royalty. Situated in Erealia, Luke was born into a privileged lifestyle. He had servants, didn't have to worry about anything, and was your typical spoiled noble.

When he was ten years old, he was kidnapped. Panic broke out at the Fabre manor, and a huge search party was conducted. The party was a success, and a red-headed ten-year-old was brought safely back.

But, there was a problem. The child had amnesia, and no matter what doctors tried, he could not regain his memory. Eventually, it was decided that they would stop trying to recover his lost memory and start building new ones. Life went on for the Fabres. They noticed some personality changes in Luke, but they thought it was the amnesia that caused the change.

What they didn't know, however, was that the child was actually not amnesiac. The child could not recall his memories because he had none to begin with. The red-headed boy the search parties found and brought home was not Luke fon Fabre, but a complete and perfect replica, a synthetic human born from the marvels of science and magic, a wonder of the modern world. The replica would continue to grow and develop just like a normal child and nobody but the most intelligent and well-versed scientists would be able to tell the difference. In fact, replica technology is currently an underground science due to the ethical issues that come with it. The kidnappers deliberately created this fake Luke to fool everyone, while they kept the real Luke. Unlike most kidnappers, these people were not looking for money or political gain. They were looking specifically for Luke's hyperresonance power, which he had yet to discover and learn to use. To this day, the Fabres are still unaware that the Luke they have now is not the same Luke from seven years ago.

The kidnappers took the real Luke to Kropmork-Nahk once the panic over Luke's kidnapping died down. It was there that Luke was given a new name: Asch. The leader of the kidnappers was a skilled swordsman, and taught Asch everything he knew, from swordplay to fonic artes. At first, like any child, Asch longed to return home, but he was entirely fascinated in what his kidnapper had to teach him and began soaking up the lessons. And his parents hadn't tried very hard to find him, did they? They got the wrong kid and they couldn't even tell that the replica wasn't their son! Asch's desire to return to the Fabre manor and his memories of his home soon faded. He had a new life now. In fact, he cast off the name Luke fon Fabre completely. After all, someone else was using it now, right? That wretched replica could have it, for all Asch cared.

Years later, after Asch had learned everything he could, he finally learned his kidnappers' true intentions and left. He had been taught well, too well, and nobody was able to stop him from leaving. But now that he was finally free, now what? He couldn't go back to Erealia. He didn't want to go back. Instead, he headed for the main Reial continent, searching for a solution to his problem. Along the way, he got into many fights - with monsters, bandits, and people just looking for a friendly duel. Inadvertently, Asch had built up a reputation for himself as a swordsman. He was so fierce that people started to call him Asch the Bloody, and that was just fine with Asch.

Without a home to return to, Asch's best bet was to find one. But without much money to his name, the best course of action was to join an airship crew. None of the ships seemed to suit him, however. He did not want to join either an Ivonan or Vohemaro ship - he didn't want to get involved in the stupid war. Most neutral ships did not suit him either. Most of them were merchant ships and Asch had no intention of becoming a trader. Finally, he found the Silvana, which seemed perfect for him. A reputed cursed vessel with an astounding battle record. Perhaps they could be of use to each other, and he signed on as one of the ship's strategists.

Later, once he felt that the Silvana was no longer the place for him, he moved to the Fiertia.


Luke fon Fabre

Asch's replica, met by chance when on the expedition to salvage the Montague. Despite having no desire to return to his former life, Asch bears ill will towards his replica, part of it because this fake who stole his life from him, another part redirected anger towards his parents for failing to recognize that the replica wasn't his son. Despite how poorly Asch treats Luke, he does not hate replica, just merely gets frustrated with him and Luke is the unfortunate symbol of everything that went wrong with Asch's life.

Isshin Kurosaki

Asch didn't expect much from Isshin when they were partnered up for the Montague mission. Asch was pleasantly surprised and impressed at Isshin's intelligence and skills, so much that to the point that Asch wished to keep in touch with Isshin even after leaving the Silvana.

Gilbert Weillschmidt

Oh god, why!? Why is this fool Asch's superior!?

Hatsuharu Sohma

Asch just wonders what this guy is even doing on the Fiertia in the first place.




  • "SHUT UP!" -If you've met Asch, you've probably heard this at one point or another.


  • Asch's page was the 100th article created on this Wiki
  • Asch is actually ambidextrous. He is naturally left handed, but was taught to be right handed as a child due to table manners issues.
  • Asch's hair is slicked back to keep it from getting in his face. It's a lot more unruly in its natural state.
  • April 7th is Asch's birthday
  • Asch will sometimes refer to himself as "Ashes of the Sacred Flame." Unless you know of his past, you won't have any idea why he does this.
  • Asch is usually found in either the Strategists' room, or his own room on the Fiertia

Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: A swordsman who has been seen wandering Reial before signing onto the Silvana as a strategist. Through his remarkable swordmanship and fonic artes, he earned himself the name "Asch the Bloody." Nobody knows what Asch's last name is.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Asch is actually Luke fon Fabre, son of the Fabre house in Eraelia. At ten, he was kidnapped and a replica of him was made to fool search parties. Asch was then taken to Kropmork, trained, and eventually fought his way to freedom. Replication is a very hush-hush underground science. Only those with access to info to it or are experts on it even know it exists. A person armed with this knowledge may be able to figure out Asch's true identity.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: The kidnapping of Luke fon Fabre was a highly publicized event all over Reial. His name was spread by word of mouth, the tale of a crimson haired young man who could slay anything in his path. There's no media coverage on "Asch the Bloody," but in local towns, especially in Vohemar and the Badlands, they talk about him often, especially to travelers or people looking for a fight.