Anthy Himemiya
Anthytst2 must come help me...Help me get these golden bob-thingies off my shoulders, they ruin all my good outfits.
Gender Female
Age 19
Race Demi-Human
Ship The 4423
Position Cook
Birthplace Erealia
Nationality Erealian
Faction None

A cook aboard the 4423, and a very strange girl.


Anthy's personality is very difficult to get a handle on. Because she's been so traumatized, her natural personality doesn't quite manifest itself the way it might otherwise. Anthy first comes off as a very polite, very passive person who goes out of her way to make others happy and accommodate them. She speaks very mildly, and doesn't seem ruffled when someone is attacking her verbally. She seems hard working, diligent, and firmly disciplined. She seems calm and collected, but always slightly withdrawn into her own world. There is always something just a little bit off about her, she seems not quite in touch with things, the way other kids find home-schooled kids who haven't been socialized very well. In some ways she seems child-like, and in others much more mature then her years.

The more you get to know her however, the odder she becomes. On the one hand, there is a side to her that is very sweet and childlike: creative, whimsical and humorous. However, there is also another side to her that is very cold and detached, almost predatory. While she goes through all the motions of being nice, she doesn't really become attached to people emotionally. She is capable of being very callously unaffected by the things that happen to others, and there is a part of her that is very world weary and jaded. Anthy is very calculating, and very protective of herself. She has a tendency to view people as objects to be manipulated. While she doesn't do that in any of the normal ways, her politeness and 'niceness' are often just because she doesn't want that person to hurt her, not because she likes them in any way or cares about their happiness. This is such an automatic response for Anthy, and so tied up in her whole personality that it is not immediately apparent. Many people do this to a degree, but few people carry it to such a far extreme or keep themselves so emotionally isolated.

The one thing she genuinely feels a kinship with is animals. Anthy is a vegetarian, and will rescue animals in need of help. She thinks of animals as her 'friends' more so than people, and will talk to them and play with them in that way, which can seem very odd to other people.

Anthy is also empathic, and so is very easily influenced by the desires of others. Because of this, her personality often seems to change depending on who she is with and how they wish her to behave. This can come off seeming two faced if she doesn't do a good deal of maneuvering to keep everyone happy, and Anthy does realize this. She knows she can't please everyone, so she is willing to cut her losses if she realizes someone doesn't like her.

Because Anthy has such a strong tendency to behave how other people wish her to, in certain situations this can lead to her fighting with others. If someone is truly an aggressive person who craves drama and wishes someone to fight, Anthy will find herself being drawn towards that behavior even if her default position is to avoid conflict. Her first position of aggression is passive aggression, but if she is sharply startled or feels really threatened, she may react in a very cold, vicious and direct way. While Anthy will be mild tempered as much as she can be and won't go out of her way to start things, when her back is against the wall and she has to throw down the gauntlet she will. She has a very dark, destructive side to her nature which comes out under extreme stress, as a way to deal with events. She doesn't have a problem with seeming to undergo a complete personality transplant depending on who she is with, she is so changeable and mutable that change has almost become its own constant for her. She really doesn't have quite the same sense of self that other people do.

Her hobbies are gardening, drawing, playing the piano, cooking, reading and swimming. She also really enjoys recreational body swapping, with the right person, of course. She has a very unusual sense of humor, and enjoys subtly disturbing others.


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Dimo was the first person aboard the 4423 that Anthy met. Well, technically she met him before she was aboard, as he found her wandering around near the docks looking for work. She considers him special as he was the first friend she’s made in a relatively normal way. She appreciates his steady and gentlemanly demeanor. She’s been seeing less of him since he’s started seeing Maxim, as the two of them get along best whilst not occupying the same room.

Shinji Hirako

Anthy’s kind-of, maybe will-be-soon boyfriend. Anthy’s massive psychological issues make her conflicted about all relationships, but she likes Shinji a lot and wants to be with him. She’s just really nervous. She used to spend her time obsessing (excuse me, thinking about him), while plotting ways to get into his pants. Now she alternates between trying to get into his pants and freaking out because she thinks she’s about to be and then running away. What a prize you’re getting here, Shinji.

Utena Tenjou

A special person in Anthy’s life that really transcends any category you could place her in. Anthy was engaged to Utena when Utena was a duelist, although Utena never really accepted it as a real engagement, despite a moment or two Anthy thought she might be thinking differently. The two of them shared a room together in school, and Anthy has come to consider her Utena. Not like other people’s best friends, but that close.

Originally, Anthy hated Utena and resented her, just as she did all the other duelists, but over time their relationship has changed and grown in powerful ways. Utena prevented Anthy from committing suicide in an attempt to save Utena's life, only to be stabbed by her later while Anthy was under her brother’s control, during Utena's attempt to free her. The fact that Utena forgave her for this is something Anthy still struggles to accept.


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  • Anthy has a pet named Chu-Chu. He is a magical creature of uncertain origins she found on her windowsill one morning. He looks a little like a cross between a mouse and a monkey, and is about 4 inches tall.
  • Some of Anthy's other pets have included cats, rabbits, chickens, a cow, a mongoose and some snails she pulled off her roses and didn't have the heart to kill.
  • Anthy once turned a girl into a cow.
  • Anthy likes eating desert for dinner.
  • Anthy's favorite food is shaved ice.
  • Anthy once blew up her Home Economics classroom when a curry went terribly awry. The resulting magical explosion took out the stove, a window, most of the counter, and sent several students to the hospital.
    • It also caused her and Utena to swap bodies. This has since become her favorite spell.
  • Anthy used to keep a very large balloon float shaped like an octopus in her closet.
  • Anthy likes to make flip-books instead of studying.
  • Anthy once wore a tablecloth as a dress.
  • Anthy has difficulty being in large crowds. In the past, they have made her nervous to the point of having panic attacks.
    • The worst for her is dealing with a large crowd at a party where she doesn't know anyone.
  • Anthy's magic is in part tied to plants, so her ability to perform magic is the strongest when she is on the ground or especially near plants. It is weaker when she is in the air.
  • Anthy is a little coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs about roses. She really likes them, a lot. They seemed to be tied up with her magic in some fashion. She has a greater ability to manipulate them than other things, and they also are the best conduit for her magic, and are the easiest thing for her to draw power from.

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