Commander Amelia Quelis
Gender Female
Age 27
Race Demi-human of unknown race
Ship The Victoria II
Position Boatswain
Birthplace Bellcius, Ivona
Nationality Ivonan
Faction Ivonan Navy

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Tough as nails only scratches the surface. Amelia is a natural leader and has been described as "bloody brilliant" on more than one occasion. She's sharp, tenacious, bold, critical, and caring, though she'd never admit that last one. Her people skills are quite adept and she can convince almost anyone to do anything at any time. She truly does enjoy being around people, and can be quite social and jovial when she's with the right sort. On the other hand, her decisiveness often makes her seem uncaring and harsh, though in the end she only seeks to look out for those whom she feels responsible for. In dire circumstances she'll become blunt and loud and commanding, then turn around completely and become positively charming and encouraging. Her sense of humor, though very good, is also extremely dry. Often times she manages to wind up being the life of the party, though she says it's only when the party was dull to begin with. Her speech is quick and very British in accent and slang. Oftentimes it's difficult to get a word in edgewise with her and thusly she may frustrate people at times, especially those who are haughty and like to hear themselves talk.

What Amelia lacks in patience she makes up for in her ability to control her anger. Though she may become easily annoyed she's not known to blow up or lose her temper, even in the most extreme of circumstances. Her strong care for her friends and colleagues sometimes causes her to make enormous sacrifices and her selflessness has earned an impressive reputation.

Keeping her cool in the face of doom has become a specialty of hers. Her sense of duty is too strong to allow her to waver for something as trivial as certain death. In battle she's fearless and in control. Her morality and honor is strong, therefore she won't resort to killing unless it appears she has no other choice. However, when she must do it she won't question her own intuition and hops right to it, often screaming a stream of battlecries and taunts as her bullets fly. When all is said and done she simply refuses to regret.


Amelia was brought up in a strict, well-to-do, military household and spent most of her young adult life in a military academy. Despite the obvious demi-human bloodlines in her family which would normally cause discrimination, they had gained a ridiculous amount of power and influence through their distinctly inhuman abilities that helped make them into war heroes. No one in her living family can remember exactly why they appear to be humanoid-cats but it possibly had something to do with mad experimentation in inter-species mutation hundreds of years ago.

Her mother was a midwife and one of the most stubborn, stoic people Amelia had ever known. This was the person from whom Amelia inherited her toughness, no doubt. Her father was an admiral in the navy, and was Amelia's hero growing up. He was a kind and extraordinarily intelligent man, with a deep, resounding voice, an intimidatingly tall stature and a dark coat of fur. One of her favorite memories from her early childhood was sitting on the carpet after supper listening to her father tell his stories about the great battles he had fought against the evil pirates of Vohemar. This quite certainly was the root of her adulthood distaste for the scalawags.

School was always something she enjoyed because it was the only time she ever got to spend with others her age. She had been an only child and sometimes missed the companionship of other children. Most of her selfless nature comes from having not been able to experience the joys of sharing or camaraderie as a child.

Amelia's father had been quite a bit older than her mother and passed away from natural causes while she was a teenager in the academy. Her mother remained the ever stone-faced, "the show must go on" pillar of strength in the family, and Amelia had tried to follow suit but on the inside she was crushed. Nothing could ever fill the hole that her father had left in her life.

She left home at a very young age and enrolled in the Belarus Academy to begin an extremely successful military career. After joining the navy Amelia moved quickly through the ranks, becoming a captain at quite a young age. She'd almost single-handedly saved seven ships during a battle, thus earning her this title. Still, the politics and beaurocrasy of the military didn't quite fit with Amelia's standards and she soon found herself being demoted to a commander, mostly because of that stubborn streak. She responded to that remark as such: "They were big on protocol. I was big on results."


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Rumor MillEdit

She's been a boatswain on the Victoria II for nearly a year now and is known for being snappy, sharp-witted, pressed and poised, though all with good sense of humor. She conducts herself with great professionalism and is well-spoken of by superiors, particularly for her ability to have a good, solid handle on situations and the crew.

It's no secret that Amelia once had her own ship and lost command of it due to a sticky disagreement of ethics. However, if one were to dig deeper they might discover that she's quite frustrated with her current position and is working very hard to get her ship back. Just how far she's willing to go to accomplish that can only be judged by becoming familiar with her and her character. Generally she has strong morals and loyalty so she seems highly unlikely to resort to desperate measures of a scheming nature, but she is still quite cunning.

Those in or near Belcius and those with military contacts might be aware of the Quelis family's military tradition and great influence. They're mostly famous for having produced many war heroes throughout history. Amelia also made a bit of a name for herself with her top marks at the academy and highly successful Navy career up until the past year or two when she lost her ship and was transferred to the Victoria II.