Allen Walker
Gender Male
Age 18
Race Human
Ship The 4423
Position Seaman
Birthplace Unknown
Nationality Ivonian
Faction None

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Despite his odd looks, Allen is a polite and conscientious young man, happy to help out anyone who needs a hand, or even just a friend. He is also playful, enjoying friendly banter and joking about, whether actually telling jokes or showing off a few circus tricks. For the most part he is a very open and honest person - his feelings are almost always plain for everyone to see (the exception of this is during poker) which some may find endearing. The only problem is that he finds it hard to restrain himself when it comes to acting upon his emotions, leading to him being quite rash and impulsive. It also means that if anyone annoys him, they will know about it as he does have a temper...if they annoy him enough they will meet his 'dark' side.

This dark side is triggered usually by people who think they are better than him (or by insinuating that he is short.) but it also appears when he is playing card, dice and chance games. This 'state' is a very different view of the kind, sweet and honest Allen - in fact he becomes obnoxious, devious, cheating and downright dirty. If in a verbal spar, he will be playful but often hit below the belt, in a physical fight he will not hesitate to play dirty and in poker you don't stand a chance. This is all the end result of having been under Cross's 'care' for 6 years, and although he may look innocent, Allen is certainly not

Allen is driven by his emotions which can be a bonus, however there are times when it makes the situation much worse. He is very much the type to take action, and consider the consequences later, especially when it comes to his friends. His strong sense of justice also means that he wants to fight for people he feels are innocents or victims, and here he can be very headstrong. It takes a lot to make him stop and carefully consider plans of action. It also can take quite a bit of effort to snap him out of his 'Dark State' (especially if you're on the receiving end of it). He does also have a slightly explosive temper when it comes to people who wrong him (Cross, for example).


The beginning of Allen's life is shrouded in mystery - he has no memories of a family, a home or even of an orphanage. Before Mana all he remembers is living on the streets. He traveled around towns in west Ivona, stealing things from markets or unguarded homes out of necessity, being jeered at, spat at or even kicked if people saw him. He was considered a demon child in some places, and had been chased out of more than one town by fearful and angry inhabitants. The young boys life changed the day he met Mana Walker. Allen had snuck into the traveling circus, mainly for shelter from the rain. He watched the acts with wide eyed fascination, and when it was over he tried to stow away in one of the wagons. Needless to say he was caught, but instead of being given a beating the white haired child found himself being stared at. Mana saw past the grubby clothes, and the fact that the boy had also tried to steal his food...and he smiled. And with that came the offer of a new life, traveling and entertaining. Mana took Allen to see the ring leader who grudgingly accepted the boy, claiming he could be a freak act. He charged Mana with the boys care, and from then on the two were inseparable

Mana himself was a clown, however over the years he and the other circus folk taught Allen everything from juggling to fire tricks to tumbling. The young boy trained hard until he was more than just part of a freak show. There was something pleasing about hearing the audience gasping, cheering and applauding at tricks well done. Allen found that he loved to make people laugh, enjoying helping out with the clown acts from time to time. On the road he also learnt a little more about thievery, as well as gambling (you had to do something whilst riding in the back of a wagon for hours).

Life continued on like this for a time. Allen was happy, feeling he had found a family at last. After all, they may not be related but they were all freaks in one way or another, and everyone was accepted for who they were. Mana especially had become like a father to the boy - so much so that Allen took Walker as his last name. So, when Mana died, it was a shock to Allen and his whole world crashed down around him. As all children do, he blamed himself. He should have seen that Mana was unwell. He should have raised funds for a doctor and for medicine. Mana's last words were a plea for Allen to keep moving forward. Never look back. Never regret. But despite his promise, 12 year old Allen was found curled up next to Mana's grave marker by one Marian Cross

Cross's guardianship was very different. Allen was not treated like a son, but like an apprentice (or a slave). The boy was unwilling to leave at first, however Cross piqued his curiosity by telling the boy that he knew of the crystal embedded in his hand, and that if Allen was willing, he could learn to use it. He could become strong. He could protect the people he loved. Allen looked at him wide eyed - his hands were gloved, there was no way for Cross to know. Reluctantly he was forced to admit that Cross knew about the crystals, and that it would be a good idea to learn from the man, so he submitted to becoming Cross's apprentice. To this day, Allen isn't sure if this was the best decision he had ever made, or the worst. Unlike Mana, Cross was not a patient teacher. He struck out or shouted at the boy for any small mistake. He expected Allen to pick things up quickly, but at times it was hard to understand exactly what the man meant. For example, how could he 'activate' the mana if Cross didn't tell him how? Still, in time he did learn all sorts, from hand to hand combat to the origins and activation of mana. He was startled to see his arm writhing and twisting into a new shape. He could barely fight with the first weak forms that the activation caused, but over time the shape became perfected and his fighting improved. The weapon was just part of his body.

Aside from being a rather poor teacher, Cross, Allen soon learnt, was an alcoholic, a womaniser and a gambler to boot. He ordered Allen to work in whatever town they were in whilst he hung around in bars or brothels, taking full advantage of Allen's hard earnt money. The more Allen earnt, the more Cross spent until the young man decided that he was sick of earning money the honest way, and even more tired of going into their inn to find Cross had promised to pay the bills by lending the inn keeper Allens services for a week. Around this time Allen's Dark Side started to show. He honed his skills in gambling and sleight of hand to pay off his masters debts. He refused to lose, never ever wanting to be used as payment again. Eventually even this became too much. There were times where Allen would find Cross had gone off to another town, leaving behind only a pile of debts and bills. The last straw came when not only had Cross left him with a lot of expenses to pay, but had also stolen the young mans earnings from under his pillow as he slept. Allen did not seek Cross out again, instead he decided to find employment on an airship. It was the only way he could think of to get away from Cross's debts.


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  • Unwitting passenger aboard the 4423 after a case of mistaken identity, Allen joins the crew as a seaman.
  • Allen doesn't have any blood relatives that he knows of, so has no real ties to Ivona.
  • Has a mana shard embedded in his left hand, allowing him to shape shift the hand into a weapon.

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