Akihiko Sanada
Placeholder person
Gender Male
Age 18 (Birthday 21st June)
Race Human (Persona user)
Ship The Fiertia
Position Boatswain
Birthplace An unknown town, Vohemar
Nationality Vohemaro
Faction Brave Vesperia, SEES

A Boatswain on board the Fiertia, all you really need to know about Akihiko is that he likes to puuuuunch things.


The first thing anyone ever discovers about Akihiko is that he's almost always training. He has incredible focus, especially in regards to becoming stronger and more powerful. This obsession is part of the reason for his excitement when it comes to fighting, as well as his admiration for bravery, for having the guts to stand up and fight. But the continuous training is for a purpose: to save people. Having lost his sister in the past because he wasn't strong enough, Akihiko has made it his life goal to become stronger so he can save anyone. No matter how low the chance of survival, Akihiko will risk everything he has to save someone in danger, whether he will be backed by others or not.

So far, it may seem Akihiko is all brawn and no brains, but that is hardly the truth. While he may lead with his fists, Akihiko also knows a direct approach isn't always the answer to everything (even if it is his preference). As a result, when someone is being stubborn, he generally doesn't pressure them and will usually let them have their space. Additionally, the extreme focus he has on training is also applied to other areas such as his studies. Akihiko is intelligent and observant, able to pick up on small details and come up with theories and battle plans using both logic and his gut feelings.

However, when it comes to human interaction and romances, he is significantly less adept and understanding. It's not unusual for him to be amongst mixed company and have romantic implications completely fly over his head. But then again, Akihiko isn't the kind of person who seeks out friendships from other people; he's the kind of person who gains friendships and companions through circumstances and working in a team with them. As a result, it can take a long time (often years) for Akihiko to become close and comfortable with someone. But once he does, it's a bond that cannot be broken.


Akihiko was raised in a Vohemarian orphanage with his sister, Miki, and another boy, Shinjiro Aragaki. Life wasn't bad for them all things considered, but that changed when there was a fire that took the Miki's life. Held back from rescuing Miki by adults as the fire blazed through the building, Akihiko then made a personal vow that he would become stronger so he could save anyone from the same fate as his sister.

But life goes on, and Akihiko went on to continue school with Shinjiro, where they both awoke to the power of their Persona when they were fifteen. Luckily for them, there was another Persona user, a student in their year called Mitsuru Kirijo, who taught the two about their Personas and how to use them against monsters called Shadows. Few people knew of the Shadows; the Shadows only attacked during the dead of the night, draining the minds of non-Persona users until they were practically zombies. Mitsuru offered them the chance to join SEES, the Specialised Extracurricular Execution Squad, whose goal was to eradicate the Shadows. Both Akihiko and Shinjiro agreed. It was the Shadows that intrigued Akihiko the most; they were a source of a good fight... and consequently, would provide excellent training in his journey to become stronger.

And so their lives continued, school students by day, heroes by night. Akihiko soon became captain of the boxing team, while SEES' late night operations to eradicate the Shadows went relatively smoothly. That is, until one night where Shinjiro lost control of his Persona, which went wild and killed a woman. To Akihiko's disappointment, Shinjiro suddenly left SEES after that, practically dropping off the face of Reial. Despite this, Akihiko always held out hope that Shinjiro would eventually rejoin SEES.

After Shinjiro's departure, Akihiko continued to aid Mitsuru in their endeavours to eliminate the Shadows, but with one less Persona user when they had already been shortstaffed, it wasn't surprising that they were having difficulties. However, it wasn't long before more people within their school (and outside) began to awaken to the power of the Persona, and these students were recruited into SEES at the first opportunity. The Persona users within SEES at the end of the whirlwind of recruitment numbered eight, if you included the dog.

But as time went on, the number of leads they had to eliminate the Shadows were rapidly dwindling, while the Shadows' influence were spreading across Reial. SEES wasn't finding any answers where they were currently stationed, so Akihiko decided to follow one of their member's lead and leave the area. He intended to gather information regarding the Shadows elsewhere, as well continue his training so he was prepared for whatever future challenges he (and SEES) would need to face.

As he travelled, Akihiko caught wind of the Fiertia's reputation as a dedicated mercenary ship that only the stupid would chase down, captained by a man who the wise wouldn't anger. Akihiko, to say the least, was interested in the hidden power the Fiertia seemed to have. Hearing that the mercenary ship was hiring, Akihiko saw it as both an apportunity to be in the forefront of challenging battles and an uncomplicated way of travelling all over Reial to hunt down whatever slivers of Shadow related information he could find.

It wasn't long before he became a crewmember of the Fiertia. Akihiko hoped his future on board the Fiertia would be fruitful; he wouldn't waste time with gutless cowards.


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Rumor MillEdit

PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE: Not really much. He was captain of the boxing team at his school in a small Vohemaro town, and had won 18 consecutive matches before he left.

SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE: Akihiko has the ability to summon a Persona (further details in the abilities section of his app.

POP CULTURE PHENOMENON?: No. Except for in his hometown.